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 Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*

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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:54 am

The Tale of Dart Ichimonji : Souls Shared.

Part 1

The Beginning

It was a quiet day in Willowshire, as most usually were. The sun was shining, the grass was green, and there was a certain sense of.....contentment, among the people. That's the day, I remember, I first picked up a sword. It's not that I was granted it by some Guardian or my Nobleman of a Father. No, all it was, was merely a rusty sword discarded in the woods by some uncaring wannabe swordsmen that I was lucky enough to find on my 16th birthday.

I woke up, got dressed in my red shirt and average pants. I was a noble, sure, but I sure as hell don't gotta dress like one. You know how stuffy those outfits are? Nope, I'd take average villager clothes any day. Although I was a fan of the color Red. Not sure why, I guess it just makes me feel more dignified, more regal maybe, while still being comfortable. Once I was done, I looked at myself in the mirror. "I look goooood." I said. And I think I did, my brow length brown hair was unkempt, but not messy, bright green eyes stood out just enough with my red shirt. Let me tell you ladies, I think you'd swoon.

Not that I was conceited or anything, I was just proud of how in shape I was. I had gotten into acrobatics when I was littler, so I made sure to push my body to it's limit to make sure I could move however I wanted. It wasn't easy, especially when you're a noble. People tend to wait on you for whatever you even thought about wanting. Not to mention all my fathers rules. No going to the woods, which I often did. No causing a scene in town, which I rarely didn't. No fighting, which I didn't, but admittedly wanted to. And no training of weapons, which I would almost KILL to do.

"Man, it's nice out." I thought out loud as I watched the Guardians begin their morning drills. I always watched them, I kinda wanted to be one too. One day I even asked the captain, but he had already gotten word from my father not to let me. They got to go new places, and got to train with weapons, both of which I always fantasized about.

But, it was nice out today, so why was I just standing there watching a bunch of sweaty men? No, today needed at least some form of adventure. I headed to the tavern and inn to get someone.

I opened the door, but didn't bother going in. "HEY, OLD MAN!!" I yelled, "HEADIN' OUT TODAY, YOU COMIN!?"

Shiv came just around the corner, "Dart, stop yelling, I got customers trying to sleep off a hangover." he said. Shiv was the owner of the place, he came in to town when I was only around the age of five. But over the years he sort of became something of an uncle. And although I gave him crap for being old, he wasn't really an old man. Only in his early thirties, with a bald head and chin stubble. He was a fairly lean man, but stronger than half the guardians in the town.

"Oops, sorry. Still though, you comin?" I asked again.

"Sure, where you thinkin this time?" he asked as started clearing the table that a drunken man had fallen asleep at.

I shrugged, "Not sure, someplace new though. What about the woods? I'm tired of just stickin to the outskirts of town."

This time Shiv shrugged, "I thought your Father didn't like you going back there?"

"True, but if there's no risk then where's the fun?" I said, "besides, I won't tell if you won't?"

Shiv chuckled, "Alright, gimme a minute." he said as he finished cleaning and woke the man up. When the man woke up, Shiv said something I couldn't quite hear, and for some reason the drunken man stared at me. He nodded, Shiv came back to the door, and the man's eyes followed me until we left.

"What'd you say? He was starin at me a lot." I told him.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah, enough that I wonder if he was checking me out or something." I joked.

Shiv laughed harder, "Easy boy, he may have just been."

So, off we went to the woods. I decided I liked it out here. It was unexplored, at least by me, unpredictable, it was like a whole new world just outside my house. So, we went deeper, and deeper. I turned back to Shiv behind me to say something, but something tripped me.

"Whoa, check it out!" I said as I picked up the object that had tripped me. It was a rusty, worn-down sword, only halfway in it's sheathe. Not that it'd be dangerous anyway, it probly' couldn't even cut paper like that. Still though, I liked it. It felt right, the weight on my arm, the hilt in my hand. Felt even more so here, in this section of the woods I hadn't been in before, it was like my two dreams coming together. I guess I kinda took it as a sign.

Shiv nodded, hardly impressed. "Yes, and if you're lucky you may even get 5 gold coins for it." he said as I brandished what was left of the blade.

"Now why would I sell this?" I asked. "Sure, it may not be the best, but if I can get the rust off it should be good. Could even sharpen it I bet." I told him as I started swinging it around the air at mock opponents.

Shiv watched me just mess around with the thing. I must've been doing alright I guess, because he raised an eyebrow, whistled, and asked "Not bad, you ever use one?".

I stopped twirling the blade, "Nope, not once. Father always said it was too dangerous. He's never really let me do much." I told him.

Shiv smiled, "Well then, I guess we better not tell him." he said with a wink. "Lemme see it, I'll see if I can get the blacksmith to fix it up for you."

