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 Crashing Tides (Change of name from GengkiskanRise of Great)

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Crashing Tides
Chapter 1
A figure stood silently on a sandy beach in the evening sunlight. He was exceptionally tall, and rather lean in comparison to his body stature. From the first sight, anyone could decipher he's not a mortal man. His whole body was covered by jet-black tentacles and some sort of ebony shell, encasing him like an armor from the abyss. In each of his hand, he held a pair of twisted blades that seemed to creased like the folds of a hundred ocean waves. The figure looked down at the dead bodies of his enemies and their blood seeping down into the sand. In the midst of silence, he whispered to himself,
“What have I done?”
17-years ago
The tragic legend started at the birth of a baby boy. Holding great powers inside of him, he could devastate the world or raise it up in glory. He was destined to be chosen by the Great Lord of the abyss, the Ancient One. His destiny will be to challenge the deepest powers and topple what mankind knew for eternity. The moment this child was born, a halo of azure blue enveloped the tiny cottage. After the aurora subsided, his parents were overwhelmed with the roar of a hundred crashing waves, as if they were standing at the heart of the sea. From their head, a voice as ageless at the secrets of the ocean whispered,
“Now I had set my mark upon this boy. The might of elderly entities inside of him could one day overpower the Gods of Earth and Heaven, Hell and Void. Let it be known that from this day on, the Great Krakonos, ancient Lord of the Abyss, had placed upon a mortal boy his blessings. And one day he shall return to me, out of his own will.”
The veils of light surrounding the baby, along with the words of Krakonos, faded away as suddenly as they had emerged.
The boy’s name was Adrian Khan.
Many years had passed since then, and Adrian Khan was now 14 years old. One day, as usual, his parents went out to gather herbs and mushrooms in the forest by their village. However, as evening turned to dusk, they were still nowhere to be found.
“Where can mother and father be?” Adrian pondered to himself. He rocked back and forth, his younger sister, Maria, sleeping within his arms. He proceeded to prepare dinner as he sometimes did when his parents were out working late.
It was next morning that he received the grievous news. His parents were killed by a group of marauders that they ran into while collecting herbs. The bandits robbed his parents and murdered them in cold blood. They took away all of his parents’ hard earned coins, meant to be saved for Adrian’s birthday. A huntsman was on the lookout for game when he came across the rotting corpse of Adrian's parents.
As Adrian gazed upon his parent's body, streams of tears cascaded down his face. He felt as if his soul now had an empty hole, which could never be filled. The boy wailed in a heart-wrenching voice,
“Father, Mother! Why does it need to be you? What about us? What about Me and Maria? Who is going to take care of us now?” In his whole life, Adrian had never cried so hard until this very moment. The huntsman that had found his parent's bodies handed him a small metal pendant.
“Here, I found this along with your mother's body.” His gruff voice said gently.
In his hand was an oval silver pendant with a series of words etched upon it. Adrian was at a loss for words. The pendant was a special gift that he and his younger sister had made for their mother on her 30th birthday. When he thought of the warmth from his mother's hand and the fact that he'll never experience them again, Adrian wept. The grief of his parent's death were so intimate that he barely had anything to eat for over five days, and spent all of those time crying.
Three years later—
“Three years have passed since the incident”, Adrian pondered. He couldn't believe that time could went by so quickly. He still felt like it was yesterday that his parents had passed away.
“Father, Mother, I will do my best to take care of Maria. Never would I let you down.”
A cool breeze swept at Adrian’s hazel brown hair, as if to comfort him. His amber eyes shone sadly as he gazed at the people thronging the street side market stalls. He was sitting at a low stool before the local smithy, waiting for his sister to finish her work in the market.
Adrian, as the big brother, had been tasked to take care of Maria all by himself for the past three years. He worked as hard as he could by becoming a blacksmith’s apprentice and mining ores to find enough money to support his remaining family. He believed that his parents' last wish would be for him to be able to take care of Maria and to provide for her happiness. As he was lost in thought, Maria walked up to him and patted her brother on his back.
“Are you working too hard again, brother? You really do need some rest, your body won’t be able to take it anymore.” She looked up at him with her large, ice blue eyes. Her tone was full of worry.
“I am fine, Maria. I'm your big brother, remember? Nothing could ever beat the mighty Adrian Khan!” Adrian replied with a wide grin upon his face. “By the way, it will be great if you could pick up some of the meat I had ordered at the butcher earlier.”
“Alright, brother, I'll be on my way!” A gust of wind swept at Maria’s blonde curls, releasing them to untangle gently with the breeze. For a long while, Adrian kept his gaze on his sister as she trotted back toward the stalls.
“She is such a lively girl. Even after all those things, she still remained friendly and strong as ever. It might have been better if she would just pour out her sadness and cry out to me.”
Everyone in the village loved Maria. She was adorable, friendly, and was always filled with humor. As she strolled by them, Maria would always engage people in idle talk and conversations. The butcher, baker, shopkeepers, huntsmen, she was always nice to everyone.
“You seem worried about your sister?” A black haired boy, about Adrian’s age, approached Adrian from behind.
“Alex! Why are you even here? Aren't you supposed to be working for your mother?” Adrian questioned his friend in surprise.
“I sneaked out. The truth is, I think I am in love with Maria. She is as fair as any man ever could hope for, adorable, and charming in every way. Right now I am trying to approach her. As that you are my best friend, you are surely going to help me?” Alex hovered before his friend, a sly grin upon his face.
“Har. I will not aid you. Whomever she court will be on her own account, with no external influence involved.” Adrian replied with a satisfied smirk.
“You are my best friend! You should lend a helping hand!” The youth protested in mocked distress.
“Not a chance. Hahah” They proceeded to joke with each other happily. Even though not everything was perfect, but things are going on beautifully. Until one day, all changes…
One peaceful day, Adrian was on his way to the blacksmith when he suddenly heard the screams and shouts of villagers. Along with the clamor were the crashing of hoofs from outside of the village.
