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 Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*

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Dart Ichimonji
Rage Warlord
Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:51 am

Dart was surprised when hit the bottom. Instead of the water he found an entire tunnel system. "Well, well, well." he said, and began to walk. The light from the sky didn't last long though, but where it ended some of moss began. It glew a dark green in the dark, just enough that he could see, but not enough so that he could see clearly. He stopped, he thought he heard something. Footsteps he thought. When he didn't hear it again he began to move. He heard it before his foot even hit the ground.

Dart swung around, and found Shiv right in his face. "Boo." he said. Dart leaped back and drew Ichimonji. But he blinked, and the man was gone.

"Damn." he said as he rubbed his eyes. "Am I still dreaming?" he wondered. He kept walking, but now everything was an enemy in disguise. The water from stalagmites were more footsteps. He thought he saw enemies outlines in the tunnel walls. He began to run.

He kept running until the tunnel ended. It was almost like an antechamber in shape now. At least he thought based on what the moss allowed him to see. His eyes fell back down, and again he saw shiv in his face.

"'Bout time." he said. And Dart felt a jar in the back of his skull. All went black.

Dart woke up against the stone wall. Oddly enough he wasn't even bound, and his sword was right next to him.

"This is a trap." said the spirit.

"Would've been helpful if you told me that sooner." Dart said as he stood up. Dart took a few steps when suddenly a blade came out of the air. Dart barely managed to dodge in time, and he lost a few hairs in the process. Shiv again. Only now something was different. He had tatoos that were glowing orange, as did his eyes.

"Hello boy." he said.

"How are you alive!?" Dart yelled.

Shiv smiled, "Shh, must you be so loud?"

"I EVISCERATED YOU!!" Dart yelled, this time even louder. Shiv didn't say anything, but charged again with his daggers. Dart blocked, but was forced back.

He heard Ichimonji in his head, "He's stronger". Shiv rushed again, this time Dart rolled out of the way. "He's faster." Dart lunged, but found Shiv standing atop his blade. "And he's more agile."

Shiv laughed, "Come on boy, did you think I'd be resurrected and not get stronger?" he asked mockingly. "I've got me a chijitsuzai now too."

"There's that word again, Chijitsuzai. What do you mean?" Dart demanded.

And another voice came from the shadows. "Hussh, human. We do not need him to know." And the darness intensified. Ameril Mirinder.

Shiv jumped off Ichimonji and landed by him. "Oh, I know. But now you're here, let's have some fun." he said with a wicked smile. It was a wonder how with a smile like that Dart thought he was once a good guy.

Dart felt the darkness seemingly shake, Ameril was laughing. "Ohhh, yess. Let's."

Dart gripped his sword, got into his stance, and with that, the assault on him began.

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Dart Ichimonji
Rage Warlord
Dart Ichimonji

Posts : 719
Join date : 2011-08-09
Location : training grounds

PostSubject: Re: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:37 pm

Shiv charged first. He lunged with both daggers but Dart was able to block them with Ichimonji's broad blade. Shiv smiled though, "I've got some tricks up my sleeves now." he said.

"I've killed you before, I'll do it again." Dart responded, and flung him back. Shiv charged as soon as he landed, it was almost like he didn't even land at all. Dart lunged with Ichimonji, but just as Shiv came into range of the blade he jumped. Ameril knocked Ichimonji aside with his dark hand, and kicked Dart back. Then Dart felt pain from his shoulder. Ameril had kicked him straight into one of Shivs blades.

"Oh, Dart. Where's all that spunk, eh? Where's the fire, that rage I saw before?" he asked in his usual cynical and mocking tone. "This is almost no fun."

Dart chuckled a bit, "Really? Because I'm having a blast." he said as flipped Shiv over his back, he tried to follow it up by stabbing Shiv in the throat but he already rolled out of the way. And when he was focused on Shiv, Ameril made his move. Darkness surrounded Dart like a cage. He kicked the dark bars with all his might, but they didn't break. Then Ameril came up to the cage, and drew a dark blade. Then, Ameril split. There were now 8 different copies of Ameril surrounding Dart. All with a blade.

"Still having fun kid?" Shiv asked with a chuckle. Then there was a pain in Darts side. Then his back, and it kept repeating all around. The Ameril clones had all begun to stab him. Over, and over, and over. Finally, Dart fell to his knees, and the cage disappated, along with the clones.

"We've had our fun. Let uss go." Ameril said as he began to walk away. Shiv stayed behind though.

"Go on, I've got a...a little gift, you could say, for the boy." he said. Ameril nodded and vanished.

Dart was still on his knees, panting. The pain, it reminded him of his dream. "Ichimonji?" He cried out. Nothing. "Ichimonji!?" he said again. His sword had left him, another reminder of his dream.

Dart heard a menacing laugh, "You see where this is going now, don't you?" he said. "Which means there's still one more detail to cover."

Dart's eyes widened. "No."

"Oh yes." Shiv said as another figure began to emerge from the shadows, a girl.

"How? JUST TELL ME HOW!?" he screamed.

The girl walked up to him, put a hand on his face and stared in his eyes. "What's wrong, Dart? Not happy to see me?" She said. "Listen Dart, I don't have much time. So, I think I'm going to have fun now."

Shiv began to walk away, "Don't kill him, Aneira. Not yet."

Aneira kicked Dart in his ribs, "No promises."

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Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*
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