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 Achievements and How to Get Them

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PostSubject: Achievements and How to Get Them   Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:54 pm

The following is the known list of achievements we have available to give. As our old ones were lost on the clan page, we are now starting from scratch. Please, PM me any ideas on new ones, and I'll add them here. As it is, we have only a few, but they will grow.
Achievements :

Artist - Make any form of art for use by the clan
"It all began when..." - create a backstory for your character in the clan library
Pretty Rich - have 100k in game
Very Rich! - have 500k in game
In The Sky -
reach level 60
Lithospheric - Reach level 70
Outerspace - reach level 80
Summoner - Have all three summongems
Challenge accepted - Carry out a Challenge given by a clan member
THAT'S EASY!! - Carry out 10 challenges given by a clan member
Challenge master - Carry out 50 challenges given by a clan member
Knowledgeable - Help a member out in the Q&A
Slugger - Get 3 Lord Knights to Punch you....it's a good thing....really
The Void - This is a secret achievement, given only to those who have touched the Void. (Hint : you must touch it with text)
Newbie: Achieve 100 waves in any War
Murderer: Achieve 300 waves in any War
Soldier: Achieve 500 waves in any War
Let's Raze Hell to the Ground!: Achieve 1001 waves in any war.
Achieve 3000 waves in any war. Must prove with Defenders metals, and Defenders metal items.
Hard like a Rock: Beat TheRock in war waves. Must also have proof.
Holy One:
Have 3+ Evil weapons in your Inventory.
Expensive: Have the 100k Scythe.
Master of Propaganda: Recruit at least 10 people into the clan.
Recruitment office: Recruit at least 6 people into the clan.
Recruit at leat 3 peopld into the clan.
Have 3+ Darkness weapons in your inventory.
Disease Prophet:
Have Entropic Armor, Kathool Adept Armor, and Zardbie armor.
Turn in 20+ Achievements
Fluffy: Complete Chapter 1.

Frozen: Complete Chapter 2
Fully Train Soulweaver, and Deathknight.
Fully Train Deathknight.
Fully Train Dragonslayer.
Dragonlord is Beast!:
Fully train Dragonlord Armor.
Enemy Known:
Fully Train Both Pirate, and Ninja.
Have 3+ Water weapons or trinkets in your inventory.
Have 3+ Fire weapons or trinkets in your inventory.
Disease Cultist:
Have 3+ Disease weapons or trinkets in your inventory.
Dark Guardian:
Show me your Guardian Badge.
Dark Defender: Show me 299 Defenders medals.
Dark Champion:
Show me 99 PvP Trophies
Lucky Knight: Get 5+ Rare Waves in any war.
Have at least 3 Trinkets.
HOW MUCH?!: Have 15+ Million gold in your inventory.
Charitable: Donate 3+ Million Gold to the treasury.
Landlord: Own 3 or more Houses.
Marred Steel:
Earned Grand Master badge in DragonFable.
Dark Knight:
Earn 40 badges.
Dark Apprentice:
Earn 25 badges.
Dark Squire:
Earn 15 badges.
Done something on the clan forums that defied logic and confused someone.
Shoulder Blades:
Have 5+ melee weapons in your inventory.
Bone Fire:
Have 5+ staves in your inventory.

Legendary: Have 5+ level 70 weapons in your inventory.
Undead Alchemist: Have the Mana Alchemy Mastery and Health Alchemy Mastery badges.
Have 5+ scythes in your inventory.
Golden Knight:
Have 3+ million gold in Dragonfable.
Ichimonji's Might:
This is a secret achievement, and details about it will only be given once you have it. Good luck!
Nesanel Wolfblade's Axe of Destiny:
This is a secret achievement, and details about it will only be given if asked in a PM on the Dark Knight Forum.

-------------------MORE TO BE ADDED---------------------------------

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Achievements and How to Get Them
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