“Bandits are coming! Run!” The terrified baker cried out, as he was ran through by a raider upon horseback. A sheet of blood gushed from his mouth as the bandit pulled the blade free, throwing the baker’s body onto the dirt road. The marauder roared in triumph, as hundreds of his mates galloped after him. All of the bandits carry a similar tattoo, a black crescent moon inked upon their faces.
The gruesome scene left the villagers in a state of panic. They started to run for their lives, but were quickly ridden down by the mounted bandits, who gave no heed to the pitiful villagers. Those who managed to escape were cut down by other marauders, then robbed of their personal belongings.
“Raid every house and burn them down to the ground. Kill every man, woman, and children! Left no one alive to tell the tale!” the bandit chief commanded with a savage roar. He was huge, corded with muscles and geared in a combination of mail and plate. Besides his dark hair, beard, and eyes, a large ebony birthmark scarred the bandit’s face. Mayhem ensued, as the once peaceful village was razed and plundered, its people butchered and put to the sword.
“Where are you? Maria!” Adrian cried out exasperatedly, his thoughts on his sister. His heart hammered like a drum and desperation was in his voice. He knew well the fate of young women like her who were captured in bandit raids. That could never be allowed to happen with his sister. I must get to her before the raiders! He thought, and set on a run through the chaotic village.
Houses around him were set ablaze, the crackling flames hot against Adrian’s face. All around, he could hear the screams and wails of villagers, pleading for mercy, for their life. Mangled corpses clogged the streets, their lifeless eyes staring blankly as he passed. Adrian was gravely searching for his sister, but Maria was nowhere to be found. As the time passes, a great fear had started to crept into his mind. What if something terrible had already happened to his sister? No. Everything will be fine. He kept on telling himself, Maria is a strong girl, she must be alright. Then, the sight of a familiar figure in the distance yanked Adrian out of his muse. His face lit up as the figure turned toward him.
“Maria!” Adrian shouted out to his sister, pure relieve in his voice.
“Brother!” Spotting Adrian, tears of gladness trickled down Maria’s cheeks.
They frantically ran to each other, but a gang of bandits abruptly emerged from between the burning buildings and took hold of Maria.
“Let go of me, you bastards! Let go!” she screamed at the raiders, but they only hold on to her more securely.
“Oh no sweet heart, I’m afraid that is not possible.” The bandit chief appeared from behind his men and came up to Maria. With an evil grin, he clutched her cheeks with a callused hand.
“You bandit scum! Let her go!” Adrian bellowed furiously and charged at the bandit leader, but his men rushed forward and seized the teenage boy.
“I see, so you two are brothers and sisters? How adorable.” The leading bandit said in a sarcastic tone.
“And by the way, my name is Ebon Mark, not bandit scum. For calling me that, you need to be taught a lesson in manners, boy.” He sneered at Adrian.
“Your sister is quite beautiful, wasn't she?” He tried to force his lips upon Maria’s, to which she recoiled back in disgust.
“I will rape your sister and make you watch it. I will I love her until she screams. Then I will give her to my men so that they can take turns with her until she is no longer pretty.” Ebon Mark smirked sadistically. He clutched onto Maria’s face so forcefully that his nails dug into flesh and produce blood. Maria gasped as a crimson streak trickled down the contours of her chin.
“No! I will kill you, you bastards!” Adrian bawl in wrath, and doggedly tried to break free from his captor’s grip.
“Hahhahah! Beat him up!” Ebon Mark barked at his underlings. The marauders let fly brutal kicks and punches that slammed into Adrian’s thin frame. He could felt the bandits’ blows crushing his insides, shredding his muscles, and cracking open bones.
“Argh!” Adrian cried out in pain as a raider stepped onto his hand and crushed it with his booted foot. The teenage boy coughed out lumps of blood and fell down limply, too injured to move. At this stage, even breathing hurt Adrian like a hundred hammers banging onto his chest.
“Please stop hurting him! Please! Brother…” Maria sobbed in anguish at the gaze of her injured brother.
“Do not kill him. I still want the little piece of An object that can travel on a body of water conscious enough to witness his sister being fucked by me.” Ebon Mark shouted and pulled Maria closer to him. "Now, sweet girl, I'll give you a chance to become a fully grown women before you die!” Then the bandit chief grabbed at the collar of her gown and ripped them apart. His sister’s screams arrived with the sounds of torn fabric while Ebon Mark clawed at her clothing and undergarment. Before long, Maria was left with nothing covering her body, her pale, naked flesh exposed for all to look upon.
“Brother, please help me. Please..." Maria sobbed terribly as the bandit pulled down his trousers. Adrian, sprawled upon the dirt, could only watch as his sister was brutally raped. The sound of flesh pounding upon flesh intermingle with Maria’s whimpers and Ebon Mark’s grunts of pleasure. Droplets of tears were cascading down her cheeks as his sister tried not to scream. It felt like an eternity before the bandit chief ceased his thrusting and released his fill into the young girl.
"This sister of yours is really a piece of art. " Ebon Mark remarked as he straightened up and cleaned himself. “I almost couldn’t get enough of Certain Adult Relations her. Now, you scum,” he turned to his bandit guards, “For all of your hard work, I will reward this girl for you to enjoy! Hahhahhah!” Following the permission of their leader, the bandits smirked lustily and approached Maria. They each took turn raping her, then releasing their fill into her womb. At first Maria screamed in pain and horror, but as the deed continued, her snivel softened until she ceased to protests, tears streaming from her closed eyelids.
While the last bandit groaned in satisfaction, Ebon Mark strided up to Adrian. “Watch, boy, as the bandit scum mutilated your sister and you are powerless to stop it.” He pushed the humping bandit away and bent down to I love Maria again, but this time much more savagely. Hearing Maria wailed in agony, Ebon Mark clutched at her throat and started to strangle the young girl.