I couldn't believe it, this could FINALLY be my break to practice swordsmanship. Albeit in relative secret, so my father wouldn't find out. But still, I had been asking for this moment for as long as I could remember. I sheathed the sword and eagerly handed it over to Shiv.

I couldn't hide the excitement, but then Shiv spoke up. "You know what, on second thought..." he began, and instantly my grin slowly faded.


"...Maybe YOU should go take it up. It IS yours after all." He said with a smile. Before he could say another word, I bolted. I made a beeline from the woods to the blacksmith, and by the avatars if anyone got in my way for THIS, Well I'd....Actually, I don't really know what I'd do, but it'd probly' be bad.

"WOOHOO!!!" I screamed all through the town. The blacksmith heard me from a mile away, and when he looked outside and saw me, he already knew what the reason was behind my screaming. He laughed, he knew how often I'd watch the guardians. When I got close enough for him to see the blade, his thoughts were only confirmed.

"Finally got you a blade, huh?" he asked with a smile, "Let me see it." So I gave it to him for inspection. "Little rusty, but I think I can fix that. Want it sharpened too?" He asked.

"Not really. I can't think of any reason I'd need it to be." I told him. "But," I began, "Could you maybe teach me how to fix it up myself?"

With that, the blacksmith laughed, "Sure, kid, sure." So I entered his shop, and he spent up until nightfall teaching me how to get the rust off, and how to keep it off, and basically just sword care in general. By time I left, I had my own blade. Dull it may be, but it was mine. Finally, the blade was mine.

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Dart Ichimonji
Rage Warlord
Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:10 am

The next morning, I did my usual morning routine. Got dressed, ate breakfast, and went outside. Only this time, I got my new sword from it's hiding spot in one of the bushes by our house. Today, I wouldn't just WATCH the guardians. When they came out for their morning drills they found me, this unarmored, untrained, kid - waiting for them with a sword.

"Mind if I join you guys today?" I asked. They just laughed and walked right on by me, some of them bumping into me with their shoulders. A couple even spoke.

"Go home kid."

"You shouldn't be here."

Those - those.....AAAGGGH, they were guardians. Lore's protectors for Pete's sake, acting like little children. I snapped.

"OH YEAH! Me and you, lets go!" I said as I unsheathed my sword.

The jests increased further. "Really kid? You're nuts." one guy said.

"Then what's to lose? Or are you so scared of being embarrased your knee's are trembling?" I taunted. Sure enough, that got a reaction out of them. They started arguing over who'd fight me first, when one guy came out of the crowd.

"I'll handle this guys." He said, and the crowd cheered. "Someone get this kid some armor." He began.

"No, I don't need it." I told him. "I'll take you on without it." That seemed to make him angrier. But not enough for him to take his own armor off. Chicken-wuss.

The crowd formed a large ring around us, and I hitched my sheath to my back. We circled each other, the jerk-guardian tried to intimidate me with random movements and taunts for a while, but it didn't work. I had watched them enough to know a few things.

This guy was a chump, there was no way he'd make the first move, so I did. I came in for a sweeping side cut, which was easily dodged by the guardian. I was expecting that though, so when he tried to bring his blade down on me I merely kept my rotation going and knocked the blade back right before it made contact. And then from there, it was easy. Bring the blade back to hit his ribs, then the other side, sidestep and hit the shoulderblades, then the gut. He was gasping for air after that. Then, I ended it, I grabbed his head and pushed it down into a mud spot, sure I was being a little over the top. But they ALL knew who won.

The crowd just stared wide-eyed and mouth agape. "Who's next!?" I yelled out. "Who else think's they're better than ME!?" I kept yelling as I circled the ring. They all looked ashamed, as they should be. Then the captain came out of the crowd.

"Men, start running. And those of you who insulted this young man stay behind." He ordered.

"Wait, you -"

"Yes, I've been watching the whole time. I allowed it to go on so you'd teach them a lesson in humility." He told me, then he turned to his men that stayed behind. "And you, a Guardian is respectful, kind, and DOES NOT MOCK THOSE HE PROTECTS!! 200 pushups, in full armor!!" He yelled out. "Dart, you may go now."

"But wait, I wanted to jo-"

"I can't let you join Dart. I already promised your father. I'll let you train and spar with us on occasion, but that's it. I can't make you a guardian officially." He interrupted, again.

Great.....so I STILL couldn't become one of them. Fine, I had my sword, and I could train with them from time to time. But still, I was ticked. "Fine. Let them up from their push-ups then. I wanna spar with all of them."

The captain raised an eyebrow, then gave the order. Luckily for him, he was a fair and disciplining man, because if he wasn't I may have gotten mad enough to actually hit HIM.

