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 MH Chronicles: The Mountain and the Mist

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Dart Ichimonji
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PostSubject: MH Chronicles: The Mountain and the Mist   Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:41 pm

Monster Hunter Chronicles: The Mountain and the Mist
Creatures, items, and some weapons based off of the monster hunter video game

The Beginning

It was just another day in the small town of Gayle; a town in such a remote location few people even knows of it. The blacksmith was making weapons and armor for the hunters whom brought him the materials. The village elder was giving quests out to those who wanted some action. When the town was shrouded in mist nobody even thought anything of it except that it would pass quickly. Suddenly an earthquake hit. People were in a panic, buildings started collapsing throughout the whole town. The people couldn’t see where to run because of the thick mist, causing even more panic among the villagers. All that could be heard was stone crashing and people screaming. Survivors would later tell stories about the quake to their children, and how the screams would still send shivers down their spines. After the quake was over and done, the few people that weren’t hurt searched for other survivors.
“Drake, you find anything yet!?” Shiv asked.

“No, not yet, but to be honest I don’t think anyone could’ve survi – what the!?” Drake replied.

When Shiv ran over to see what his brother found he only saw two babies asleep in the rubble. “Go tell the chief about this.” He said. After Drake ran off he examined the sight, there were no bodies around that could’ve been their mother and both of the boys remained unharmed despite the rubble around them. When the chief saw the boys he got a serious look in his eye, one that scared the two brothers.

“I’ll take care of the boys, teach them to hunt and everything else they need to know. You will not tell anybody how these boys came to be found.” said the chief, with an or else implied.

When the two had gone the chief thoroughly examined them, one boy was by far the largest baby he’d ever seen, with short copper colored hair. He could already see muscles starting to get definition on the boy. The other he noticed had black hair, making it a slim chance they were biological siblings. This boy he thought he saw go transparent for an instant and almost dismissed it as his imagination, but he knew better, these boys had a destiny. He taught one martial arts, and the other acrobatics, both became increasingly good at what they were learning, incredibly fast. 12 years and 8 months later, for the chief decided the boys were 4 months old based on their appearance, the boys are about to celebrate what is thought to be their 13th birthdays…

Part 1
Chapter 1

“Aww c’mon Sable you know I hate playing hide and seek with you….you’re too good at it almost like you go invisible or something!” a large red-haired boy now named Arumat whined.

“Well it’s not my fault you don’t look hard enough, half the time you pass right by me besides, it’s the only thing I can beat you at.” Said the boy named Sable, who had black hair. The way they played was a little different from the others, whoever was hiding got to hit the seeker if they couldn’t find them.

“BOYS! Enough arguing we’re on the hunt.” The Chief said.

“Yes, sir” they both said in unison, though they stuck their tongue out at each other immediately after.

Arumat loved the hunt for one sheer reason, he liked putting his immense strength to use. He just knew if he tried hard enough he could kill a creature with his bare hands, but for now he had to use a Great Sword made by the chief, about the size of him but still smaller than a normal Great Sword. Sable used a Lance the chief made.

He was almost getting lost in his thoughts when the chief asked “ok boys time for a recap, what does this creature look like?”

“ugh, we’ve answered that one 5 times now don’t you got any other questions?” Sable complained.

They were both getting impatient but Arumat knew he had to do something to take his mind off that sword so he answered

“It has yellow skin with blue stripes, it has a large spiked tail and sharp claws with wings attached to its arms and although it isn’t that good at flying its extremely powerful on ground.”

“very good lad, the tigrex is probably one of the biggest threats to our village right now so if you two can take it down I’ll let you have the weapons the smith can make from it”. The chief replied.

This really fired Arumat up, his own Tigrex Great Sword, he can picture it already with two separate blades, the tigrex’s fangs going down both of them. this particular tigrex was killing all the popo, their beasts of burden with the appearance of a mammoth, as well as a few villagers, so nothing would be mourned its loss. “Thanks Dad” he said.

The chief got a serious look, “Don’t call me something I’m not.”

Arumat looked hurt, “Right…Yes, Sir!” he yelled.

“Ok, now let’s cover the basics seeing as this is your first hunt, how do you go on a quest?” The Chief asked.

This time it was Sable who answered “We check with the village elder, or look around on the quest board in the inn, and decide what we want to hunt there, and then we leave a notice on the quest board telling the details of the mission”. The chief nodded in approval of his answer.

Then he asked another question, "What is the difference between the chief and the village elder now?" he asked.

Again, Sable answered, "The chief is in charge of running the village, while the elder determines what can be done outside. Quests basically, but the elders are also advisors to the chief in most cases.

“Boy, it's like I'm reading it from a book, good answer." he praised. He would've go on to tell him that he would've accepted a shorter answer, but a deafening roar filled the air. "Alright there it is, boys show me what you can do.” The chief said, he had already weakened the monster but he decided not to tell them that, it’d boost their confidence in the future.