"Brother, Adrian, please help me....." Maria pleaded with difficulty, her face turning purple. She was desperately gasping for breath. Adrian tried his best to stand up, to no avail. Too many of his bones had been fractured. Every time he moved he felt a blinding stab of pain throughout his entire body. Adrian could not even save himself, much less his sister.
"Brother........" Those were Maria’s last words. Then she finally closed her eyes and the last breath of life left her.
“It’s time we depart, there’s still other villages that needs raiding! Hahhahhah!” Ebon Mark guffawed deviously as he and his men mounted up and galloped away.
"Maria" with his last reserve of energy, Adrian crawled toward his sister. Her white, naked body lay still upon the hard dirt floor. Her supple skin was covered with cuts and bruises, and her slim, white legs stained with blood. The crimson blood of a young maiden brutally tainted before her time.
With the feeling that he had lost everything in the world, Adrian hugged the body of his sister. “MARIA!” He howled in anguish at the black sky perforated with clouds. At that moment, it started to rained heavily, as if to weep for his sister's death, and his village's destruction.
A few days later--
Adrian was walking along a small stream. It was a nice, sunny morning. The gurgling of water and lively chirping of birds filled the air. The weather was quite chilly, but that did nothing to bother Adrian. Wrapped in his bloodstained and tattered cloth, he sunk in exhaustion next to a stream and gulped in water thirstily. Just as he was drinking, Adrian thought he saw a reflection of Maria in the stream. As he recalled the events that occurred to his sister and village, Adrian wept at the shattered ruin of his life. Before his parents had passed, they had put their trust in him to take care of Maria. He did his best, but now that his sister was dead, that no longer mattered.
His parents had entrusted their dying wish to him, for Adrian to take care of his sister, but he failed them. He totally failed them. He was powerless to save his own sister, and could only watch while she was raped and killed. Unable to do anything. He was weak, worthless, and powerless. He could not protect his parents, village, friend, and most importantly, his own sister, who had put her trust in him and was always accompanying him when he needs her.
Adrian cried his heart away, until his eyes were dry and tears would no longer come. Dark thoughts thrived and seemed to flourish within his mind. In moments like this when he felt weak, Maria would always encourage him and stood by his side. Without the spark of life in his eyes, Adrian waded into the stream. His spirit felt like they were crushed beyond imagination long ago. He moved like a living corpse, having lost all enthusiasms for life. Adrian waded up the stream until it flowed into a large lake. In a trancelike state, he lifted a sizeable rock from the bank of the lake. Adrian tied it tightly with a rope he found along the way. With the other end, he formed a loop and tied it around his neck. Then he released his hold onto the rock and let it pulled him down toward the bottom of the lake…
The water of the lake was emerald green in color and had an almost freezing temperature. Adrian did not expect it to be this cold. Sunlight shone through the surface of the water like heavenly rays cutting into an emerald green tapestry. There were small animals floating close to him, and fishes swimming pass his sides. Adrian encountered some strange seaweed-like water plants along the way, drifting past him. As he descended, light no longer shone through from the surface, and he felt like his body was freezing over. Adrian gradually lost his consciousness as he drifted down into the fathomless depths.
Adrian woke up lying on a soft layer of sand, "Where is this place? Am I in heaven? He pondered aloud
He was in a large, spacious hall. The place had an otherworldly light, as if it is not something of this earth. It seemed to have been constructed purely from teal color marbles. Every inch of the place was covered with intricately engraved carvings, most of them about the battles between humans in plates and mail with kraken-like beasts. The ceiling was about two stories high from the floor, the latter which was covered by a fine layer of pearl white sand. The ceiling itself had a huge circular hole in it. Adrian did not know its purpose, but that is probably how he fell into this room. There were gigantic marble pillars supporting the ceiling, and besides the pillars were draped long sheets of sea blue tapestry. To the walls on the left and right were rows of large oval windows overlooking the breath taking ocean scenery.
To his back was a pair of gigantic double doors wrought from the teal marble. Its edges were trimmed with white corals and large chunks of sea stones. Upon each of the doors was chiseled a pale blue icon of the kraken beast in its full glory. Before Adrian stood a magisterial throne of marble, fringed with hundreds of different types of corals, enshrouding the chair in an array of wild and luxurious colors. As Adrian stared, a mysterious figure gradually materialized onto the throne. He seemed to be one with the ocean itself, with water currents flowing around his form. The stranger had a face that seemed as ageless as the sea, with the visage of one who had experience a thousand seasons during his time. He was inhumanly pale, with eyes as dark and fathomless as the deep ocean. A coronal of ebony tentacles crowned his head, lying atop locks of inky black hair. The figure was wrapped in a type of slate black ebony shell, covering his torso, arms, and legs.
As he spoke, his voice boomed like a hundred waves crashing to shore, “Welcome to my underwater palace.”
“Who are you?” Adrian questioned in enigma. Who was this entity? He, who had seemed so great, yet so terrible at the same instance. Countless years of war and wisdom, love, and hatred were in his eyes as the figure laid his gaze upon Adrian.
“My name is Krakonos, the Ancient One, Lord of the Abyss. The most feared marine entity in this land.” he replied calmly, "But shouldn't we talk about you, Adrian?"
“How did you know my name?” Adrian was perplexed beyond imagining. How could this ancient entity know him?
“I have the powers to look into people's minds and gaze at the core of their souls,” Krakonos replied with a benevolent smile, "And I know about your past, the fate of your parents, sister, and village. I know that you seek vengeance with those who had inflicted great suffering upon you. If you would grant me the use of your body, I will lend you my power in return."
Adrian was shocked into silence. Flashes of past memories entered his mind, along with excruciating pain that tore at his heart, both painful and grievous. With this god given chance, he might be able to avenge the death of his sister and friends. Although deep within his heart, Adrian knew that despite what he did, Maria could not, come back to life, but still her murderers must pay. With power, he could right what is wrong, and release his vengeance upon the men who had ruined his life. Despite the temptation broiling inside of him, Adrian could not shake away his doubt at the miraculous offer.