So that's how I spent the next few hours, just sparring those three guardians. After that I went to Shiv's tavern to cool off. I told him all that had happened and he seemed impressed.


"Wait, does that mean I -" I began to ask.

"No, Dart, you're too young. Have this though." he said as he handed me a wooden plate with some triangle shaped food on it.

"You know, if ONE more person interrupts me today, I'm gonna lose it." I said as I began to pick up the strange food. "What is this anyway?"

Shiv smiled, "Hometown favorite. Called Pizza, enjoy." he said.

So I took a bite. And when I did....oh boy. It was like the avatars joined together into one being, inside my mouth. "Shiv.....is this love?"

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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:06 pm

Things went on like that for a while. I sparred against the guardians whenever I could, while still managing to keep everything a secret from my father. I got good, and I did so fast. Within one week I was regularly beating the Guardians even when it was three-on-one. Which, it usually was. They even began to make jokes and stories about me.

"Dart must be some chosen warrior for Lore!"

"I heard he's half monster!"

"I heard his only weakness is pizza!"

Okay.....so maybe not that last one. But still, you get the idea. And really, I wasn't sure what to believe, I knew I was good, but I wasn't sure why. It just kinda came naturally. Maybe I was some kind of "chosen one" or something. Either way, things were getting boring with the Guardians. The challenge was dying out. Then, Shiv came over.

"Hey, Dart, so you think you're gonna sign up?" He asked.

"Sign up for....?"

Then he just kinda looked at me, rolled his eyes, and pulled a flyer out from his back pocket. "Battle-fest. The tournament." He told me.

I slapped my forehead. I'd heard of it before, though I'd forgotten it was being held in Willowshire. Battle-fest was widely known for determining who the strongest swordsman in Lore was. Came with a prized top-notch sword, and a decree from King Alteon himself.

I smiled, "Shiv...what do you think my chances are?" I asked him.

He smiled back, "As good as any."

"That it?"

"Maybe slightly better."

We laughed, "Lore's gonna have a new Strongest swordsman." I said as I grabbed my sword and went out to the woods.

Looking back, I suppose THAT is when things changed for me. Maybe it was destiny. Maybe I was just cursed.


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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:32 am

I decided that in order to be ready for the tournament, I'd have to skip the trees, and fight something real. So, deeper into the woods I went. I checked every cave I found, but still nothing. So I'd go even deeper. And deeper. Eventually I started to cut a tree just so I could find my way back.

"Tch, never thought it'd be this hard finding a Unicougar." I said.

"Maybe they just know a thing or two about hunting." I heard a voice say.

I looked around, but couldn't find anybody. I unsheathed my sword, "WHO'S THERE!?" I yelled.

"Why, nobody, it's all in your head!" Said the voice, followed by some kind of sick laughter.

"Yeah? Then how's about I make you vanish?" I said. Two can play this game.

Again, more laughter, but from a different direction. "You're welcome to try, Little Hero." it said. So far, all I could figure out was that it was a mans voice. And right now, at least, he didn't intend to show himself.

I chuckled, my blade still at the ready, "Little? And Hero? I'm not sure if I should be insulted or flattered." I said, still trying to survey the area.

No answer this time. Then, some rustling in the leaves. He was on the move again. I rushed to the sound. I ran as fast as I could, but I still couldn't see him. Only hear him. I suddenly got the feeling he was just baiting me somewhere. I stopped, no way was I going to go anywhere on his terms.

"D'aww. What, done playing?" said the unseen man.

"STOP MOCKING ME AND SHOW YOURSELF!" I yelled back. Part of me was ticked, the other part just told me to run. That laughter, the tone of his voice when he spoke, whoever it was, had gone insane.

Suddenly there was a loud thump behind me. I turned, and there was a man with a mask just inches from my face.  He had an orange torn cloak on his head to his shoulders, and armor that seemed to be a mix-and-match of leather and steel. And he had a dagger at the tip of my throat.

"Peek-a-boo, little Hero," He said, he spoke softly, but still, it almost gave me chills. "Here I am, as you requested. Now why don't you do something?"

Definitely insane. Even his mask suggested it. It was white, with spots of red, and for the mouth there was only gold stitching in the shape of a half-smile. I could only see his eyes, which were Orange, believe it or not. 

He moved the blade of his dagger around my neck as he continued to taunt me. "Speak, or are you that terrified of dying?"

"Ha, me afraid? You're the one hiding behind the mask here." I told him, staring at his eyes. But really, I think I was. Tch, I was all talk at that point...

He laughed. That sick, sick laugh again. "Oh, the Little Hero has willpower. That's good. Very good." He said as he removed the dagger and began to walk away. "I just hope it doesn't get swallowed up."

"Go to Hell!" I yelled as I swung my sword.