“Ok Mat lets rock” Sable said using Arumats old nickname.

“Try and get some hits in before I take it down would ya’” Arumat said jokingly.

Sable looked and said “I think YOU should worry ‘bout getting some hits in.” With that Sable was charging full speed with his lance, but something was wrong – the creature didn’t move at all, it didn’t sniff the air or shake its head it was just like a statue, as Arumat wondered why when he saw the beasts legs tense up, it was setting a trap. The creature turned to face Sable and began to swing its arms trying to rip Sable to pieces, only to be blinded by a flash bomb Arumat threw.

“Ok, enough horsing around!” Arumat yelled and charged into the battle.
The beast was blindly swinging its tale and arms trying to hit something – anything. Arumat brought his sword down on the beasts front leg when it was done flailing about, breaking its claws. Sable came crashing with his lance straight to the creatures’ rear thigh, making it stagger for a second. Once it had recovered it pounced away, then turned and issued a stare-down at the two little hatchlings that had managed to hurt it this much.

The boys just stood there mountainside behind them, getting ready. The tigrex then charged full speed at the boys. The boys waited for just the right moment then leapt out of the way, the beast got its fangs stuck in the cliff wall behind them. This gave them time to make a plan.

“Combo move #1?” Arumat asked.

Sable who nodded, said “Y’know, we really need to come up with better names for these.”

This was a move they’d been working on in training forever, and for the most part any onlookers who saw it were impressed. Arumat grabbed Sable and threw him, lance first into the beast, he was like a human dart. Sable managed to stab through the beasts’ chest and came out his back.

“Mission accomplished” said the chief, who was astonished that 2 small boys killed a tigrex in such little time, even an injured one.

“Let’s go home guys.” Arumat said.

Sable stopped them and said “Wait….Herbs.”

Arumat let out a deep sigh, “This isn’t a mission for gathering herbs….you know sometimes I wonder about your sanity. Other times I just think you’re addicted to the exciteshrooms.” He finished with a mocking smile, invoking another argument between the two.

The chief shook his head as they started walking home.

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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: MH Chronicles: The Mountain and the Mist   Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:48 pm

Chapter 2
In cave far away from Gayle a meeting was held by 7 creatures. Elder dragons, all of them. One was as big as a mountain and one was only three times the size of a man but remained invisible while the other five weren’t physically there, they used orbs made from their own power to speak. There was an orb that appeared to be made of darkness itself, one of wind, one of blue fire, one of red fire, and one of lightning.

The Dark – shadowy sphere said with a voice that reminded one of their deepest fears, “Lao-shan, Chameleos, Both of your lieges will be of age tomorrow, it is time for them to know”.


“Lao-shan, try and keep it to a whisper, with hulking size comes hulking voice.” Said the sphere made of blue fire, whose voice reminded one of fire crackling in the night.
The mountain nodded its head in acceptance of the request.

“What about you Chameleos?” the orb raging wind, whose voice was like a blizzard on the coldest night, inquired.

“Yess, I ssshall speak to him.” A snake voice with no visual body responded.

“Then the meeting is adjourned.” Said the sphere of shadows.

The next morning Arumat and Sable woke up before dawn. They did not know why they did it, they just did. Once they were awake they began to feel something tugging at the back of their minds, calling them. The tugging grew stronger, until it soon became a voice in their heads. Arumat looked at Sable, and by the boys expression he knew he was hearing one too. Arumat asked for good measure anyway, “Sable, do you hear a voice?”

“You too!?” Sable asked in surprise, he thought his friends’ jokes were coming true and he really had gone crazy.

Arumat nodded while rubbing his head “it’s really giving me a headache……it’s so loud”.
Sables’ worries instantly reappeared. “Really? Mine sounds like a snake, it hisses and it’s real quiet”.


“Hey…did your voice tell you to go to a mountain?” Arumat wondered. Sable nodded in response. “Then let’s not disappoint our new found friends….at least I hope they’re friends anyway.” Arumat said while he grabbed his new Great Sword while Sable got his Lance and shield.

They put a notice on the quest board saying they had gone out to slay a Congalala, which, of course, was just an excuse to go to the mountain. Sure enough right when they left the city walls they saw it. Funny thing is, Arumat never noticed that mountain before but he could’ve sworn he saw a head on it. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes and he didn’t see it anymore “YEP, I must be losing it….people aren’t made to get up this early.” He said and they set off not knowing the ripples of fate they had just started.

Chapter 3

About halfway to the mountain that the voices told them about they stopped by a river to rest and get some water. “Hey Sable check it out, there’s goldenfish in here!” Arumat yelled in excitement.

Goldenfish were pretty rare after all and could sell for a fairly decent price, for a fish anyway. “Cool….too bad we don’t have a rod or any bait.” Sable said.

