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 Empowerment by metronome

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PostSubject: Empowerment by metronome   Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:44 am

You guys are getting a sneak peak. I've actually been asked to perform this at a poetry slam at my school.

Kizami, Gyaku. Move! Move!
and thats how it starts, and for the next
20 minutes : tss-tss, as if we all make
up this big epileptic metronome
that keeps changing speeds, but I feel at home.
tss-tss, Switch! Move! tss-tss
eventually you let the rhythm take hold
and you begin to hold your own
hold your own against the people, and the flow of life
We train to fight so we can end our strife
I swear its almost sacred, my mind my church, my body my steeple
Nagashi - Gyaku, Move! tss-tss
We train our minds to look for a meaning
so even if we win, at least we understand
Switch! Move! tss tss
I look at myself now and can't believe what i'm seeing
This creep, this weirdo, crybaby, tattletale, went and became a man
while all of my would-be discourages just learned to walk
because if I dont give them power over me
they don't even wanna talk
And "give me your stuff" becomes
"What's he have that I don't got?
Why is he happy, when I'm clearly not?"
Ladies and gentleman, I've got acceptance of the self
and I've accepted all of you
I've put my excuses on the shelf, my self pity too
I'm done changing myself to meet anothers standards
because I am a martial artist, a writer,
a gamer, a dork, a swimmer, a fighter,
I'm a nice compliment, encouraging, and I have fun
I'm also not perfect, I'm hard on myself, stubborn,
often lazy, and yes, sometimes home alone I jump when I hear any kind of noise.
But, That's me.
I'M ME. And I like it.

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PostSubject: Re: Empowerment by metronome   Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:23 am

Wonderful poem! Very Happy 

*Audience of excitement breaks the chairs*
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Empowerment by metronome
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