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 Dragos Chronos: Part One, Return of the SurgeBinder

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PostSubject: Dragos Chronos: Part One, Return of the SurgeBinder   Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:35 pm

The day was rainy at the Hunter's Paradise, a rare occasion in Doomwood. The weather normally was dark and horrifying, but not today. Today, it was simply a calm, raining, spring morning. Dragos reclined, sipping slowly on a drink. He appeared in a trance, as if his mind was thinking of everything except the present time and place. Nearby, a rather turbulent patron complained about the innkeeper's lack of taste in drinks and overall laziness. Dragos rose from his seat, and as he rose, a blue mist began to seep from him. The patron continued, not noticing Dragos. Dragos put a hand on his shoulder and turned hi, more mist crawling from his hand. The rude patron attempted to shove the gloved hand off, but his face showed pure panic as he realized the strength of this unknown assailant.
"The Innkeeper here shows the finest taste in caffeinated beverages, and shows nothing but respect to obnoxious customers such as you." Dragos said with a dark tone in his voice, as a draft blew in, and Dragos’ black robe flapped in the wind.
The patron barely got a mumble off of his breath before a pulsating blue light launched him from Dragos’ hand and into the wall behind.
“That wasn’t entirely necessary,” The Innkeeper sighed.
“Hm,” Dragos muttered nonchalantly.
“You know, you haven’t been yourself since Kung left for Misthalin,”
“This should cover the expenses,” Dragos murmured as he threw a gold pouch onto the bar.
“You should really think about wearing your old DragonLord armor again,”
“I gave that up a long time ago,”
“Aye, and now you’ve taken up… SoulWeaving, isn’t it?”
“It isn’t SoulWeaving,”
“One in the same,”
“I don’t follow their ideals or the same rules of power. It isn’t SoulWeaving,”
“Too much virtue, eh?”
“Too much loyalty. If Kung taught me one thing before he left, it was that undying loyalty to someone invokes betrayal,”
“Do you really believe that?”
“Wholeheartedly,” Dragos said determined.
He opened the door to the Inn, letting in a cool breeze. His robes flapped in the wind. Unbeknownst to Dragos, a dark figure stood next to the door. Dragos didn’t care. In fact, since Kung left, he hadn’t cared. Hadn’t cared about virtue, or loyalty. Dragos began to walk past the figure, who was clad in light armor, but he had a certain fierceness to him, not from the armor, but from the strange weapon strapped to his side. It was an extremely lengthy sword, made from obsidian, and trimmed in silver.
“Dragos,” the figure began “I’ve been expecting you,”
Dragos ignored him and kept walking.
The figure placed a hand on Dragos.
“Trust me, you don’t want to do that,” Dragos muttered, but he stopped in his tracks. The blue mist began to rise from the ground, and then excreted from his eyes.
“You think you stand a chance against me?” The figure asserted confidently.
“You’re weak, I know I do,”
Dragos raised a hand and began summoning his weapon. He began to count the ten pulses of his heart before his weapon would be summoned.
The figure drew his weapon.
Dragos jumped down from the terrace, and the figure followed.
“My name is Lord Gavon, leader of the Dark Knights,”
“I’ve heard of your abilities. I could give them a purpose,”
“I gave up on loyalty long ago,” Dragos replied.
“Perhaps a demonstration is in order,” Gavon reinstated.
“I can see the weakness in you. You don’t stand a chance,” Dragos again said.
Dragos began running towards Gavon at a frightening rate.
Dragos began to feel the thrill of battle and leaped into the air straight at Gavon. The weapon began to materialize in his hand as the tenth pulse began.
Time seemed to slow as Dragos thrust the almost materialized sword at Gavon. Gavon easily swatted the sword away.
“But… How?!” Dragos exclaimed.
Gavon merely laughed. Dragos leaped and became seemingly weightless. He then shot towards the ground behind Gavon at blinding speed, twisting his slightly curved sword in Gavon’s direction, releasing more of the blue mist. Gavon again simply swatted him away, as if he were no more than a fly. Dragos attempted to look composed, but the look of sheer disbelief on his face gave him away.
“Surprised?” Gavon laughed, “Meet Morthyst,”
Gavon raised his blade to the sky, and as he did, a battalion of undead rose from the ground at the blink of an eye. Dragos pointed his blade, and pulsating blue energy shot from the blade and into Dragos. He blasted the undead into oblivion with a flick of his hand, as the energy released and ripped apart the skeletons.
“Surprised?” Dragos mimicked. “Meet Oathbringer!”
“SoulWeaving, I see?”
“Oh, you’re the one who insists on calling it SurgeBinding, correct?”
“I’m not a SoulWeaver!” Dragos yelled and began destroying the land itself with the blue energy.
“Either way, I think you should join me. It’s more than just an army, it’s a brotherhood,”
“I’ve heard that lie before,”
“Ah, you were a DragonLord before, correct? But then your glorious leader of virtue and valor left you to the wolves in search of buried treasure?” Gavon said in a mocking tone.
“That’s not how it happened!” Dragos screamed as his eyes became entirely consumed by the blue light and it pulsated from every point in his body.
“I won’t betray you like that,” Gavon stated simply, deflecting the light with his blade.
“And what makes you so different?” Dragos demanded, slashing Morthyst with Oathbringer.
“I’m not bound by the laws of good,” Gavon said, flicking his wrist with ease.
“So you have no virtue, therefore no brotherhood?”
Gavon laughed “I never said that, now did I?”
“Oh? I’d love to see you expound,”
Gavon easily disarmed Dragos, and the blade evaporated into thin air.
“You know where to find me,” Gavon said, walking away. He stopped in his tracks.
"Oh, and Dragos?”
“Yes?” Gavon lifted his left hand, Morthyst still in it.
“I’m right handed,”