“Hmm….what about one of our sonic bombs? You think it’ll make the fish jump out of the water so we can catch them?” he wondered aloud.

Sonic bombs, as the name implies, are bombs that emit an ultra-sonic frequency that hurts many monsters ears due to their excellent hearing and, like a dog whistle, don’t affect humans. Arumat thought for a minute, “This is just SCREAMING the words ‘bad idea’ for some reason, but why don’t we try it? I mean hey what’s the worst that can happen?” he said.

So the boys threw a sonic bomb over the water and when it blew up the high frequency it emitted didn’t affect the fish. “Ah man!” cried Sable, he would’ve said more but Arumat interrupted him.

“Um…Sable?”, he was pointing out to the water. Sable looked and saw a huge dorsal fin charging at them.

“THAT, that’s the worst that can happen!” Sable yelled as they got their weapons ready, a sonic bomb is just the thing to draw the attention of this creature.

“Man, it’s never the obvious things people think about.” Arumat said as the monster got closer.

The plesioth flew out of the water charging at them. They barely managed to roll out of the way to avoid its sharp teeth, which had a special coating that can put other creatures to sleep. “You know what?” Arumat said.

“Is this really the time to talk, I mean I know I’m good, but shouldn’t we focus or something.” Sable yelled smiling just as the beast went back in the water to try a surprise attack again.

Arumat chuckled, “YOU, GOOD? When did that happen? Anyway we took down a Tigrex, so we got this. Although, combo #2…I’ve always wanted to try it.” Arumat said with a smile.

Sable paused for a second and replied “Are you serious? You know were taking a chance if we do it, right?!” Sable exclaimed.

“Yep” was the answer he received.

“And you still want to do it?” sable asked.

“Yep” was again Arumats answer.

Sable just nodded, “Thought so.”

Sable ran forward a couple paces, crouched down, and put his shield above his head. Arumat put his Great sword in the ground next to him, and started running full speed. He then jumped onto Sables shield and jumped off again with Sable pushing him up using all his strength to give him more altitude. Just as the plesioth came flying out of the water Arumat came down on its head with his fist and the creature fell to the ground dead.

“Did that really just work?” Sable asked in astonishment.

“Well, judging by the trajectory of the moon and the sun….I’d say it did.” Arumat said while grinning from ear to ear, he had finally killed something with his bare hands.

Sable just shook his head, “Always the smart-aleck.”

That’s the last thing Arumat heard before falling to the ground unconscious.

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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: MH Chronicles: The Mountain and the Mist   Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:33 pm

Chapter 4 When Arumat awoke he let out a big yawn, and saw he had a bandage on his arm.
“I think one of its teeth got you, that’s why you fell asleep.” Sable said.
He checked out the injury, it went from his knuckles to his elbow.
“Yep that’s going to scar…teach you to keep your hands out of a creatures mouth…that doesn’t mean stick your fist in YOUR mouth either” Sable teased him.
“I kind of like it…I think it looks pretty cool, shows I’m tough.”
“I think it shows you’re an idiot, but hey whatever floats your particular boat.” Sable teased some more.
After they both had rested and felt rejuvenated they made it to the mountain around sundown. Then they realized it wasn’t really a mountain.
“SO YOU’VE MADE IT” the giant dragon said.
“Took you long enough…..it gets sssso boring when you’ve been talking to a rock all day.” a voice from nowhere said.
“COME ON CHAMELEOS, THE BOYS CAN’T SEE YOU….AND WHO ARE YOU CALLING BORING DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TALKING TO AIR?” the giant asked. Another Dragon appeared right next to him. Arumat and Sable recognized those voices; the giant was in Arumats head while the thing named Chameleos was in Sables.
“well Lao-ssshhhan let usss begin…..and do try to whisssper.” Chameleos said to the giant dragon now identified as Lao-shan.
They told the boys everything they ever wondered about themselves, how they were born, how to use their powers, and they also told them more people like them existed, one for every elder dragon. When the dragons were done telling the story and had left the two shocked boys just stood there for a moment.
“I really can turn invisible….crap….I guess no more hide and seek huh?” Sable said, trying to lighten the mood.
“Nope, not unless you want me to just leave you in your hiding spot, I’ve decided if I can’t find you in 15 minutes I’m just gone.” Arumat replied with a smile
The boys managed to let out a chuckle as they began the long walk home.

