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 Sadow Of Death

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PostSubject: Sadow Of Death   Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:04 pm

Tigirosa woke up with a severe headache. She opened her eyes and looked around. The room in which she was in was covered in pitch black darkness. She did not know where she is but judging by the constant shaking, she came to the conclusion that she is imprisoned inside some sort of reinforced box without windows. She touched her head and  realized that headaches caused a small bleeding wound. Tigirosa immediately stood up and took a step forward to find a way out of a small prison but immediately stumbled on the stomach because her legs were chained to the wall.
„You are finally awake”
Tigirosa heard a quiet voice.
„I guess so. Where am I? I didnt know someone is here.”
She answered and crawled back to the wall and started to heal her head wound. The next moment she was blinded by light of the flame that was casted by the fellow prisoner in his palm.
  Stranger was about 20-23 years old, dressed in black leather armor with a strange red crow on his chest, on hands black fingerles gloves. His long dark dirty hair covered almost all his face that was covered with fresh scratches. His eyes were hidden under bandage from which slowly seeped blood.
„How long I was unconscious?”
She asked.
„Maybe half an hour. I can not exactly tell.”
„Where are we? Last thing I remember I was camping in woods near Aika Village. I was on my way to Verteroche Crosing and I heard that they needed a healer. I was sitting near the campfire. It all happened so fast. I heard that someone quietly  sneaking from behind but it was too late to react. Then everithing went black.”
„Well, as you can see we are war prisoners. Well, not exactly me. I was caught trying to infiltrate here as one of the prisoners and to allow them to take me to their secret main camp. The only way to get in was to allow them to bring myself there becouse their camp was guarded by a whole battalion with their strongest warriors. But unfortunately one of prisoners spoted me and blow my cover by shouting for help when they were transfered into the cart when I crawled under it. Those savages went after me. I was able take down maybe six or seven of them using Vision of Death when I was nocked down. As you can see from my bandeges my eyes were pulled out and they trew me in here.”
„Hwo are „they?”
Tigirosa asked.
„They call themselves Ent clan. You never heared about them? Rumors says that a few decades ago several bandits searching for valuable things attacked farmer family. They robbed and captured entire family and trew them together with bunch of other prisoners into iron mine to dig iron ore. None of them saw a daylight for many long years. Eventually one by one they become insane. Unoficial reports say that with lack of food they started began to practice cannibalism. When the bandits find out what really going on they went into the mine to eliminate every last one of those savages. Then many of those prisoners escaped their mine and disapeared into the forest. After a few years they reproduced in such quantities that their numbers went over 100. But my investigations confirmed that these days they have abandon the old ways but sacrifice their prisoners to their gods insted. Thats why they hate everyone but their own kind. Since then they have been a problem to all continent.”
„I understand that much. But why would anyone want to get inside in crazy bandits stronghold? If I had known what is going on here I would never have traveled here.”
She asked.
„Im afraid its not that simple. It was my mision to get inside to….”
Stranger sighed.
„I cant tell you the detals but one client made an offer to my clan leader from which she could not refuse. So I was send here to do this task. By the way my name is Adlan. Good to meet you.”
„Im Tigirosa. Can you tell me more about your clan and your leader?”
She asked examining the wound.
„Her name is Iluta. She is the leader of Shadow Legion. You can think of it as small kingdom with queen. We are people of void although we are not so diferent from people of this world. You may ask how are we able to travel to this world. The answer is simple. Some powerful forces created interference in our world and disturbed our worlds balance. This chain reaction somehow created a shortcuts or portals to this world and the void overflowed with previously unknown energy to us what your people calls mana or magicka. Shortly after this new energy unlocked in our people compleatly new powers and we were able to cast spells. This is the all our history in a few sentences.”
Adlan explained and sighed and continued.
„To be honest, I dont want to end my life as secrifice and I think you dont want the same fate. I have a plan how we can escape and there is not much time. But your help will be necessary since I have lost my sight.”
„Shure. What do you want me to do?”
Tigirosa asked.
„Alright. I have a lockpick. I'll give it to you and try to unlock your handcuffs. When youre done that let me know.”
Adlan said and pulled a lockpick out of his boot and trew it to Tigirosa. She immediately got to work. After few minutes she finally unlocked handcuffs simple lock.
„Got it!”
She announced.
„Good. Now come to me. I will tell you the last part of my plan.”
Adlan answered and redirected his hand with flame to side that he would not accidentally set Tigirosa on fire. She fell on her knees and started to unlock his handcuffs but Adlan stoped her.
„Wait. We will get to this part. Since we dont have any weapons to use, therefore I will also restore my visual powers on you. So listen very carefully. This special ability; Vision of Death allows to look into the other persons darkest fears and causing massive illusions of which person dies of a heart attack. This can be activated by your fear. Obviously you will need to look into your victims eyes and force your will inside him. But be very careful. This will drain you fast. Im not asking you to kill every one of them, but it will save your life and give you oportunity to escape.”
„Your plan might work but I dont think its a good idea. What if I die?”
Tigirosa argue.
„You wont. Its just as painless as wearing glasses. After you are out of this cage, find the closest city and send the guards to rescue the rest of men. They are king Leopolds army soldiers. Im shure you might even get a reward for this.”
Adlan explained.
„Alright whatever. But how we get out?”
„Simple. We will make some noise and they will open the doors eventualy.”
„I see. Lets try this plan then.”
Tigirosa agreed.
Adlan placed his hand on her head.
„Close your eyes, relax and clear your mind”
He ordered. For a few seconds they sat there without a single movement.
Suddenly Tigirosa felt a strong headache similar to when eaten too much ice. She groaned, grabbed her head and began to wallow on the floor. She had a feeling that her eyes soon will pop out.
„Damn it! You say it will not hurt!”
She gasped.
„Yeah. I lied.”
Adlan answered.
„Be quiet in there.”
Someone from outside ordered and hit the cage with something heavy tree times. After a few moments her headache vanished and she stood up.
„You see, it was not so bad.”
Adlan said and waited for her answer. Tigirosa opened eyes and looked around.
„This is amaizing! I can see some sort of white light around you.”
She answered and looked at her hands.
„Oh yeah. You can also see living creature auras.”
He added.
„Now lets get you out of here.”
Both began to yell like crazy and punch the cage with fists. The wagon immediately stopped.
„What the hell is going on in there!? Shut up already!”
They heard voices from the outside. But they began to yell louder and hit harder the cage walls. After a short time they heard abductors unlocked doors. Tigirosa run towards and jumped on one of them and they both fell to the ground. She grabed the mans hair and looked into his eyes and shouted; „BOOO!!!” The man started to shake and began to scream. Then she kicked and broke the next man`s knee that stood right next to her.
Meanwhile Adlan were able to knock down one of the abductors with fireball who fell and knock down one of his friends. Tigirosa used an opportunity to finish them all by causing heart attacks.
„Only for eh?”
She said and stood up. Suddenly her vision became blurred.
„Damn it.I have a feeling as if I had sand in my eyes. Hey Adlan! We did it!”
Tigirosa looked inside the cage and was surprised to find out that Adlan`s handcuffs were unlocked and he is missing. She looked around but could not find him anywhere.
„He probably fled. But when? One second he was there, the next he`s gone”