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PostSubject: Chapter Two   Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:42 pm

Chapter Two:
Dragos traipsed through the forest. It has to be around here somewhere, Dragos thought, how could I even miss something so tall? As he thought this, he stumbled on a branch, into a large clearing. As if an enchantment, the 89 floored Castle appeared. Figures, Dragos thought. He approached the gate, knocking on it. He waited for five minutes, and still nothing happened. Dragos infused his legs with blue mist and released his gravity, flinging himself over the gate. A tall castle door stood before him, locked. He began absorbing mist to obliterate the door, but stopped himself. Could be a test, he thought. He pushed the door a nudge and noticed a bar, blocking the door. He pointed his fingers at it and blasted it, and pulling back at the last second, barely unlocking the door. Dragos kicked open the door. Gavon Felarian stood, waiting. “Now if that wasn’t the cleanest entrance I’ve ever seen!” Gavon exclaimed, “Welcome to my humb- Oh, who am I kidding, this place is amazing,”
Dragos stayed silent. “Hm. Silence,” Gavon observed, “Outside, we have the training grounds, up those stairs, we have the 88 floors of library. I think… Who knows. We have a poison lab… and a cafeteria, too. I don’t keep track of this stuff,”
“Is there any way up other than stairs?” Dragos asked.
“I was hoping you’d ask…” Gavon laughed, kicking open a door “We have a ladder!”
“I choose the ladder. What floor has battle strategy?” Dragos asked.
“You wh- Alright… Oh, and,” Gavon grinned, “Floor 89,”
Dragos infused himself with mist and lashed himself to the top of the ladder and flipped onto floor 89. It appeared to be a kitchen with a single cook making some odd concoction out of organs.
“This is… Battle strategy?” Dragos asked.
“Ha, so Gavon got another one?” the chef laughed “We don’t HAVE battle strategy… If you needed practice on battle strategy, you wouldn’t be here, now would you? He tells the newbies that so that they have to work hard to get up here, but that didn’t seem to trouble you.”
“So, what is this?” Dragos asked.
“Isn’t it obvious?” the chef asked, “It’s a kitchen! And poison lab, if I can just get it approved…” he muttered.
“What?” Dragos asked.
“What? I didn’t hear anything. Anyways, I’m Gengkiskan, the Chef of DOOM! I’m assuming you want the training grounds, but the Rock might be out there now,”
“Who?” Dragos asked.
“Oh, you’ll see,” Gengkiskan snickered, “Here, follow me,”
Gengkiskan led Dragos out to a field filled with training dummies, where a single man stood, punching a dummy. He was punching the wooden figure, bare fists, excepting the bandages wrapped around his hands. His punches seemed almost rhythmic, and as they reached the climax, he let loose a final devastating blow, shattering the dummy. Gengkiskan shook his head in disbelief.
“My name is Rock, Doom Emperor of the Dark Knights,” Rock said, a grin appearing.
“I’ll take you on,” Dragos said.
“I said I’ll take you on. Whoever destroys the most dummies wins,”
“But you aren’t even supposed to be able to! Oh, never mind...” Gengkiskan exclaimed, exasperated.
Dragos began gathering mist and infusing it in his fists and Rock simply flexed. Gengkiskan shouted for them to start, and the moment he did, both leaped, crushing the dummy in front of them. They wove in and out of the field, smashing multitudes of dummies effortlessly, shouting the number as they fell. “Ninety-seven!” Dragos finally yelled.
“Ninety-EIGHT!” Rock grunted as he destroyed the final dummy.
“It seems I finally have a rival,” Rock laughed.
“It seems-“ Dragos started, before being interrupted by a smash to the face from an unknown assailant, who disappeared as quickly as he had arrived.
“PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM!” a voice boomed from the air.
“Oh, come on, not again,” Gengkiskan sighed.
The assailant smashed into him before flipping backwards, landing softly.
“My name is Dart Ichimonji,” the assailant yelled, “And I have but one question for you, you who thinks to join the Dark Knights, the elite of Doomwood!”