chapter 5
When they arrived at the same river for a drink and a break they noticed something was up. The plesioth corpse was gone and there was pink fur everywhere.
“Looks like there’s a conga problem somewhere around here.” Arumat said, “you know what that means right?” he asked Sable.
“yep, a Congalala too.” He answered.
Arumat sighed “Great…can’t we get a break, congas are fine, but if we run into the leader while were this tired, I’m running. And if you follow I’ll trip you.” he joked as he started walking again. He really didn’t want to bother with a congalala after the news they had just received, he wanted to get rid of some energy but not that much.
They didn’t even get two steps when they were ambushed by a group of congas. “Well then, guess we don’t have to look for them huh” Sable said to Arumat, somewhat cheered up.
“About time we fought something easy, I want to try fighting with my hands now.” Arumat said.
Sable shook his head and said “You still want to fight barehanded after what happened last time? Alright then suit yourself.” Then they both drew their weapons, Arumat stuck his in a nearby tree.
They both charged at the enemy, Sable stabbed one in midair, sidestepped and stabbed another rushing at him, spun around and blocked one of the creatures claws, Arumat came up behind it and knocked it out. Arumat saw one trying to attack from the air behind him, got it with a roundhouse, and then backhanded another one about to hit him. Arumats eyes got wide with pain.
“AAAGGHHHH” he yelled gripping his arm, his wound hadn’t healed yet.
Sable came charging at yet another creature that tried to attack Arumat while he was down “You just never listen.” He said shaking his head.
Sable spun around, knocking back a few of them. Not only did he have to watch his own back now, but also Arumats. He was about to jump in the air and take down one that was about to body slam them when he saw a red flash go up into the sky, and a pink one coming down.
“Well, now that you’ve recovered, how do you plan on landing that? The chief never taught you acrobatics dude.” Sable yelled to Arumat, who had sent the conga crashing down onto three more of its group.
All Sable heard were the words “ah, crap” before Arumat landed on his backside.
Arumat got right back up, teeth clenched, and stomped the ground making a small earthquake around them. Cracks in the ground swallowed most of the congas, Sable kept jumping around to safe spots so he wouldn’t fall in too.
“DDDDUUUUUDDEEEEE……. could’ve warned me first so I could get up in a tree or something.” Sable complained.
Arumat just shook his head and took a nap on the trunk of a tree.

They arrived home late the next day, they would’ve made it sooner but they had to rest from their long fight. When they got there they found the chief waiting by the gate.
“So….now you know huh?” he asked.
The boys who were shocked he knew just nodded. “Yeah I suppose we do.” Sable said.
“Well then let’s see what you can do!” the chief said as he got his hammer from his back. “To the death – you two versus me come on!” the chief yelled.
The two boys just stood there. “What is it? Oh I bet you want to know why.” The chief said, “it’s simple – power, that’s all I want and if I can kill the liege of both Lao-shan lung and Chameleos….imagine the things I could do”.
“But how will killing us give you power?” Arumat asked in a whisper.
“Oh you mean they didn’t tell you?” the chief sounded really calm, he was about to fight two boys that had practically been his sons and he sounded just as calm as saying he was going to the market. “There are two things that make up a liege, the humans soul, and part of the soul of the dragon, which is why you have powers. However when one dies only the human side is killed, the dragon side rises out of the body to vanish into the air. I intend to gather the dragons soul before it vanishes.” The chief explained.
“So why now? Why wait this long when you could’ve killed us as babies!?” Sable asked.
The chief answered “Because now you know how to use your gifts and what good is power if one is unworthy of it”. The boys just stood there speechless. “Now enough talk tonight you both die.” The chief charged at them as he said the last word.
He tried to bring his hammer crashing down on Arumat but Sable blocked it with his shield “Mat, I don’t think he’s playing around, like when we were sparring.” Sable said. Arumat then got his great sword off his back and the fight began.
Arumat, teary-eyed, came charging first, he swung down with his great sword with all his strength, the chief dodged by doing a cartwheel, and kicked Arumat in the jaw while doing so, a crater was left where he was standing.
“Come on boys, did you forget who taught you to fight.” then the chief sweeped Arumats legs with a kick, making him fall then got ready to slam the hammer down on him.
When he saw his brother in trouble Sable turned invisible and charged at the chief but, somehow he knocked Sables lance aside. “I’m disappointed boys, do you think I would try to fight you unprepared, I can hear you walking well enough to tell where you are.” Then the chief brought his hammer back about to swing and hit Sable in the back but when he tried to swing something was stopping him.
He turned around and saw Arumat holding his hammer in one hand. Only something was different about the boy, his usually copper colored hair was pitch black, and his green eyes had turned yellow.
“Ashen Lao-shan Lung!?” the chief exclaimed referring to the stronger black version of the normal Lao-shan.
Rocks started floating in the air around Arumat as he stared at the chief and said “You will NOT, touch my brother”. The chief tried as hard as he could to get out of the boys grasp but the boy didn’t even budge. Arumat then squeezed his hand and crushed the chiefs hammer, then while the chief was in shock he hit him with an uppercut and launched him into the air. The chief was now 50 feet above the ground when he saw Arumat above him and he was coming down, feet first, fast.
When they hit the ground Arumat crouched over the chief, covered his fists in rock and started beating the chief. He kept hitting and hitting, all he could think about was how he betrayed them “-at” he thought he heard something say, he ignored it and kept hitting “-mat” again he ignored it “ARUMAT!!” this time he came to his senses, his hair and eyes turned to their normal colors and the rocks on his hands crumbled.
“Mat, what happened just now?” Sable asked.
The boy answered “I don’t know.” He looked down at what used to be the chief and said “Sable….what did I do?” Sable told him what had happened seeing as how he couldn’t remember what he did when he was berserk, that’s what they decided to call it, and when he was done telling him Arumat just fell to the ground.
“God….what have I done?” and they walked to their village wide – eyed and in shock.
After the boys were gone a big glittering black dragon came up to the body “well now, we’ll have to fix this.” It said in a whispery voice and it carried the body of the dead chief away.

