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 Hurricane Sandy: On its way to hit EST Coast USA

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PostSubject: Hurricane Sandy: On its way to hit EST Coast USA   Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:00 pm

I'm actuallt quite scared at the moment. I live in Baltimore, Maryland, and I will be hit by Hurricane Sandy on Monday night/Tuesday. I will lose power, and possibly have a snow storm. (No school possibly, but that's the least of my concerns) I have a generator at home, but I'm not sure if my computer will have internet access because the power lines will be hit, causing my internet to be disrupted. But, I will have my laptop. I will just have to let it run on battery power instead of letting it be connected all the time. Anyway, anyone else have problems? Hurricane Sandy will hit a lot of states, and a lot of people will be affected by the "Frenkenstorm".


(Still very scared!)

Wrong place buddy.

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Hurricane Sandy: On its way to hit EST Coast USA
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