“But why would you do that? To offer your power to a mortal man. Since my concerns and troubles are not yours, and that you had nothing to gain from our agreement.” Adrian voiced his doubts and confusion aloud.
“Take it as a god given chance.” Krakonos gazed up at the circular opening in his palace’s ceiling.
“It is not by chance that you got into my domain, Adrian. Our encounter was brought by the hands of the three Fates, who spun the threads of all beings. I sensed a great destiny ahead of you, Adrian, one not easily shattered by the hands of mortal men.” At this, Krakonos turned his gaze to the teenage boy.
“Within you, I felt a grievous suffering, a heart-shattering loss, tears rolling down like the mightiest waterfall. But, amidst all that, a searing flame of hatred, a thirst for vengeance, smoldering like the heart of a volcano. Unquenchable, unsuppressed, never to yield. Willing enough that as long as your foes perish by your hands, nothing is impossible. I admired that mentality.” The Lord of the Abyss slowly made his way down the steps of his throne. Before long, he stood before Adrian.
“By the interference of the Gods we have met. Will you abandon this once in a life time chance to enact your revenge? To strike back at the world and men who had torn away your loved ones, to torment them as they had agonized you and your sister? Will you take this offer of my power? Will you, Adrian?" Krakonos held out his scaly hand before Adrian.
The Lord of the Abyss’s words really shook Adrian. He felt a profound yearning to make Maria’s murderers pay, and this was his chance. His only chance. “Even if I do not know what you could gained from this, or the intentions behind your words, I offer you my sincerest thanks. You made me an offer I could not resist.” With the flames of revenge burning in his eyes, Adrian clasped Krakonos’s hand in a solid handshake. “Let’s do this, Krakonos.”
Within the mind of the Abyss Lord, he was musing in triumph, The boy fell for it. I knew he was special from the first moment I laid eyes upon him at birth. Imbued with the powers of the Elder Entities, ancient powers older than the world itself, he might be the key. The One. This boy had a great destiny to fulfill, and immense powers hidden inside of him. His inner blessings, combined with my power and experience, and we will become the force that shaped the world. With this might I shall strike the Heavens apart and brought the Gods down to their knees. I shall attain the power of the world’s Creator, of the sea and stone, of land and life, of salt and blood. This crashing tide will be the beginning of the end...
“Now we can start the process of soul transferring." Krakonos firmly placed both of his hands upon Adrian’s head. Sea blue auroras pulsated from his palms in a brilliant glare that filled the entire throne room.
“Arghhhh!” Adrian hollered in agony, his head feeling as if a hundred needles pierced them. Fragments of countless memories from the innumerable years of Krakonos’s existence rushed through his mind like an endless tunnel. The stream of memories was so intense that Adrian almost blacked out in pain and fatigue.
The influx of images ceased only to be replaced by an immense wave of energy crashing into every pore of Adrian’s being. The pure intensity of the force snatched his breath away before Adrian could even gasp. Rivulets of brilliant azure surged off Krakonos’s form as he closed his eyes and the Lord of the Abyss’s soul gushed into the teenage boy. Around them, the freezing currents twisted and squirmed as if they were alive, wrapping the two in a cocoon of raging waves.
The flow of power ceased as an azure glowing orb, the size of a man’s fist, emerged from Krakonos’s chest. It drifted to just above Adrian’s heart. As the orb entered his chest, Adrian howled savagely, the sound more beast than man. Jerking his eyes open, Adrian’s orbits now pulsed with a wild azure glow. In seconds, the same light spread throughout the rest of his body. The glow intensified until the ocean seemed to be lit by a miniature sun. By the periphery of his senses, Adrian felt massive kraken tentacles driving him upwards, through the hole in the palace ceiling. Rocketing up toward the surface of the ocean. Then the aura surrounding him exploded with a colossal, earth-shaking *boom*.
Devastating shockwaves reverberated throughout the entire ocean, instantly demolishing all life within the region. Turbulent currents swept the sea floor, sending enormous chunks of rocks and sands crashing across the ocean. Gigantic waves and tsunamis formed and devastated coastlines, washing away entire towns and cities. Even the earth itself trembled at the impact of the monstrous explosion.
Emerging from the calmness after the storm, a towering figure slowly rose out of the waves. He was clad in a tough suit of ebony shell that reflected the morning sunlight. It covered his entire body, save a narrow slit for his eyes. The distant figure strided purposefully toward the shore, his feet stepping on to water as if they were solid ground.
As his boots crunched against the hot sand, Adrian turned his gaze to the sky and vowed sternly, “From here on start my path of retribution. I shall not stop nor rest, until I have been baptized in the blood of my fallen enemies. I will avenge your death, Maria! I will make them pay!”
Chapter 2
Adrian was walking silently through a deep, dark forest. The silvery light of the moon crafted strange shadows that gave the woods a scary visage, but one bewitching at the same time. The dry willows seemed to glare down at passersby hungrily. Crimson and emerald eyes gaze from their hidings in the bushes, always ready to pounce upon any living creature that dared stray too close. The growl of vicious beasts and undead creatures filled the air.
" Where am I?" After what had seemed like an eternity, Adrian had full control of himself again. The first sight that entered his field of vision puzzled him immensely.
"Are you back now, Adrian?" a voice boomed within his head, it was Krakonos.
"Am I back? What do you mean, Krakonos? Had I gone off to somewhere?"
"Almost right after you received my power, you were absorbed into your own thinking. I tried to contact you several times, but you seemed to be in a deep trance. You kept on striding forward intently until this moment.”
"Then do you know where is this place?" Adrian questioned groggily. He still felt rather exhausted and light headed from the process of soul transfer, which might be the cause of the somnambulate.
“Do you expect me to be omniscience and all-knowing of every location of this world? This is the terrain of the earth element, the land of Mother Gaia, nowhere near my territory. I had no authority here.” Krakonos replied irritatedly, then kept his silence.
