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 Guest Account: "Admin" NEW RULE

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PostSubject: Guest Account: "Admin" NEW RULE   Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:32 pm

Here's a new rule. From now on, Lord Knights may use the Guest account "Admin" to post updates when they don't have time to log in and need to post something quickly. But, if a member is caught using the Admin account, he/she will be banned for 1 month. Lord Knights are required to post in their respective colors.

Colors of the Lord Knights

1.Nesanel- Cyan
2. Dart- ???????
3. Gavon Felarian- #006600
4.Rocky- #006600

Me and Gavon have almost Identical colors, I will usually just use my account directly or use my Tag ~Rock On, Rocky Felarian thingee.

~Rock On,

Gavon's color is 006600, always has been. Three from the left on the top row (chatbox terms) So Rocky, either you'll have to change your color or you can just use your tag.


By the way, what ever happened to Gavon? I havn't seen him on here in a long time. Maybe we could all chat when I'm available?



Should I change my username on here to bsteiny16 so I don't cause confusion to members?

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Guest Account: "Admin" NEW RULE
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