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PostSubject: Influence   Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:32 pm

The pure wrongness of the situation washed over Joran. He had imagined his moment of victory a thousand different ways, but never like this. By all rights his foe should have be dead, but what was left of his face was still there smirking at him, daring him to do what Joran knew he couldn’t. If the man he was facing left enough of most his victims to buried he would have filled more graveyards than the Black Plague. The regenerating body before him laughed. You better make up your mind quickly boy the clock’s ticking. Tears of rage streamed down Joran’s face. Even with his greatest enemy’s life in his hands he was powerless. Joran lowered his sword and forced back the tears. They had a common enemy now and he was their only hope of victory.
Joran watched with hatred as the last of Jonah's dismantled body parts fused together. Not a scratch was left to show that a few seconds ago he was in a dozen pieces. He looked just like a thousand other teenagers with a slim but solid build, shoulder length dark-brown hair, and cold black eyes. But his smile, and the gleam he always had in his eyes, gave away the demons inside of him. No, his demons weren’t just on the inside, he was made of them. If anyone got in his way or even disobeyed him, before he would kill them he would kill everyone important to them right before their eyes. Sometimes he would even force them to choose who which of their loved ones would have the privilege of living.
Joran looked up at Jonah’s smiling face. Will you help us? Jonah eyes twinkled in amusement. I will kill your enemy but I have no intention of letting you or anyone else fight by my side or anywhere near the battle field. I don’t want any of you trying to steal the spoilers of war from me. At a flick of Jonah 's hand the ground around Joran exploded.
The darkness slowly retreated from Joran’s vision and he forced himself to his feet. Clenching his fist, Joran began to march forward. Somewhere deep down inside he knew his chances of somehow retrieving Jonah’s main source of power before he did were tiny but he had to try.
Coron looked down at the scattering town guards and laughed. “You cannot stop me! I destroyed Jonah. I took his book of power. I am the most powerful mage left on this planet now. I am—”
A sharp voice suddenly echoed threw out the valley demanding everyone’s attention. “You’re nothing!” Jonah materialized a few dozen feet away. wielding nothing more than a sword and an unwavering smile of confidence.
Coron stumbled backward in shock. “No, I killed you!” he said in disbelief.
Jonah’s smile turned into what could better be described as a smirk. “Do you really think that poorly cast curse would stop me? I will not be killed by a week minded fool like you who barely knows how to lift a sword.”
“That is irrelevant,” Coron said in wavering tones. “I have your book of power. I could destroy you with a word.”
Jonah rolled his eyes. “Oh please. You can’t even read the language of influence. You can’t draw on a tenth of that book’s power.”
“Shut up!” Coron pointed at Jonah and mouthed a spell. A twelve-foot-long spear of fire, hot enough to melt diamond, raced at Jonah at a speed no human could avoid. But Jonah was no longer entirely human.
Side stepping, Jonah look at Coron with something close to disappointment, “I have destroyed nations with that spell nothing compared to me!”
Coron composed himself at look at Jonah with hatred. “I may not be able to read this book or draw on its full power, but I don’t need to. Every stick stone and drop of water within a mile radius will fight for me. This is the end for your reign.”
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