Before Adrian could reply, several bone-chilling, demonic howls rang through the forest. Out of the bushes appeared a pack of werewolves, each one twice as big as a man. The beasts stared at Adrian with sanguine, blood-lust eyes, their mouths dripping with saliva.
“Werewolves?" Adrian gasped in surprise, “Krakonos, this is urgent. Krakonos!”
"Do not fear, now that you had my power. None of your enemies will be able to withstand our combined strength. The might to crush them all lay in your hands." Then Adrian felt a pair of swords materialized on to his hands.
"What are these blades?" Adrian stared at the weapons in awe. They were short scimitars, wrought in a unique sea blue steel. The blades were folded upon themselves so many times that their creases felt like the rims of a hundred crashing waves. Each of their handle was wrapped in dark golden leather. Finally, the pommel shone as a gold demon claw grasping an azure orb.
"This is my weapon, Teufel. It is one of the mightiest weaponry of all time, feared throughout the eight seas of this world. One swing from it could conjure monstrous tsunamis powerful enough to wipe out an entire city. Use it wisely, Adrian, and proved to me that you have the power to wield it." Krakonos explained.
“I shall not fail you.” With that, Adrian leaped at his enemies with an inhuman speed. A werewolf tried to claw him down, but Adrian took hold of its wrist. With a single movement, Adrian twisted and broke the werewolf’s limb. Bleached bones jutted out amidst the fur, and the werewolf howled in agony. Forcefully, Adrian thrusted Teufel right into the werewolf's heart. It dropped down onto the moist soil of the forest, never to rose again. Adrian’s eyes were cold and cruel. They sparked no sign of life in him, as if he was a mindless killing machine.
"This boy had multiple personalities? And this is another one of his personality?" Krakonos pondered to himself, "This is becoming rather interesting." Adrian’s fight with the first beast gave an opening to the remaining werewolves. They charged straight at him with ferocious growls, his black clad form reflecting in their ravenous eyes.
Adrian raised his left hand and pointed it at the beasts. From his palm sprouted multitudes of jet-black kraken tentacles. The tentacles bind the two werewolves in the front and kept them from making any movements. Then he rocketed himself into the air, dived at the werewolves, and used the momentum to slice the first werewolf in half. He then seized the second werewolf's head and smashed it on the ground so hard, it created a small creator and obliterated the beast’s skull. Crimson blood oozed from the shattered skull, pink brain visible from the outside. Some of the werewolves' blood spill onto Adrian’s face, and that rendered him to seem even more sinister and demonic in the silence of the dark forest.
The two remaining werewolves were aware that their prey was not an edible one. They started to turn in an opposite direction and scampered away. The status of the hunter and the hunted were exchanged. Adrian leaped on to the side of a tree. Using the trunk as a base, he sprang himself with an inhuman force and vaulted through the air. He came to stop just in front of one of the remaining werewolves. Adrian totally caught the beast off-guard. It stared at him in amazement, its mouth opened in something between a growl and a whimper. He didn't let that chance slipped by him. Adrian swung a savage arc at its neck. The beast’s head flew off its shoulder, and fell down onto the forest floor with a loud *Thud*.
The last remaining werewolf was dashing away at full speed. It had never imagined a day for them having to flee for their lives, especially from a human. To werewolves and other creatures of the night, human were weak creatures, food. But this human was something different. He slaughtered their kind with ease, like something out of this world. Like a demon from the Abyss. With its kind’s blood stained upon the human's blade and ebony shell, he was far more horrendous than any other creatures it had ever encountered. Just a glance from the black clad demon sent a chill down its spine, and the werewolf’s fur puffed up uncontrollably. Before it would be pursued, the werewolf instinctively ran for its life. For a very long time, the hunt was on. Finally, as the beast's energy ran out and it was sure even that human must have lost his way, it stopped to rest
"It is time we end this chase" Adrian spoke calmly as he emerged from behind a dead tree trunk. As if by teleportation, he appeared right before the werewolf. He plunged his bare hand into the beast's chest, and ripped out its beating heart. With an iron grip, Adrian crushed the writhing mass of flesh. Its face still frozen in shock, the werewolf's lifeless body tumbled into the dirt. The once clamorous forest was now completely silent. The creatures of the woods had witnessed the bloody massacre, and now hid away from fear at this demon of the Abyss. The stench of death that was omitted from Adrian’s body was so profound that he was almost like the embodiment of death itself. All of a sudden, Adrian’s vision was starting to blur. He staggered for a few steps, but stumble and fell unconscious on to the ground.....
"Where am I again this time?" Adrian pondered as he woke up on the warm dirt floor. Fragments of memories started to come back to him, images of his encounter with the werewolves, the sounds of their beastly howls, and the butchery he had committed. He remembered that after the contact with the werewolves, he suddenly felt a surge of bitterness and cruelty within his heart, and a twisted eagerness to kill had infested upon him. He could only remembered the scarlet flashes of blood, and his body moving primarily by its instincts.
"Krakonos, are you the one responsible for that carnage in the dark forest?"
Adrian questioned in a lost tone.
"No, your presence in front of danger tapped into my power and advanced our monstrous form, but I did nothing other than that." Krakonos did not reveal to him the presence of Adrian’s another personality. No, not yet, mused Krakonos, this could work in my favor in the future. Following that during the walk, Adrian was silent all of the way. He was deep in thought about his battle with the werewolves. Krakonos said he did not influence Adrian’s ‘in trance’ yearning to kill, so what was the factor behind that? And will he someday be engulfed by that raging soul inside his body? Adrian could never knew...
Out of nowhere, a group of men upon horseback galloped toward Adrian’s direction. "Move, move. Move! Out of the way!" they hollered at Adrian. He dodged them by an inch before their horses thundered past where he used to be standing. A faint sense of recognition struck Adrian. All of the men had tattoos upon their faces. And the tattoo seemed very familiar to him, but he just could not place where he had last seen it.
