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 On to Falconreach: A New Role-Play

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Purple Chaos

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PostSubject: On to Falconreach: A New Role-Play   Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:43 pm

Okay, bottom line: I was bored. The other 2 RPs here were being rather neglected, so I'm making a new one.

Hello, my name's D. I don't trust many, so my name stays at D. Look around you. Do you know where you are? Wait, you don't even know when?? Okay, so its been a century since the hero beat the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich. Falconreach is now the only place that's safe from bandit attacks, monsters, and the weather. Yes, I said weather. After a while, tornadoes started randomly occurring all over the place. You might run into at least ten on your journey. So anyway, we were captured by bandits but, their wagon mysteriously got cut loose. You see, our captors were killed by the incident, we survived. After looking around, it appears we are deep in Coldfall Barrens. The bandit headquarters must be around here somewhere. We gotta get to Falconreach, or else they'll just get us again, and rumor has it we'll be sold into the Undergound Slave Trade. You can take any road, but be careful. You never know whats going to strike. Just so you know, dark greenish clouds, heavy hail, and swirling clouds can mean a tornado. If you see any of these signs, you need to take shelter, and fast. Right now, some Rock Golems are coming this way. I'm running away. You can do whatever you want. Bye.

Okay, so here are the rules: there are none! Just kidding (You really thought there wouldn't be any?)! So, you can't kill one another. Thats just not how it works. Next, you may travel alone, or in groups. I strongly recommend groups, as most enemies travel in groups. Next, you need supplies. You start out with 1 full heal potion and any 2 supplies you can find in the bandit's wagon (rope, pieces of wood, leather, clothes, bags of traveler's biscuits water canteens, flint.) Next is weapons. (note, if you're enTropy, you can't weild weapons, and I'll get to that later) The combinations are, 2 medium weapons, which are Daggers, short swords, and chakrams, or 1 large weapon, which are, longswords, maces, bows, and hammers. With a large weapon, you can also have a knife (which is not the same as a dagger, just so you know. Knives are smaller). Next, you can be human, enTropy, Zardbie, or Undead. Now, let me explain powers and limitations of non human races. enTropy can poison enemies and use fast healing abilities. They can't weild any exterior weapons, and their armor will make battle and long travel difficult (it is able to be taken off, but you still need to carry it somehow if you're moving) Also, they'll have a limit on mana, as they are the only ones that use mana. Zardbie have more strength and speed. However, they are more vulnerable, and have a weakness to fire. Undead (just skeletons) can not die unless your skull is removed, or hit by a strong light attack. They are also very lightweight and as a result don't get tired after long distances. However, they are more fragile than even Zardbie. As for trading, you can only trade with what you have, obviously. To get resources, you can fight monsters or go searching. Certain things can have different values at trading posts. You can also trade for money, which will let you buy anything. Also, this is the format you should use:

Character Name: (Don't use your forum name)

Age: (You can be from 15 to 21)
Skills: (These can be anything, but try to keep it simple)
Inventory: (Like I said before, you will only start off with one full health potion, and two items from the wagon)
Weapons: (Refer to the previous paragraph for what's allowed for weapons)
Personality: (A brief personality of your character)

Character Name: D
Race: Human
Age: 18
Skills: Hunting, sharpshooting, hiding, and dodging
Inventory: A canteen of water and a stick of flint
Weapons: A knife and a bow
Personality: Usually keeps to himself unless someone wants to travel with him. Will do what it takes to survive and get to his goal.

That's all there is too it! Just follow forum rules and have fun! EDIT: I've allowed other races. Also, the double space(s) in the character format and example are due to the computer I'm using.

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Avi Felarian
The Dark Assassin

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PostSubject: Re: On to Falconreach: A New Role-Play   Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:32 am

Character Name: Avi Auditore

Race: Human

Age: 19
Skills: Agility, dodging, sharpshooting, and acrobatics
Inventory: 1 full heal potion, 1 canteens of water, and a stick of flint
Weapons: A dagger, and a short sword
Personality: Prefers traveling alone, but will travel with others if needed to. Will do anything to reach his goal or take his target down.


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Dart Ichimonji
Rage Warlord

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PostSubject: Re: On to Falconreach: A New Role-Play   Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:34 pm

Character Name: Arumat

Race: Human

Skills: Exceptionally good combatant for his age, also stronger than most men
Inventory: One full health potion, One whetstone, Water canteen

Weapons: Longsword and knife
Arumat has been trained in combat all his life, these bandit's kidnapped him at an early age and decided to keep him as a slave. He found no greater joy than challenging them to a fight, over time his skill grew more and more. He became the best fighter among the camp. Despite the harshness of his raising he is actually pretty laid back, sarcastic, and somewhat cocky.

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PostSubject: Re: On to Falconreach: A New Role-Play   

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On to Falconreach: A New Role-Play
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