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We are the Dark Knights!

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 Wilfar the assassin.

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PostSubject: Wilfar the assassin.   Fri Nov 04, 2011 7:16 pm

As his breath is blown in the wind while restinging on the edge of the roof to the Dark Knight Castle, Wilfar recounts how he earned this job as an assassin. It all started a few years ago during the second Zardbie War. Wilfar was one of the heroes who had seen how the dark knight clan was fighting and felt like joining them. However One of the enemy clans to the Dark Knights was preparing to strike them from behind. Seeing this getting ready to happen Wilfar takes off running from the edge of the Croft and pulls out his soul weaver daggers to stab through the hearts of two of the attackers. Then he spins on his hand kicking the throats of two more before using his soul synch blast to burn the enemy. He was gonna leave but decides to take down few more enemies for them silently till he sat upon a heap of corpses all with their throats cut out thus earning his title of assassin for silent kills.
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Wilfar the assassin.
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