Adrian continued his stroll until he spotted a small town on the horizon. Finally, time to get something for my hungry stomach, I haven't eaten in days, he thought in satisfaction. When he got the full sight of the town, however, he stared at it in horror. The small town was set ablaze with scorching flames. Houses were put to the torch and villagers were screaming, fleeing for their lives. Cries of terror and agony filled the air. Adrian saw some of the men with tattoos upon their faces riding after the villagers. They slaughtered the helpless men and women savagely, only halting to loot from the corpses. Some of them were raping women, while others were plundering houses of their valuables before burning the place down. Streams of past memories flooded into Adrian’s brain. The cries of his friends and neighbors, the scream of his sister while being raped, and the crackling of flames as his village burned down. Those tattoos were the signature of that gang of bandits who had destroyed Adrian’s village. The crescent moon of darkness on the men led by Ebon Mark.
“You bastards! I will destroy you!” Adrian roared with matchless animosity. His eyes were blood-shot, and his pulses were so fast his skin felt like they had worms crawling under it. Tremendous tentacles of the kraken king bursted forth from his back. They lashed out ferociously at the bandits, as if eager to drink blood and feed on death.
“Arhh!” Several raiders hollered in pain as tentacles curled around them crushed the marauders into bloody bags of bones and flesh. The bandits’ eyes protruded and popped from their sockets, rivulets of blood streaming down their faces. Some of the daring raiders attempt an attack on Adrian, but the vicious tentacles wrapped around their necks and snapped them backwards. Dangling like rag dolls, the men were lifted up and their bodies thrown back toward their comrades. Adrian then seized the remaining bandits and tore their bodies in halves. Guts and entrails exploded from the tattered corpses, washing over other raiders standing nearby.
"Monster!" Raiders who had witnessed the bloodbath cried in terror and bolted away from Adrian as fast as they could. To no avail. Adrian moved so quickly he seemed like a black streak. He appeared in front of a bandit and uses his gauntleted hand to crush the man’s throat. Spotting the fleeing marauders, Adrian sent his kraken tentacles to go after them. The tentacles strike the men with unimaginable velocity and bore through them, leaving a huge hole in each of their chest. After the blood and gore of the carnage there was only one bandit left standing. He dashed away with all his might, but that was still not enough. Adrian’s tentacles bounded him and dragged the raider back toward their master.
"Mercy! By the gods, I begged for mercy!." the bandit begged fervently, pulling on the last strand of life with all of his remaining energy.
"Tell me, where is your bandit hideout?" Adrian questioned with a ruthless growl, as cold and freezing as steel.
"A little to the north from here, in a big cave with the entrance shaped like a tiger’s mouth!" "Spare me!" He pleaded with a shaky voice.
"Now that I knew the location of your hideout, you are no longer useful to me." Adrian replied with a murderous tone. Even before the bandit could blink, Adrian conjured Teufel and chopped him to countless pieces. Crimson blood was stained all over Teufel, but Adrian seemed not to care about it. He headed toward the direction of the bandit lair silently, his eyes filled with darkness so ominous that there seems to be no bottom to it.
He strided purposefully deep into the heart of the forest, on and on until he came across the bandit’s lair. Before him loomed a large cave set into the side of a mountain. Its opening was shaped like the gaping jaw of a tiger, with stalactites and stalagmites protruding as stone fangs. Not far away was a wide, grassy plain, where a large gathering of tents was drawn up. Sounds of joyful laugher and jovial merrymaking could be heard clearly throughout, even at the distance Adrian was standing at. Smokes from cook fires loomed in the air. Hearing the joyous sounds of those bandits who had set ablaze his village, then mutilated and killed his last remaining family member, Maria, had filled Adrian with an unquenchable thirst for revenge. His limbs felt as if they were on fire, propelled by the flames of Hell and vengeance, ready to tore apart everything that had destroyed his life. As he approached the bandit camp, Adrian’s heart rolled like a drum, for the moment of retribution is now at hand.
“Krakonos,” he whispered softly enough so that only he could hear it.
“Yes, I know.” Krakonos replied, understanding Adrian’s meaning. With a hoarse, bestial cry, Adrian leap from the layers of undergrowth at his nearest enemies.
The bandit was caught off guard, and before he could alarm the others, Adrian slashes a wide X across the bandit’s chest. Bones and pieces of flesh went flying under the impact of the blow, and the marauder dropped dead, his mouth twisted in a silent scream. By then other bandits were alerted to his presence, and some of them started to rush forward to avenge the death of their friend.
“Die, scum!” a muscular raider growled with vigor and rushed at Adrian. Without a moment of hesitation, Adrian dodged the bandit’s Morningstar and slashes Teufel in a wide arc, beheading the man. Crimson blood spilled forth like a miniature waterfall, some of them raining upon Adrian’s shell. With his body wrapped in the ebony armor, stained with the crimson life juice, he loomed before his enemies like a fiend from Hell. What followed suit could only be described as a bloodbath. Several other bandits sprang from behind Adrian, trying to take him out by surprise. He slapped three of them away by his tentacles, crushing the men to bloody pieces with the monstrous force. The remaining raiders were run through by the force of his tentacles, their bodies thrown into the air and tossed way like bloody ragged dolls. Watching their friends being butchered by this demonic stranger, the rest of the bandits approached Adrian with more caution than before. The two sides stood there, holding each other’s gazes as if their life depended on it. The slightest mistake could be their end. The only sounds amidst this maddening silence were the rustling of leaves across the forest floor.
All of a sudden, the eerie calm was penetrated. A great troop of bandit had arrived to aid their comrades and swelled their ranks. The group of marauder now roared in bloodlust and triumph, ensured of their victory from this group of reinforcements. By now, the thick ranks of raiders had blocked Adrian in all directions, eliminating any of his possible escape routes. There shall be no means of surrender…
It shall be my life, or theirs. If it comes to the worst, they will not take me alive!