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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: MH Chronicles: The Mountain and the Mist   Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:14 pm

Part 2
Chapter 6

Five years later

A very large man with red hair and wearing a red overcoat with a gauntlet on his right arm and rock spikes out of his shoulder walked into the tavern. He had no weapon on him, but went up to the quest board just the same. The man had been into countless battles, you could tell by the number of scars he had and if you were to take off his gauntlet, you’d find another going up to his elbow. He walked up to another smaller man, also wearing an overcoat although his design was slightly different with clouds of mist on the trim, and this one carried a lance. This man had short black hair, pale skin, and the look in his eyes was….strange, like he wasn’t all there. This man had more armor, a breastplate, hip guards underneath his coat, and pauldrons.

The big man said with a smile “well Sable, happy birthday to us, 18 now we can call ourselves adults”.

“How can that be when you have the mind of a child?” Sable asked jokingly, “and wheres our cake?” he asked, serious this time.

Arumat sighed, his friend was never completely there since their 13th birthday and he could see it in the way he acted, talked, and even in the way he fought, he wasn’t insane, just a bit weird, at least that’s what he told himself.

“We haven’t got a cake since our 12th birthday, good luck convincing these people to make us one.” Arumat answered, gesturing to the mean looking group by the bar who was staring at them since they walked in.

Sable just sighed and walked over to the quest board to see what they had up so they could kill some time since every birthday reminded him of THAT day.

Arumat stopped him and said “I already took a quest up, Congalala killing, you up for it?” he said.

Sable nodded, and picked up his new lance. This lance was made from a plesioth fang, meaning it could put things to sleep.

As the two began to set off Arumat said “remind me to get a new sword when we get back, I broke mine….again.” it seems with great strength comes great loss in money, swords were expensive after all. “Hey how ‘bout a little race to the jungle?” Arumat asked, “Come on, I’ve seen how fast you are in a fight lets go.” He pleaded.

Sable just smiled and said “Catch me if you can Rockhead.” And with that Sable turned invisible.

“Woohoo alright, lets rock!” Arumat yelled and started running. He was tripped after 2 steps. “Dude…..not cool.” He moaned as he was standing up.

Sable became visible again “Hard fall?” he asked jokingly.

“Maybe,” was the answer from the dirty man standing up “just for that I get a head-start.” Arumat said.

Arumat took off, making rock columns come up as he went so he could get higher, no annoying trees up in the air. Sable came up next to him, with wings, flying.

“Showoff!” Arumat yelled, all Elder dragons had wings…..except for Lao shan, so it made sense that their lieges could fly….except for Arumat.

He mostly just made stone pillars rise up like stairs to stay in the air. Sable got his lance out and tried to sweep Arumats feet, Arumat jumped over it and shot a boulder at Sable, who dodged it.

“Can’t hit what you can’t see.” Sable taunted before again turning invisible.

Arumat laughed and said “Man this is just like our old games of hide and seek, except not as violent.”

Sable laughed and asked “Man, how did we get to a point in our lives where us tripping and throwing boulders is less violent than hide and seek?”

Arumat laughed this time, “Hey, that just means we were playing it the right way, loser gets punched for being invisible.”

The two were pretty much neck and neck the whole way, only slowing down to dodge a boulder or to jump over a lance.

“You know for somebody that’s supposed to be sneaky you sure make a lot of noise, otherwise I’d be toast here.” Arumat said.

“Yep, trying to work on that.” Sable answered.

Finally the two arrived at the jungle where their prey was said to be.

Sable looked at Arumat and said with a smile “Hurry or the hunting seasons going to be over”.

Arumat knew what he meant, he was probably the only one that knew what Sable meant all the time since he started losing it, the race was still going on and whoever killed the Congalala first wins and whoever lost, well their hunt was over and they don’t get any of the materials from the fuzzy pink beast. Arumat laughed and said “You’re on”.

Chapter 7

Arumat was running through the jungle trying to find the brute. All he needed to get a new sword was a brute bone, which could be carved from monsters like the congalala.

He ran into a group of congas in the middle of the jungle, “Must not be too far away then” He said. He taunted the pink gorillas “HHHHHEEEYYYY FUZZ-BALLS!!!!” they turned and looked, they didn’t seem too happy at being called fuzz-balls either.

