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 Bullet: The Complete Saga

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PostSubject: Bullet: The Complete Saga   Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:18 pm


So it came to this, with me running from the law, running from a crime that wasn’t committed by me. I was lucky to escape from the villagers just before they caught up to me. As I hid from them, the origins were rushing through my head. It all started in the autumn of 1983 in the city of Atlantic City…

I was in the middle of an investigation with my ex-partner Matt Johnson where we had track down a Soviet spy who has been spotted at the casino of Atlantic City. We were playing along as ordinary tourists in the Casino so that we can gather some clues to the scene of the crime, but unfortunately Matt was playing along a little too well. While I was chatting with some people to gather more facts, Matt started screwing around by drinking and gambling. But, that wasn’t it. To make things worse, he started hitting on the dancing women in the bar.

“Matt, can I see you outside for a moment?”
“Sorry girls, but the old grouch seems to need me. Be right back babe!”
He then got slapped. I should have noticed that as we walked out, a mysterious person was keeping an eye on us.
“Matt, we’ve been through this before. We can’t have you screwing around during our investigations!”
“Hey, who says we can’t be having a little fun while we play along!”
“Don’t you care that our country may be blown up at any minute, especially if we don’t get this case over with soon? Plus, don’t you care that you may lose your wife if you keep cheating on her?”
“Ah, who needs her? We’ve already filed a divorce last week, so now I can live my life up!” “You are one stupid man you know that?”
“Yeah, yeah, tell it to the judge!”

“This is Eric to headquarters”
“Eric, have you gathered any information we can use yet?”
“That’s a negative, but I think I’ve found someone who could help. I’ll report back to you later.”
He then walked back into the casino. After our argument, we’ve decided to go back to the scene of the investigation. I noticed some suspicious activity in the dining room, which is where the spy was having his lunch. Since he was the only one there, I decided to ask him a few questions, and while I did, Matt decided to goof-off at the bar… Again! After he got high, he decided to gamble a bit more and played poker with the other men at the casino. As he did, I continued to talk with this skeptical man.
“So, what brought you here?”
“Eh, I decided to have a vacation just to get away from it all.”
“Where do you work?”
“I work for the law as an officer.”
“Really..? Which station do you work for?”
“Uh… I live in this city, so that may be pretty obvious!”
“Interesting… I’ve been here plenty of times, and I’ve visited this city’s police station quite a few times. Michael, can I see you for a moment?”
“What are you doing?”
“Eric, this is Michael. He’s an officer who’s worked in this city for years.” “What’s the problem Jack?”
“Michael, have you worked with this man before? He claims to be an officer.”
“Really..?How long have you worked for our city?”
The suspect has started to look pretty nervous.
“Since the summer of 1981”
“Uh huh… because I’ve been working here since 1974, and last I’ve checked, we haven’t hired anyone that year. Would you care to explain that?”
“Eric, as a violation for impersonating a police officer, I hereby place you under arre-” and before he could finish his sentence, we heard loud screaming in the other room where Matt was playing poker.
“You lowlife! You’ve been cheating this whole time weren’t you!?”
“Are you calling me a liar?!”
“Why you!"
Matt then punched the man and started a violent fight.

As we were distracted Eric kicked the table on Mike and I ran off. As Mike ran for him I quickly ran to the other room in the casino to get Matt.
“Matt, stop this! The suspect is getting away!”
Matt then punched me in the eye.
“Out of my way Jack, can’t you see I’m busy here?” Since he wouldn’t listen to reason, I decided to use force, so I punched him back.
“Get a grip on yourself! If we lose that suspect, we may never find him again!”
“Fine then!” He finally came along with me to follow Eric. While we ran looking for him Mike continued chasing Eric though the entire block.
“Stop right there!”
“This is Eric to headquarters, I am being chased and I need help.”
“Roger that Eric” A gunman was down on Eric and Michael from a five-story building with his gun locked on to Michael.
“Matt, quickly! I think I hear them over here!” As we ran towards their direction, we heard a gunshot that wasn’t so far away. As we followed the direction from where we heard the gunshot, we found Mike down on the ground bleeding with a gunshot on his upper back. As for Eric, it was too late for us to catch him since we lost track of him.
Shortly after an ambulance came to rush Mike to a hospital, we were told to report to the Maryland City police station right away. There, the warden was waiting to have a word with us.
“Unbelievable! How could you let that spy get away!?”
“But sir, we…”
“Eh, don’t interrupt me Jack! Do you realize what a fuss you two have caused? Not only did that spy get away, but to top it off, you’ve almost cost us one of our best men, and you’ve completely humiliated us in national public! Until further notice, you two are suspended!”
“Yes sir…” We then turned in our badges to the warden and walked out of his office.
“Matt, may I see you for a moment?” I then started another argument with him outside the police station. “That’s it Matt, that’s it! Not only did not listed to me, but you even got us suspended. I told you numerous times not to slack off and cause trouble, and that was the first thing you decided to do!”
“So what? Are going to put me under probation again, huh?!”
“Fine, I don’t need this job. I don’t need any of you!” Matt then walked away without looking back, and as he did Eric was once again keeping an eye on him. Matt then heard some laughter nearby, and then walked into the alley where it came from. “Who’s there!?” Eric then walked out of the darkness. “What do you want, you worm?”
“Who, me? I just wanted to have a word with you!”
“You just cost me my job! I ought to do away with you!”
“Now, now… I’ve been keeping an eye on you. I’ve noticed how much you’ve hated your job, how much you wanted to get back at your ‘partner’ for always messing with you.”
“Yeah, so what?”
“So what? I like your attitude! I’d like to make an agreement with you.”
“What sort of agreement?”
“How would you like to work for the Soviet Intelligence?”
“Why would I?”
“We could pay you double of what you’ve been making in your former job, and we can help you get back at you ex-partner.”
“I’m listening.” And then both Eric and Matt were planning a plot against the U.S. government. Matt’s own country, why would he decide to turn on it?

To be continued...

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Bullet: The Complete Saga
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