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Dragonfable Account : 14580846
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:43 pm

Chapter 3:
“PIRATES… OR NINJAS!?” remained the fatal question before Dragos.
“Pirates,” Dragos answered assuredly, “Ninjas aren’t all that great,”
“WHAT DID YOU SAY?! WHAT DID HE JUST SAY!?!?!” Dart screamed.
“Oh fiddlesticks.... This is NOT good…” Gengkiskan murmured.
“Well I just don’t see what’s so-“
“SILENCE!” Dart shouted, leaping at Dragos.
Dragos leaped backwards, getting ready to summon Oathbringer.
Dragos blasted a wave of mist at Dart, stalling for time.
Dart shrugged it off, barely noticing it, pulling out a horrific sword, prepared for combat.
Dragos swirled energy around him, and leaped inhumanly high.
Dart leaped just as high, kicking Dragos to the ground.
Dragos struggled to stand up.
“But… How?” Dragos asked.
Dart laughed.
Dragos leaped.
Dart leaped.
Dragos struck with a nonexistent sword at Dart, Dart just looked at him with confusion. The sword materialized and struck Dart at an inhuman speed. But even faster, Dart raised the weapon and deflected it. Dragos realized that this would not be an easy fight. He struck out with Oathbringer in a fake attack, and pulled back before Dart could deflect it, and struck at his legs. Dart deflected down, but at the last second, Dragos pulled back again. He struck with his off-hand and launched a bolt of energy at Dart. The bolt struck Dart, but Dart barely noticed and knocked Dragos over with the flat of his blade.
“How are you so… Fast?” Dragos groaned.
“Because,” Dart leaped behind him, but then, going backwards, reached a speed where he appeared to phase behind Dragos, “I’m a ninja…” he whispered, slamming his sword at Dragos. Dragos rolled to his side, barely avoiding the strike. He leaped up, exploding the air between them, launching them both backwards. Dragos leaped up faster than Dart, but when Dart arose, his eyes were red, and he had a crazed look to him. Dragos gathered all of the energy he had contained within him, and leaped at Dart. Dart, with inhuman speed and strength, leaped at Dragos. Their swords clashed in mid-air. Time seemed to slow as they sparred in the air for what seemed like minutes. When they fell, Dragos was exhausted, but Dart only looked more enraged.
“I guess there are some advantages to being a ninja,” Dragos conceded.
“SOME!? I’M GOING TO DESTROY YOU!” Dart bellowed.
They clashed once more, but as they did, a siren rang, loud and clear.
“The war siren,” Dragos observed.
“Hm. Allies?” Dart asked.
“It appears we haven’t got much of a choice… Comrade.” Dragos smiled, “My name is Dragos by the way,”
“Dart Ichimonji,” Dart replied, “But you already know that,”
Gavon leaped down from the thirtieth floor, tucking as he hit the ground.
“A rift has opened in FalconReach!” Gavon yelled, “And we should probably get down there!”
Gavon opened the gate.
“Because if we don’t, who’s going to save the hero’s sorry butts when their precious town is getting destroyed?”