“Lend me your power, Krakonos!”” Adrian gave a thundering shout toward the cloudless sky, which seemed to have exploded into a downpour at his command. Humongous tentacles of the kraken king bursted from his back and demolish the nearest bandits in a bloody storm of flesh, bone, and sinew. Cries of terror and screams of painful deaths rang throughout the night. Adrian leaped upward with an inhuman force, and darted through the gang of bandits at a blinding speed. The bandits cold only cached a glimpse of inky black before seeing blood spurting forth from the severed neck of their comrades. Adrian mowed through the raiders like an unstoppable wheel of death. Body parts flew, heads chopped off, bones cracked and splintered, limps torn apart from their bloody sockets. His blade sliced through the men like knife through butter, some bandit not even knowing what had hit them until they fell, never to rise again. The earth beneath him was drenched in blood and gore, the grasses stained a shade of crimson that trickles along with the falling rain. In a few moments, the horde of bandit was annihilated. The stank of death and released stools almost gagged Adrian, and he stepped around some of the dead’s’ entrails with disgust. With his task not yet accomplished, he headed into the tiger mouth cave.
The interior of the cave was relatively moist, with mosses and tiny ponds scattered throughout. The way ahead was extremely dark, normal human would not be able to see anything through the gloom. However, the power of Krakonos had gifted Adrian with the ability of nocturnal vision, and he waded forward with an ever increasing sense of anticipation. The end of his revenge was near. Suddenly, the way ahead seemed to have become brighter. Orange torch light danced along the walls of the cave, outlining the crooks and crannies in the rock face. Near a turning of the path, Adrian heard the soft voices of men. He hid behind the corner and used his inhuman sense of hearing to eavesdrop on the conversation
“Chief, we got a lot of spoils from the raid on the last village, where should we store them?” a crude voice asked.
“We will carry them out of the cave, I will arrange for some of our vessels to carry them to a nearby port,” a distinct deep, cracking voice answered. The recognition struck Adrian like a rod of lighting. It was the voice of the bandit chief who had burned down his village and mutilated his sister, Ebon Mark! Pure, flaming rage set upon him like a sudden and savage thunderstorm.
“Haaaah!” With a hoarse battle cry, Adrian leaped forward out of his hiding place. The action was so sudden and unpredicted, even to him, that Adrian had not yet summoned his blades.
“Who is there?” A tall bandit standing beside Ebon Mark questioned. Soon, the man and his comrades gradually approached Adrian, their weapons drawn. With a bestial leap, Adrian caught the bandits’ throats in his iron grip. In a display of monstrous strength, he then swung the heads toward each other and smashed them into bloody pulps.
“A demon! That Son of a Fart is a demon!” After sighting the mangled form of their comrades, the remaining bandits had started to flee in panic. About a dozen of them stood before Adrian, running and crawling away desperately, trying to put as much distance between them as possible. Yet, among these men he failed to spot Ebon Mark. Lunging forward like an arrow, Adrian slashed through the raiders with Teufel, dismembering them one by one. Sprays of blood surged forth and painted the cave walls in a lurid hue. Tentacles, thick as tree trunks, erupted from his back and coiled around several bandits. With diabolical strength, they lashed the men against the rocky cave walls, crushing them into bloody heaps. Adrian quickly followed suit in the search for Ebon Mark.
Along the way he encountered several other bandits, whom Adrian beheaded without a single glance. Finally, he came across a raider, larger and burlier than the others, who might be of use. His gears were of a better quality than those of most other bandits, signifying a higher rank among the thieves. The raider could be of use in identifying Ebon Mark’s location. Whipping his tentacles around the man’s ankle, Adrian lifted him into the air.
“Get away from me, demon! You filthy freak of nature, spawn of hell!” the man growled savagely, despite still dangling with one foot in the air. Adrian gave him no heed, his only concern with his archenemy that was still at large.
“Take me to your chief! Take me to that Son of a Fart Ebon Mark!” Adrian shouted at the raider with unsuppressed fury. I shall not be stalled here, not while the fruit of my vengeance shall finally be reaped
“Not while I still live you bas..!” Before the bandit could finish his sentence, Adrian slashed Teufel across his dangling leg, severing them in a bloody spray.
“Waah!” The bandit cried out in terror as he dropped head first onto the floor. Adrian crouched over him and thrust Teufel into his only remaining thigh. The raider yelped in panic as Adrian spoke,
“Will you show me where Ebon Mark had gone, or lose another leg? I could continue with your arms, eyes, and ears, and proceed to torture you in unimaginable ways. Reveal your chief’s location and you shall have a quick and merciful death.” His voice was flat and spoken matter of factly, emotionless and meaning absolute business.
“By the central cave opening toward the mountainside by the beach!” the burly man blurted out in panic, “Now, please end my misery and torment me no further!” he cried, clutching the gory stump of his leg, his head bowed toward his tormentor.
In reply, Adrian raised Teufel and beheaded the man in a single, precise motion.
“Ebon Mark, here I come!” He roared savagely and set off toward the direction of the scent of the sea.
As he progressed, Adrian came across three possible divergences from his route. Sticking to the middle one, he discovered that the cave segment was gradually widening, and there were lights coming off at the end of the tunnel. Before long, he heard the cry of gulls, the crashing of waves, and smelt the sea salt. Stepping on to the golden sand beach, the evening sunlight shone brightly against the cobalt blue ocean. From the distance, Adrian heard the urgent voices of men,
“Hurry up you bastards, do you want that demon to catch up to us? Get the cargo up the ship and we can finally get the hell out of here.” Ebon Mark barked out commands to his subordinates fervently. Once he turned around and saw Adrian, his expression changed to that of panic.
“I love! Abandon the loot. We go NOW!” the bandit chief swore, sprinting through the fine grain sands toward his rowboat. Wrapping around stalactites, Adrian threw himself forward with the last of his tentacles. IN a split second, he decapitated two of the fleeing bandits. Pools of blood formed, only to be absorbed by the now crimson sand.