They all leapt at Arumat at once, he smiled, when one got close enough he kicked in the stomach, turned to the side and grabbed another one by its arm, swung it around and hit the other two beasts, then threw them into the distance.

“Man….these things are too easy sometimes” he sighed.

As he was walking past the tufts of pink fur he heard a loud roar. “What the-!?” he got interrupted by a blangonga jumping out from the trees.

“Are you serious!? A blangonga leading congas….a bloody blangonga leading congas…..oh that’s how you know you have bad luck!” he exclaimed.

Usually the Blangonga led Blangos and the Congalala led Congas, something was wrong.

Arumat took a deep sigh, “well looks like I won’t have a good fight with a congalala….but this could be even better, I’ll just carve a brute bone from YOU.” he said as he got into a fighting stance. Let’s rock.

The blangonga let out another roar and charged at Arumat. It tried to punch him with its strong arms but Arumat ducked the blow and punched it in the stomach. The beast took a moment to get its breath back then tried to slam him with both of its arms. Arumat caught both of its hands and the two just stood there in a struggle of strength. Heh, this one’s a bit stronger than most, but I guess it’s time to wrap this up. Arumat threw the white brute over his shoulder, to his surprise it twisted around and landed on its feet.

“WELL LOOK AT YOU, MR. I-CAN-FLIP-AROUND-IN-MIDAIR!” he said in annoyance. “Alright then if I’m going to win that race I got to finish this.” he said, as he stomped the ground. A giant boulder came up, Arumat punched it and it went flying straight to the brutes head. The beast backhanded the boulder, and in doing so broke its hand. Arumat chucked another boulder, this time the beast stood there, knowing it had been beaten, and took the rock straight in its chest. Amazingly it recovered enough to stand back up, albeit very slowly. Its muscles were shaking from the energy it put just into standing. It bowed its head to Arumat in defeat. Arumat could visibly see how ashamed it was, with one fluid motion Arumat lunged with his fist, and just stood there behind the creature. He heard blood hit the ground, and wiped his knuckles clean, at the very least he had put the creature out of its misery.

“Down and out.” Arumat heard a voice out of nowhere say.

“Yeah, almost too bad, if it hadn’t attacked I’d have let it live. Not every day do you see a blangonga with honor, at least that’s what it seemed like. Yet, I get the feeling it would’ve took its own life if I hadn’t. Alright Sabe, come on out, I win.” Arumat said to his invisible friend.

“Did you, rockhead?” Sable asked as he became visible…with a giant pink pelt.

“Ah crap.” Arumat said disappointed.

Chapter 7 part II

Sable was walking through the jungle caves thinking the pink brute would be hiding around here somewhere. He heard a pounding noise and was sure that would be the creature pounding its chest a bit farther into the cave.

He decided not to go invisible, makes things too easy. “I hate these farting machines.” he said remembering the first time they fought one, it farted and spoiled all of sables provisions.

He saw some mushrooms in the corner near him “Can always sell those”.

He started to pick the mushrooms, so far there was nothing of particular worth, but they take what they can get. Soon as we get back I’m buying a cake. He could see how much the memory of their 13th birthday still affected his brother. They might not be biological brothers but they were all they had left. The cake should cheer him up a bit….I could use a little cheering up too.

Just then he heard a soft putter, like something was walking. He kept picking mushrooms until he heard the beast was close. Then he heard the whooshing of air, and back flipped up, narrowly dodging a giant pink claw.

When he landed he pulled out his plesioth lance and said “Night night”. He lunged with his lance but the beast turned and knocked it off its course.

“Hey there little fella, want to buy a mushroom?” Sable taunted by moving a mushroom from side to side slowly, knowing this beast ate different kinds of them to change its breath. Usually it was always bad.

The beast, enraged at being called a “little fella” tried slamming its fists down on sable. Sable calmly stepped to the side and cut the beasts claws with his lance.

“Getting tired?” with a couple more hits Sable could put it to sleep and finish it easily.

The enraged gorilla began sweeping its claws trying to hit Sable, until it fell off balance. Sable got three hits in before it could get up. Enraged even more, the brute jumped in the air, trying to body slam Sable with its enormous size.

“No nap time I guess, but I’ll have to bathe off later.” Sable said as he looked down, closed his eyes, and pointed his lance straight up in the air, he already knew fear had entered the beasts eyes as it came down on the lance.

“Well, hunting seasons over, time to find Mat.” the bloody Sable said as he started carving the beast.

When he was done, he turned around and saw something that stopped him in his tracks “No….no way!” just then a pack of blangos came in leaving sable with something else to worry about other than what he just saw.

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Chapter 8

Arumat was sitting at the tavern, trying to find a quest that looked challenging, a brand new Greatsword on his back, the smith made it from some of the things he carved out of that blangonga. Sable walked in and stood next to him.

