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 An unsettling shortage of DOOM...

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PostSubject: An unsettling shortage of DOOM...   Sat Sep 14, 2013 9:08 pm

Is it me, or is farming for Unlucky DOOM Essence unusually tedious nowadays? UDE are, of course, the stackable item needed to upgrade DOOM weapons up to the Dire level. Hear me out, outsode of 13th Wars, the only two quests that drop UDE are Amityvillain and Castle Ruins, with the first being only a partial drop, and the latter having 100% UDE droprate, but is so bland and generic, farming the quest stops being fun really quick. I know this just sounds like venting, and it probably is, but look at the UDE counterpart, the Undead Slayer Badge, which is used for the upgrades for Destiny Weapons up to the Pristine level. There are 9 quests that drop USB, two of which drop USB exclusively! And what's more, you don't even need as many USB to get to Pristine as you need UDE to get to Dire. For a Pristine Destiny weapon, you only need 38 USB, and can you guess how many UDE it takes to get your DOOM Weapon to Dire? Give up? 83! Now don't get me wrong, I understand you can do more with a USB than with a UDE. With unlockable quests, classes, skill trainings, and weapons besides the Destiny set, there's just more demand for USB, so it makes perfect sense to have those eaisier to collect. It just irks me a little how few and far between the UDE is...
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PostSubject: Re: An unsettling shortage of DOOM...   Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:03 am

Hmm... I farmed UDE and USB when i got my Doom Knight armor. Belive me or not but i needed only 4 hours to upgrade my Desteny weapon to lvl 28. But Doom weapon upgrade takes days.
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PostSubject: Re: An unsettling shortage of DOOM...   Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:24 pm

yep, im with you there. I just stopped trying to upgrade mine altogether it was so bad.

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PostSubject: Re: An unsettling shortage of DOOM...   

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An unsettling shortage of DOOM...
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