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 Q&A Section Rules

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PostSubject: Q&A Section Rules   Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:02 am

No Free Upgrades:
You are NOT allowed to ask for free Dragoncoins/Upgrades/Accounts/Passwords/etc.

No Farming Questions:
You are NOT allowed to post a question about "farming" or the best places to get gold/weapons/experience. Each week, we have a newsletter that has a farming guide. You can also visit here (For Farming Guide), here (For Farming Gold), here (For Farming Exp), and here (For Farming PvP).

No Self-Locked Suggestions:
You are NOT allowed to ask for your thread to be locked...you can; however, ask that your thread stay unlocked if you feel it has not been adequitely answered

No Discussion:
You are NOT allowed to have a conversation in a Q&A Thread

No Hijacking:
You are NOT allowed to ask a question in another person's thread

No Mini-Modding:
You are NOT allowed to post a comment to another member that they have broken the rules...the Mods and Admins will be watching the threads carefully

No Duplication:
You are NOT allowed to duplicate a thread/question that has already been posted...please check through the forum before asking your question to see if it has been asked

Battle Strategy:
As of now, there is no battle strategy section...you may ask any question relating to strategy as long as it has NOT BEEN DISCUSSED IN A NEWSLETTER
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Q&A Section Rules
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