“Remember our 13th birthday?” Sable asked.

Arumat nodded and joked, “How can I not? The weather was so nice that day I couldn’t forget it.” that was when they discovered what they could really do, and lost the man they looked up to.

Sable continued on, “I’ve been hearing a voice in my head again….not like the one I heard from chameleos its….darker” He said.

Arumat answered with a sigh “Yeah…me too, wish it would speak up though, it’s pretty quiet”.

Sable still hadn’t told Arumat what he saw in the caves during the Congalala hunt yesterday.

“Mat, there’s something I think you should know before we go on another mission.” Sable said.

Arumat could tell it was serious. “What is it?” he asked.

Sable took a deep breath and said “The chief” Sable could see Arumats eyes widen at the words. Sable continued “I saw him after I slew the Congalala….apparently he has powers of his own now”.

Arumat looked bewildered “But…Impossible…I killed the chief….I know I did, I saw his face!” Arumat remembered the image of those eyes, silver with the moonlight, and pupils widened in shock from seeing Arumats abilities. “If it was him, what do you mean ‘powers of his own’?” Arumat asked.

“Trust me it was him…I haven’t forgotten that face either, and as for his powers….He summoned some blangos before he left.” Sable answered.

Arumat seemed to ponder this for a moment “Well then, this blows. If it is him then he’s back from the dead, probably eating brains right now, and can summon monsters….That explains the congas, AND the old lady in the house next to us.” Arumat joked; they had been receiving an increasingly amount of complaints from her neighbor about them making too much noise while training, and a little dark humor can help every now and then.

Arumat thought for a little while on it and looked at Sable “So then….somebody else has powers. We have no idea how they got them, and no elder dragon can summon other creatures. We don’t know what he wants to do, or everything he CAN do besides summoning monsters that follow his command…Sabe, we HAVE to find him.” If he can make any creature follow any creature, there’s no telling what he can do.

Sable nodded, “So then…we look for unusual reports of a large variety of monsters”.

Arumat nodded, “My friend….I think we should start today.” He said as he was looking up at the quest board.

Sable smiled “Yep…but first a thank you is in order.” he said.

Arumat was just about to ask what he should thank him for when Sable pulled out a giant cake from behind his back. Arumat chuckled “You and your cake man…better be chocolate...thanks.” he said as they dug in.


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Chapter 9

A large glittering black dragon sat waiting in a cave. “Hmph, you bring a lowly creature back to life and they aren’t thankful enough to show up on time.” he said as a very large man carrying a hammer walked into the cave. The man kneeled and said “My apologies master Alatreon, there were….arrangements I needed to make”. The large dragon now known as Alatreon saw the look in the mans eye and did something of a smile, a smile so terrifying a group of 10 hunters would think twice before even hitting the creature. “I see, taking out your rage on your hometown?” the dragon asked. The man who was shocked the dragon knew of his plan said “What!? How do you…” the dragon cut his question off and said, “I brought you back to life, worm, our minds are linked.” The man just nodded in response. The dragon went to the back of the cave and pulled out a jar with a glowing ball of light and beckoned toward the man “Now, come here, I think you’ll enjoy this one…rather hard to get too.” And with that the dragon opened the jar and put the light inside the man. The Chief could feel the power in him and smiled “Gayle, will be gone”.

Arumat and Sable were in the swamps trying to find the source of the voice in their head, they figured this was more important if an elder dragon was calling them. Arumat stopped Sable and asked “Do you know which dragon is calling us?…I get chills just from hearing it, and it’s not normal for somebody like me to get chills”. Sable shook his head “No idea…lets ask him” he said as he pointed to a neaby bullfango. Arumat sighed, there were moments when his friend was incredibly weird, this was one of them “Sabe….bullfangos are animals…they can’t talk.” Sable looked disappointed at hearing that. Arumat shook his head, “anyway…..I think were getting close to the voice, don’t you?” he asked sable. Sable was focusing on something in the opposite direction. Arumat was about to repeat his question when Sable finally answered “Ya, we are.” He seemed pretty positive about his answer. Arumat was going to ask how he seemed so sure, when Sable turned invisible “open season”. “umm….dude.” Arumat asked the air, then he looked in the direction sable was staring. A giant golden rajang was running towards them at full speed. Arumat heard the voice of the elder dragon in his head again, “you were too trusting, now mortal, you will die.” Arumat got the greatsword off his back and muttered what he thought were the perfect words for this kind of situation, “Ah, crap”.

The rajang was huge, bigger than any he’d ever seen, and even the small ones were strong enough to give arumat a hard time. The Rajang shot lightning out of its mouth towards Arumat, Arumat rolled out of the way, barely avoiding getting fried, then shot a boulder at the king of brutes. It didn’t even slow down as it smacked the boulder away. Arumat got ready for the beast to come close “can’t get you from a distance, alright then lets go.” Just as he finished his sentence the creature came at him, fists flying. Arumat rolled out of the way again, and slashed the beasts thigh, this made it mad, its black fur turned golden and stood on end, and lightning started crackling in the air around it. “Sable, feel free to hop in here at any time, this ones got even worse anger issues than most.” Arumat said to the open air, with no response Arumat sighed “great” and the beast came at him again.