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PostSubject: Chapter Four   Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:27 pm

Chapter 4:
Dragos looked out at the battlefield in disgust. The Dark
Knights had set up their own camp, and the war camp of FalconReach was
currently fighting a small horde. They were winning, but very slowly and at
large costs. Gavon Felarian came up to Dragos from behind and said “Sickening,
isn’t it? They barely can walk with both feet, much less fight. I’d say it’s
time to save them,’
"That’s not what I was disgusted about…” Dragos muttered.
“Look at the numbers, and then compare them to our estimated numbers. There should be
a bit less than 5 to 1 in the odds of the fire minions. The odds barely even
look even in favor of FalconReach,”
“Keen eye. An ambush?”
Dragos just tilted his head towards the forest. Gavon looked closely, and noticed
millions of fire minions. That moment, the Rock ran up to Gavon yelling, “Lord
Gavon! Look, the rest of their army! I seen them over there!”
Gavon’s face instantly turned dark, “YOU WHAT?”
“I said, I seen them, over there!”
GRAMMER MISTAKE I HAVE EVER HEARD!” Gavon bellowed, pulling a dress seemingly
Gengkiskan burst into tears laughing, “At a time like this?” And was then interrupted by
his own bouts of laughter.
“You can’t be serious!” Rock exclaimed.
“What? But then who will lead the Doom Reserve?” Dragos asked.
“Not my problem. CHARGE!” Gavon yelled.
Dragos leaped to where the Doom Reserve was stationed and immediately began barking
out orders. The Doom Reserve managed to charge faster than anyone else,
excluding Gavon and Dart themselves. Dragos leaped directly in the middle of
the forest, sucking the life out of the trees. He released his energy as an
inverse gravitational force, launching them all backwards. Gengkiskan’s white
hair twisted into tentacles of some sort, as did one hand, the other forming a claw;
he dug the tentacle hand into the ground, eyes blazing red, the tentacles shot
up in random directions strangling people. Dragos was taken aback. “He’s a
Kathool Adept. Well, actually the leader of the cult itself.” Gavon explained,
stabbing an imp and throwing it into another.
“EMPIRE!” Gengkiskan roared.
“Whatever,” Gavon chuckled, beheading another giant imp.
An army of Adepts rose from a river nearby. *We have come,* The Dark Knights’
collectively thought.
“That’s always so creepy,” Gavon muttered, blazing a path through imps, “Well, I’m not
going to be outdone by an oversized octopus!” Gavon summed an army of skeleton
Dragos growled and began sucking energy from the entire forest. The strain of energy
was extremely draining. Dragos flew directly at a general, and jabbed his flat
hand on the general’s chest, splashing him with whatever. Gavon burst out
laughing, “Ooh, water! He might splash me! It might not even be chlorinated! It
took hours of practice! In the kiddy pool…”
A massive burst of pure hydrogen destroyed the entire area, vaporizing every imp
and neutralizing all fire magic.
“Did you just kill all of them BY YOURSELF?” Gavon asked, “You are worthy of Doom
“The war isn’t over yet!” Dragos panted, exhausted. He pointed at the next 3
million, “That should be the last; we just killed one and the hero’s million
are slowly dying,”
Dragos motioned for the Doom Reserve to form a phalanx, and they charged the imps. The
Kathool army decimated thousands from the right, and Gavon’s army charged from
the left. Dragos jumped into the middle and began an odd ritual. Gengkiskan
advance to his full form, a Kraken, and began annihilating by the thousands.
All of a sudden, fire imps with blue eyes began attacking the rest. “What did
you do?” Gavon yelled from the other side, blasting three imps with ice.
“Mild persuasion…” Dragos answered.
“Ok, that’s scarier than me!” Gengkiskan blarghled from his tentacle mouth.
“Don’t worry, it only works on animals, but up until now, I assumed imps were
The battle raged for another few hours, but, surely enough, the Dark Knights
prevailed. The Dark Knights cheered in victory, “Ash is our air, pain our mind,
void our soul, and darkness our heart.
We are the Dark Knights!” A few minutes later, the heroes prevailed over the
section of army they were fighting. Gavon walked up to Dragos, staring at the
cheering heroes of FalconReach. “Hm. Just like a hero. Take all the credit!”
Gavon smiled lightheartedly. And all was well…

“Ok, the dress is on now, can I be Doom Emperor again!?”


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PostSubject: Chapter Five   Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:29 pm

Chapter 5:
5 months later...
Dragos was soon promoted to Doom Emperor, a startlingly quick rise to power.
The Dark Knights were slowly growing in power and influence.
Where we now leave off, our heroes villains are currently defending Falconreach from Wargoth and his armies once again...

