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 Challenge board.

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Rocky Felarian
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PostSubject: Challenge board.   Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:38 am

Hello, and welcome to the Challenge Board!
Here is where anyone can come in and challenge anyone else! Such as
defeating a hard boss, getting a certain amount of waves in a war,
anything of the sort!
I hope to see some challenges, my friends!
~Gavon Felarian

And being an experienced member I would advice you follow these instructions :-
1. Try to keep this challenge section as short as possible, challenge sections like mine go one for pages and pages, you can contact any high knight, moderator or Dart for an immediate deletion of out of topic posts.

2. Make a list of all the challenges you've been given in the first post. It's easier for people to view all of it, and mostly easy for you. You can refer to mine, for a better reference. I already put it in for you now, just keep editing as you get more challenges.

3. Most important, NEVER GIVE UP easily; I never want you to say "This is impossible" unless it really is impossible. Make sure you try 30-50 times before even thinking of giving up.

I may not be your mentor, master or you, my apprentice; I hope you follow all the above.
And good luck with your challenge section, I hope you become a master challenge taker as good or better than THE ROCK.

Challenges on the cork-board:

~The Rock.

Rocky Felarian

My challenges
]Get a whooping 100 million gold in Dragonfable - On going.

Kill Elite SMUDD on hardmode without using primal skills and only darkness element

Hardmode extreme simas prime (or meltface if its an option)

Beat Hard Mode, Extreme (If there is an extreme version of this),Fluffy

Get all the Doom Weapons then, all fully upgraded, In 1 hour, and take a picture of your inventory

Get to 20 million gold in 1 week- Accomplished in 4days

kill akriloth with no guests and only using ranger class

New Challenge, gets 50 million exp in your exp count!-On going

Next challenge, to kill Meltface DAvey using togslayer!

MELTFACE DAVEY-Warrior,No equips,Only basic sword

I challenge you to take on guffer in hard mode, without killing any witches. Then, if you can do that, do it without a silver weapon.


strike]meltface hardmode akriloth[/strike]

Kill Elite SMUDD Hardmode noprimal

Use base class... No final.. no stun and no metal weapon defeat death from the secret of bacon quest chain

Reach 25 million gold

Defeat Davey Meltface With base class no equips only base weapon

Defeat impossible crawler with only pony shank

Get the max level on all Defender items

kill Meltface davey hardmode, with no equipments, base class, and with ultimate pygmy pony daggers!

Drago BloodMoon:

Get 501 waves in the Lucky Day War!

Get these achievements: Dark Champion, Expensive, Not much of a lurker.

Get 5000 waves in the next war!

All 3 DOOM Weapons in 5 hours to Dire level!

Write yourself a backstory!

Beat Elite SMUDD!

Dart Ichimonji:

Kill meltface hardmode Akriloth in Base class

Kill impossible doom crawler in base class with a pony shank

Kill hardmode meltface Davey
a. Also do it in Ninja class
Kill Extreme hardmode Tauros

Kill akriloth in ranger class without using, stun, final, or potions

Kill Xan with base weapon and and base class - non-titan version

Kill SMUDD with non-primal darkness element

Destiny Knight :
1. Impossible doom crawler, base class, any weapon. No other equips

Use base class...Base weapon...No pet...only attack....The skweel from Final 13th war...
NO GUESTS.....Hardmode...You can only use attack and potions.And best of all...You have to untrain all your stats as well..-Failed

If adding your name and anyother challenges to the list, please post in the following format.
Name on Darknight forums:-
Link to character page:-
Level :-
Completed challenges :-
Ongoing challenges:-

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