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 The roles we play

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PostSubject: The roles we play   The roles we play I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 10, 2013 3:31 pm

ok, so im not sure if there is already a thread for this, but i was interested in all of your characters backstorys, and personalities. use the outline below to post and remember all dark knight comprehensive forum rules apply. i shall post mine at the bottom of the page. you don not have to answer all the questions, and you may add some of your own if you wish. remember to have fun! (we can also turn this into an RP thing if anyone wants too)







Interesting facts:


How your character came to be a Dark Knight:



Name: Salene

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Fire Elf

Appearance: Salene stands at about 5 feet tall, so she is quite short. she had shoulder length ember colored hair, that is slightly curly. she has light skin, with small freckles dotting her cheeks from sun exposure. she has red lips, and really pretty orang eyes that could be seen as cat like. she wears leather armor, with a fur hood hanging behind her head (sometimes whe wears it) she has large hiking boots that go up to her ankles. finally there are small ivory buttons going up her leather armor and leading to the hood. her belt has fresh herbs hanging from it.

History: Salene was born the heir to the para elemental plane of fire. her mother was a lowly weaver in the town of Asphodel, and survived mainly of the scraps she would get from the kindly bar tender. she lived in a small tent at the edges of the city. meanwhile, on the other side of the city, the prince snuck from the castle, and went to the city to see what it was like. on his way he would have frozen to death had not salene's mother, Cryogene helped him out by sharing food and warmth. he was in her debt now, and thus he helped her with money and fineries. soon enough they fell in love, and Cryogene bcame the queen. after about a year of living together, Cryogene had her first child, Salene. Salene grew up learning all of the things a queen should know. Diplomacy, Manners, cooking. another year passed, and the queen was pronounced pregnant again. in the month that followed, salene's second sibling was born. her name was crescent and she had silver curly hair, and bright blue eyes. she was very quick and active and unlike salene she chose to learn horseback riding and swordplay. two years later the final child was born. his Name was Xander. unfortunatley,Cryogene died in labor, leaving the thrown to her 6 year old daughter salene. the baby, was unharmed during the birth, although he was much smaller that the normal baby. the city wept for days at the loss of their queen. many songs were sung, and many feasts shared. none were as sad as the king though. his wife was dead, and his city of the verge of war with the water plane. fearing for his children, he asked the four winds to blow them as far away as possible. West took salene, flying her to the city known as popsprocket. East took Crescent, taking her to the Sandsea, and finally North took Xander to the city of Dragesvard.

Salene grew up learning about royalty, but suddenly she was a lowly commoner. when a shadowy figure asked salene if she wanted to join the DK's, she hesitantly agreed.

Interesting facts: Salene is a teacher of the DarkKnights, She has some power over flame, and her siblings are searching for her as we speak. 

Skills/Powers: Salene has a small amount of control over fire, although usually she perfers other methods of magic and fighting. she is the test giver of the Dark knights, and thus she is very cruel and methodical. her true potential had not been unlocked yet though...

How your character came to be a Dark Knight: From the Shadowy figure in popsprocket who asked her to join. she also enjoys giving tests wherever she can Very Happy 

Miscellaneous: she has a pet Fire Imp named Gringeheist. when they are together, there powers sync making them much more dangerous enemies.

using this format, i will be able to learn a lot more about each of you. thanks for your time,
-Salene, test giver of the dark knights
(Test day is near!)
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PostSubject: Re: The roles we play   The roles we play I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 10, 2013 4:51 pm

This is really intesesting character, however we already have similar thread where you can see our characters backstories and personalities; Clan RolePlay: A New Age OOC.
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The roles we play
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