Dragos leaped over the dead, flaming, Atealan, striking Oathbringer down onto the horde, and explosion of blue mist knocking over masses of them.
"Dark Knights! To me!" A voice boomed over the gruesome war scene.
That voice belonged to Gavon Felarian, the leader of the most powerful clan in all of Lore. Dragos seemed to fly across the battlefield, in the direction of Gavon, emanating blue, striking at imps whenever the chance arose. He landed facing away from Gavon's back, and with a single swipe of Oathbringer, launched a wave backwards. Tentacles rose from the ground, grappling the Atealans, and pulling them through the ground. The tentacles belonged to Gengkiskan, vessel of Kathool himself.
"Takosu! Like that!" He yelled, repeating the process, obviously ecstatic to have yet another Adept of the Kathool Army join the Dark Knights.
Takosu rose his claw, and burst a wave of red at the Atealans, automatically destroying them.
"I prefer it my way!" He yelled over the sound of clashing.
Gengkiskan shook his head, inadvertently shooting a tentacle at an enemy, knocking him flat on his back. Dragos leapt at the horde, Oathbringer extended, and began fighting. He quickly struck down three Atealans to his right. He twisted his right arm under his left, stabbing through another, and flipped Oathbringer through the other way, beheading two more. Suddenly, and Atealan leaped at him, pinning him to the ground. The Atealan struck at Dragos' head, barely being dodged by Dragos. As the Atealan struck again, a millisecond before, an assassin in white tackled the Atealan off, simultaneously stabbing the Atealan through the head with a dagger, and then leapt up.
"Thanks Avi! But I'll pay you back afore the war ends, hear me?!" Dragos shouted.
The assassin just stalked off, stealthily killing the Atealans. Gengkiskan launched tentacles in every direction, implanting himself in the ground, calling for the Knights to surround him. Dart leapt towards the Kathool, slicing the head of a few Atealans on the way. He beheaded another, and then extended his hand out. Darkness reached up and surrounded his hand, like ants, crawling up his arm. He shook it at the ground, calling up three skeletal berserkers. They immediately began destroying Atealans at his command. Gengkiskan blasted waves of red at the hordes, but they were seemingly endless. Imps slowly began crawling their way up a horrified Gengkiskan. Avi attempted to kill all of them, but to no avail. They were far too numerous.
"Brothers... It's come to this..." Dart said, with a raspy, war-torn voice.
All of a sudden, an explosion rang out from the center of the battlefield. A loud shriek sounded from that spot, as Gavon Felarian rose from the ground, spinning ever so slightly, radiating a dark green power, felt by all in the radius. Everyone on the battlefield fell to their knees. Gavon raised his sword, Morthyst, high above his head, and snapped it in half on his thigh, with a loud shrieking sound.
"I. AM. MORTHYST." Screamed the newly formed being that seemed to be possessing Gavon.
Gavon swung his right arm towards the left, shooting beams of dark green light in every direction, knocking the Atealans down. He seemingly threw his own body towards the masses, explosions caused by his every move, the madness infected him, like a virus. With one final yell, his voice becoming shrill, twelve dark green orbs spinning around him at startling speeds, he cast the power into the remaining millions in Wargoth's horde, and dissipated all of them, crumpling to the ground. And with that, the war was over, like nothing more than a minor disturbance. The remaining Dark Knights stumbled to Gavon's location, led by Dragos and Dart. Gavon struggled to push himself up with his remaining strength. His hair had withered to a grayish tint, his eyes were completely dilated, but instead of white, they were black, and his skin was seemingly melting off of his bones.
"DON'T TOUCH ME!" He shrieked.
"Gavon... No..." Dart whispered, "He's let Morthyst completely take control in order to destroy Wargoth's army..."
"Well, what can we do?" Dragos asked.
The entire army became silent for minutes, but to them, it felt like a lifetime. The silence was interrupted by Dart's war-stricken voice: "Nothing... We do... Nothing..." And with a single stroke of Ichimonji, Gavon's head was detached from his body.

"Will things ever be the same, Dart?"

"I think not..."


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PostSubject: Re: Dragos Chronos: Part One, Return of the SurgeBinder   

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Dragos Chronos: Part One, Return of the SurgeBinder
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