It spun in circles coming at Arumat, and hit him right in the jaw sending him 30 yards back. Arumat holding his jaw groaned “Oh…your gonna get it now” and he hefted his greatsword in the air, the beast came charging at him again, he brought the sword straight down onto its head. The beast reeled back in pain, and while it was doing that blood spurt out of its thigh, Sable had just found a weak spot and stabbed it. The beast wildly flung out near its legs, Arumat heard a yell, and Sable, now visible went flying through the air unconscious. The beast turned and seemed to be proud of hitting something so hard, and when it turned back to Arumat, something had changed. Arumat was berserk.

Arumat smiled, flung his sword above the beasts head and charged even faster than the sword was moving. He got it with a right hook to the face, backhanded it, then tripped it with a sweeping kick and before it could hit the ground he hit the monster with an uppercut to its stomach, sending it skyward into the sword, when it came back down Arumat grabbed the sword out of it, and kicked it into a giant rock, then before it could even fall back down, threw the sword, pinning it there as it died.

When Arumat was normal again Sable walked up to him holding his shoulder and said “GOD MY SHOULDER HURTS” he kicked some dirt at the dead carcass and muttered “jerk”. Sable then turned to Arumat, “but it didn’t hurt enough for you to do THAT….did you think I was a goner or something?...come on, like I can be killed.” Arumat chuckled and said, “well if we don’t get anything good from this” as he pointed to the carcass, “you will be………should’ve told me something was coming”. And with that they carved the body, and walked on home.

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Chapter 9

Arumat and Sable were walking through the Great Forest, “Sabe, you know what I’ve noticed?” Arumat turned and asked Sable. Sable shrugged and laughed, “Haha, come on now, like a rock head like you would notice something”. Arumat chuckled and retorted back, “Says the man who falls over his own feet when invisible”. The two just laughed at each other, they both knew the smart remarks meant nothing. “Anyway as I was GOING to say, most of the creatures we’ve fought have been brutes, dumb but strong, kinda like you, except the strong part….if I’m right then the chief hasn’t gotten powerful enough to control the smarter monsters.” Arumat finished telling his friend. Sable just nodded, “it can be done I guess, I mean we saw congas following a blangonga, so anythings possible”. “So” Arumat started, “let’s see….this quest was for a monoblos right?” he asked his friend, who picked the quest out. Sable nodded, “Yep, monoblos in the forest, strange, that’s why I picked it”. They both knew that the monoblos usually resided in the desert areas. Just as they finished the subject they heard an ear-splitting roar. They looked at each other and Sable said “I think we found our target, come on rockhead.” Sable finished as the monoblos came bursting into the clearing they were standing in.

They got their weapons ready when the beast roared again. Arumat got excited, “finally, not some smelly gorilla” He said. Then he noticed the creature raised its neck in the sky, and took a deep breath “ah crap.” the creatures scream was so loud Arumat dropped to his knees and covered his ears. Sable went charging, with ear muffs on his head. Arumat punched the ground and made a crator then calmed down a bit and said “well….so much for that, should’ve been prepared.” He knew the creatures roar was the bane of many hunters. For now he just had to watch Sable fight. Sable was charging when the beast tried to sweep him with its tail, Sable flipped over it and hit its tail with his lance. “cheap tricks, you don’t stand a cha-“ Sable was interrupted by a tail to his stomach. Cccrrraaaappppp….no messin around.

It tried to tail-sweep Sable again, but this time he jumped on the tail and ran up to the head of the monoblos and stabbed down on its head, breaking the horn, then jumped off again. The monoblos tried to charge at Sable and crush him on a cliff wall behind them. Sable charged too. They both made a beeline towards each other when at the last second Sable slid under the beast, stabbing its stomach three times before it had passed completely over him. When Sable stood back up and faced the beast it was starting to wobble. “Well sir, good night then.” Sables lance had putten it to sleep, now all that was left was to finish it.

Arumat came walking beside Sable, “want me to finish it, or do you?” he asked.

Sable sat out a large bomb right next to the monsters head, “I think I got this.” He said as Arumat got a safe distance away. Sable sat another bomb down before setting another small one down, the large ones had no timer and only an impact or explosion would set it off, but the small ones had a timer. Sable sat the bomb and ran like crazy. When the bombs blew up the monster only had enough energy to stand up and roar, before it died.

“Down and out, now let’s get home, I saw this really good looking girl at the tavern before we left.” Arumat said as they both started carving the creatures carcass.

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MH Chronicles: The Mountain and the Mist
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