“Keep that Son of a Fart away from me and I will grant that person half of my share!” Eon Mark shouted in desperation. The remaining bandits now halted and brandished their weapons, giant war hammers, rusty axes, and wicked-looking falchions. These men seemed burlier and much fiercer than the other bandits, perhaps they are Ebon Mark’s personal guards.
“Eat this, freak!” a hoarse voice bellowed from behind. Adrian turned to see a bearded raider swinging a war hammer to the back of his head. He sidestepped the blow and slashed the man right across his face. Despite bleeding severely and blinded in his left eye, the raider charged at Adrian again with his weapon. This time, Adrian dodged the blow, drove his hand into the bandit’s chest, and tore out his bleeding heart. Despite the gruesome scene, several other bandits came rushing at Adrian. He threw Teufel into the air, only to catch the blades firmly with his tentacles. As the first raider came within range, Adrian spun like a top, whipping his tentacles around in a whirlwind of blades. The man’s cry of agony ringed the air. His ears were the first to be chopped off, followed moments later by his weapon hand, and finally the top half of his skull were cleaved away. Oozing brain matter spilled from the severed remnant of the skull, then washed away by the ocean waves. The remaining bandits saw their impending doom, but were already too propelled to stop. The raiders were cut down into a hundred pieces, each man more gruesome than the last. From the corner of his eye Adrian saw a knife being thrown at him. He caught the blade in midair, and then threw it back to imbed itself in the eye of its owner. The raider dropped dead with a gurgled scream. The force of Adrian’s tentacles pierced through the last two remaining bandits, who were already fleeing toward their rowboat.
“Darn it, darn it! Move, you Certain Adult Relations old piece of An object that can travel on a body of water!” Ebon Mark cursed in desperation. He tried to push his rowboat away from the sandy bank and onto the ocean, to no avail.
“You rape my sister, then you murder her!” Adrian cried with wrath as his tentacles seized Ebon Mark. “Say it, you Son of a Fart. Say it!” Adrian’s tentacle curled around the bandit’s throat and lifted him high into the air. It gradually tightened against Ebon Mark’s neck that his face was purple from near suffocation.
“This will not be the end of me, you filthy demon! Spawn of Satan, freak of nature! I’m glad I killed your sister, who knows if she will turn out to be a monster like you.” Ebon Mark spitted the words through his purplish, swollen lips. A smirk was painted across his face.
“Die in hell, you Son of a Fart.” As he said it, the raider did something Adrian had never thought was possible. Everything seemed to have gone into slow motion. Ebon Mark’s hand went to the broadsword by his side. He raised it, and then brought the blade down across Adrian’s tentacle.
Adrian gasped, more in surprise than pain as black ichor spurted from the wound. The bandit dropped down onto the sandy beach and started running for his life.
“You are not getting away!” Adrian shouted as he sent his tentacles after Ebon Mark. They bound his wrists and ankles, and then strung the bandit chief before their master. With a soft thud, the raider’s sword now dropped useless upon the fine grain sands.
“You raped and murder my sister. You raped and murder Maria! Say it! SAY IT!” Along his last words, Adrian’s shout turned into a bitter scream. He felt so much rage, hatred, and anger rising up inside of him that Adrian barely felt like he was himself anymore. With a blazing gaze, he sent a tentacle, this one smaller than the others, slithering into Ebon Mark’s mouth.
“Awk, awk,” The bandit chief emitted terrified gasps before crying out in panic, “Yes, I raped your sister. Then I murdered her! Please, mercy. Mercy! Spare me, Mighty one—Spare me!” His plea was interrupted as countless fine tentacles spurted from his mouth. They proceeded to erupt from both of his orbits, displacing the eyeballs, then surged outward from his ears, mouth, and nostrils. Ebon Mark’s eyeballs turned to mush as they trickled down the bandit’s face. It was the most gruesome and torturous scene Adrian had ever witnessed, but he willed himself to continue watching his own power eating away the bandit’s skull.
“Only life could pay for life, blood for blood, death for death. At long last, I finally had my revenge. Now Hell is satisfied.” He whispered as Ebon Mark’s head dropped down limply onto his chest. Adrian then tugged his tentacles apart and ripped the bandit chief into innumerable pieces. His skull fell down with a sickening splat and turned into an inky pool of dead, rotten tentacles.
Like a man sobering up to reality, Adrian gaze down at his gore splattered hand and wondered, What had I done? As if in a miracle, he saw a shimmering form of his sister wading out from the ocean.
“Brother,” she uttered in a voice that was so familiar to him. “Let go of your hatred. Don’t let yourself be consumed by vengeance. For the flames of revenge will scar you worse than the pain you had inflicted on our enemy.” Spectral tears were brimming down her cheeks, pure as diamond droplets. “I love you, Adrian, and even though I may be gone forever, you must stay strong in this world. In the end, I only wish for you to be happy. Adrian, my lovely brother. From now on take care of yourself— well.” With those last words, Maria’s form flickered and faded away with the last rays of the sun.
Adrian dropped down onto his knees and broke out into a terrible sob.
“Maria, how could I continue to live, now that you are no longer in this world? I miss you so very much, sister. I miss the days when we were young and mother and father were still alive. I miss the times when we dine and invite Alex over to our home.” Tears were cascading down his face now, and Adrian let it flowed with his grief, “And most of all, I miss the time when I will hold your hand in mine, and walk down the streets together. With a beautiful smile upon your face, for you know that I will never abandon you.” He gazed up at the sky and screamed in an unbearably anguish and bitter tone. “How could I continue to live, MARIA!”
After a long moment of crying, Adrian stood up with great difficulty.
“I will always be there for you, Maria. Always…” His legs felt like lead and he made his way forward, treading across the sandy beach. The faint light of the half-moon guided Adrian as he waded into the waves. First to be submerged were his ankles, knees, and hips. It took a while for the water to reach his torso. As if in a trance, Adrian closed his eyes and waded forward, into the heart of the ocean. Engulfed by the waves, never to be seen again.
The End
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Crashing Tides (Change of name from GengkiskanRise of Great)
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