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 *Rules of the Corner* -updated-

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PostSubject: *Rules of the Corner* -updated-   Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:13 am

This, is the Poets corner. And because it IS poetry, and not stories, we'll do things a little bit differently here. Poets DO tend to like people making collaborations, or giving them helpful tips with the poem still freshly published.

1. For every poem you write, it will be a new topic.

2. You CAN post in someone else's topic, only to make a comment on THEIR work, not to make your own*. A bit like the story discussion, but you can do it there.

3. I don't want to say "no cursing" but sometimes if the poem's real deep you have to**. So PLEASE at least try to keep it a bare minimum. I expect you to know when it's appropriate and when it's not. Just in case, I will warn you before I do anything so you can learn.

4. If one feels that a poem is really personal, and only wants to share with no comments, you may PM me and I'll lock it for you.

5. I'm thinking I will give writing advice in very few threads when I feel like it. These are to be read, not commented on (I'll answer questions and such in PM's) and may only come out once or twice a month. They will disappear after about 2 weeks, so if you're interested, stay on your toes. Wink

beyond that guys, Have fun.

*Offerings for Collaborations will be fine though.

-experimental rules, so subject to change, and additions.-

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*Rules of the Corner* -updated-
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