She thought and began to check abductors pockets. When she found the keys, she freed the prisoners, removed handcuffs, healed their bruises and scraches and fed them with bread that she find in bags that were hanging on the cart sides.
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DK Healer

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PostSubject: Re: Sadow Of Death   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:00 am

“Thank you for saving our skins. My name is Elion. Im the comander and these are my man.
We heard explosions outside and thought that kings reinforcments has arrived.
Im impresed that you were able to kill bunch of skilled hunters all by yourself.
Are you one of kings special ops?”

A man in the middle fifty asked her.
“Nice to meet you. Im Tigirosa. I was their prisoner just like you.
I was able to escape thanks to the plan that we came up with thanks to my friend, but unfortunetly it looks like he already fled.”
She answered.
“Hmm. Yes. I see it now. But right now we need to get out of here as far as we can before those back in the camp start to suspect something.
I also need to deliver my full report to king as soon as posible. You should come with us as well.”

Elion suggested and stood up.
Tigirosa agreed and everyone quickly began to search carts and corpses for little loot they
culd find
and disapeared in woods. After few hours of night walk they desided to make a camp and sleep for a few hours
until sunrise becouse it was too dark and they bearly could see anything.
Tigirosa woke up from strange noises. She opened her eyes and looked around for the sourse of noise.
She saw a man in rags diging trought their leather bags looking for something.
She looked at the man for a few moments trying to remember if he was one of their little
grop and when she
realised he wasnt, Tigirosa asked;
“Hey! Do you know which way I can find the closest city?”
Tigirosa probaby sceared the crap out of the man. He quickly stood up and turned around
holding a pice of bred in one hand and the spoon in another.
“Stay down. I am armed.” He quietly said pointin the spoon at her.
“You are kiding, right? What are you doing?” She asked.
“And what does it looks like? Im taking all your gold and you are going to stay where you are.
Otherwise bad things will happen.” The theaf answered.
Tigirosa realised that there is no point to fight over the loot that tehnicly does not even belong to her, so she layed down and mumbled;
“Alright. Wake me up when you find something.”
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Sadow Of Death
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