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 Frequently Asked Questions

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Dart Ichimonji
Rage Warlord

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:18 pm

This is a list of some frequently asked questions, as they are all here with an answer, and while I do not expect this to happen if anybody asks these questions the post will be removed. Sorry guys, but most of these are pretty basic.

1. Can I be a mod? No, not unless you are made one by the clan leader. Unless you are asked to be a mod, you cannot be one.

2. Can you give me a promotion? No, the only way to gain promotions is to do something that works for the overall good of the clan, this can include but is not limited to : making sigs for members, coming up with good ideas on how the clan would work (must also run said ideas by Necro Berserk) and overall assissting in whatever way possible. Asking would not help at all.

3. Can you get me free gold/dragoncoins/upgrade? The answer is definitely a no, thankfully I think all of our members are above this question.

4. How do I leave the guild? If you feel as though you want to leave the clan, PM Necro Berserk.

5. How do I change my forum name? Luckily, we have a forum different from the AE Forum. To change your forum name, you need to select "Profile" and change your username. This will in turn change your log in username and your forum name.

6. Where do I go? So far, this forum is pretty simple, and small. So, you can really find where you might want to go by just staring at the homepage. But, I would recommend that ALL of you read the Forum Rules first, and foremost.

7. How do I get/change my avatar? This is actually a very easy thing to do. Simply click "Profile" up near the top of the page. Once there click "Avatar", there you can either choose an avvy from our gallery, or upload your own saved to your computer.

8. How do I insert my signature? This starts off like the last one, click "Profile", then click signature. There, if you have an image URL already, you simply use the tags : [ img] [ /img] Just do not use spaces between the [ and the I. I only did to show you the tags.

9. What are Achievements? Simple really, Achievements are gained for meeting a certain criteria, they're pretty much there for bragging rights, making you look pretty skilled a player (which if you meet them all you are) and to give us something to strive for. When you meet the criteria, simply PM Lord Gavon of the achievement you have, and your character page.

10. How do I insert links into my signature? Simple really, just use this code :



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PostSubject: Re: Frequently Asked Questions   Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:14 am

Every Link You Will Ever Need

Original by : D1F3forum
Taken over by Dart Ichimonji
...But mostly Gavon. Hey, I added a lot of links, you just clicked them and did a little maintenance.

fair enough, Gavon.

Maintenance finished, all links now work. ~ Dart Ichimonji
Tank you, Inchimomjee.

Weaponry Guides

DragonFable Encyclopedia > Weapons
Best weapons for your level and class

Weapons sorted by power
A guide to Doom and Destiny Weapons

Accessories Guides

DragonFable Encyclopedia > Accessories
High Level Accessories Guide III
A - Z Helms
A-Z Accessories

Accessories by Level
High-Level Accessories for Non-DA
Best Accessories for your level and class

Class & Abilities Guides

DragonFable Encyclopedia > Classes/Abilities
A - Z Abilities and an Overview of Classes
Dragon Egg Symbols & Abilities
A Simple Guide to Stats
Sample Builds
[/color]A-Z Abilites and an Overview of Classes
ChronoCorrupter class guide
All you need to know about Togslayer

Housing Guides
DragonFable Encyclopedia > Housing and House Items
A - Z House and House Items

Locations/Quests/Events Guides

DragonFable Encyclopedia > Locations / Quests / Events
A - Z Locations, Quests, Shops, Wars & Events

DragonFable Quest Guide
DragonFable Holidays, Seasons, and Events
Guide to the Alexander Saga
Ravenloss Saga Guide
ArchKnight Saga Guide
Release Log
100 room easy map method

Monster Guides

DragonFable Encyclopedia > Monsters
A - Z Monsters
A-Z monsters by weaknesses/strenghts

NPC Guides

DragonFable Encyclopedia > NPCs

Pets/Guests Guides

DragonFable Encyclopedia > Pets / Guests
A - Z Pets, Guests, & Friends

Stackable/Non-Equippable Items Guides

DragonFable Encyclopedia > Stackable/Non-Equippable Items
A - Z Stackable/Non-Equippable Items
A - Z Foods

Other Useful Guides

DragonFable Guides
DragonFable Equipment Comparison
A comprehensive guide to farming - Includes all types of farming, it is good, but not as in depth.

Experience Farming - How To Do It and Where To Go V3
PvP IDs with Character Page Links
Dragon Coin Items
DragonFable History and Plot Synopsis
On Rarity, Rares, Item Drops, and Sellback Values - A FAQ
Everything you need to know about PvP and PvP Farming
All you need to know about Guardian class
All you need to know about Blacksmithing!
Bonuses and Resistances Guide
A beginners guide to Togs

A simple guide to stats
Complete guide to being and Average Dragonfable player
The ultimate music guide

Universal ArtixEntertainment Guides and Links

Rules and Code of Conduct

Other Useful DragonFable Links

Dark Knight Links

Forum Rules
Q&A Section Rules
[url=http://xat.com/TheDarkKnights2]DK Chatroom (This is outdated...Scroll down on the homepage of the DK Forum for the new Chatroom)
The Dark Knights [DF]
The Ultimate Guide for High-Leveled Players!A guide to Doom and Destiny WepsGuide to Doom and Destiny weaponshttp://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=10788507[center]
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Frequently Asked Questions
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