He easily blocked with a dagger, then I saw his foot coming at me. Then everything went hazy.

"I'll see you at the tournament Boy. Let's hope you learn a few things before then, eh?"

Then I passed out.


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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:41 pm

I woke up to my face being slapped. Repeatedly. And god it was annoying. "Five more minutes, dammit!" I said, groggily. Then I heard a bunch of laughter, and opened my eyes. At first everything was a blur, but I could make out a light, a torch. Then when my vision cleared I saw the man slapping me was Shiv. And I was still out in the woods.

"'Five more minutes' he says." Shiv laughed. "Suppose you'd like some more blankets too?"

I laid my head back down and started laughing, harder and harder. "Yes, and breakfast in bed would be a treat as well." Then I heard more voices laughing, and after looking around, I saw the other fifteen or so men standing there with torches. A search party. I recognized a few people, one was the blacksmith, the other some guy I saw drunk at Shivs tavern once.

"You didn't come back for a while, got worried." Shiv explained as he lifted me up. I picked my sword up off the ground nearby, was gonna put it in the sheathe but the smith took it from me.

"Nicks...in the blade." he began, "You fought someone quite skilled, didn't you?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, and by the pounding in my skull I think I lost too."

"You see his face?" Shiv asked.

"Nah, he had some kind of mask on." I answered back.

Shiv scratched his chin stubble, rubbed his bald head, then nodded. "Okay. At any rate, we should get moving. You know He's gonna be ticked right?"

My blood turned cold. "You mean Him?"

"Yep, it was hard to keep this quiet after all." Shiv said.

"Oh crap. Not Him. He's gonna kill me."

Shiv nodded, "Look on the bright side, he may just hire someone else to do it instead. But still, He wants to see you when we get back."

I was terrified. The man we were talking about, the one I had to face, was my father.


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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:49 pm

Days passed. Dart was on the verge of starvation when his wanderings took him into a small village deep in the woods. He hadn't thought about what he would do for food when he started walking, he just knew he didn't belong back there. Soon enough the town would notice the truth about his sword. He trudged up to the closest house he could into the village, and swung the door open. He noticed 3 people, one an older man, one an older woman, and another was a girl about his age.

"A family no doubt." Ichimonji told him in his mind. He didn't care, he needed food and drink, they had it. He didn't think past that.

Dart stood there, wobbling, and said "Help...me.." before passing out on the families floor. When he awoke, he found he was on a small bed, the girl sitting beside watching him.

"Hey, take it easy, you've been out for quite some time. Name's Aneira." She said as she put a tray on the bed next to him and started feeding him.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her, he couldn't deny this girl captivated him. "Dart." he said in a whisper, it hurt a little to talk. "Thank you. I..I can feed myself." he told her.

she let out a giggle, Dart immediately felt like smiling. "You can try, but you were so exhausted when you came here, and with how long you've been out I don't think you can move your arms yet." she told him. She was right, Dart could only move his arms inches no matter how hard he tried.

Dart just sighed, then he remembered something, "My sword...where's my sword?" he asked her.

"It's under the bed. It was so hard to get it from you, even when you were uncoscious your grip didn't let up on it. We figured if it was that important we'd keep it near you." She answered. "You must be an adventurer!" she exclaimed, a look of excitement in her eyes. "I bet you have tons of stories of things you've done, like fighting dragons, saving princesses, and meeting interesting people. Please will you tell me some?" she asked him. He didn't have the energy to argue.

"Sure. Later." he said as he drifted back to sleep.

Things went on like that for a while, Dart laying in the bed being nursed back to health. Then when he was able to move just as well as he could before, the family put him to work on their farm during the days. He learned what could be eaten in the wild, where he could find it, and how to plant more in his time there. He couldn't learn that BEFORE he set off in the woods?

More often then not, he fell asleep on the floor next Aneiras bed, drifting away as she told him a story she'd heard from people passing through the town. Sometimes he'd make up a story about an adventure he'd gone on and tell them to her, she always liked them. Oooooh, Dart's got a girlfriend, Dart's got a girlfriend...

Occasionally, Dart and Aneira would sneak outside into their secret spot. She showed it to him and only him. t was a grove in the woods. A clear water pond, thick green grass, and fireflies every night. It was the perfect spot he thought. He especially enjoyed seeing Aneira with the full moon shining down on her.

No, he thought, surely she's the one who shines, the moon is basking in her light. He was happy here.

One day, the family sent him to the woods to collect fire wood for the following winter. He had lived with them for a year. He went deeper into the woods then he ever had to get the biggest trees, more wood meant more heat. Not to mention it'd be less time he would be out, and more time with her. It's too bad, his paradise was about to be destroyed.

When he returned, he dropped everything and ran inside. The village was set ablaze, he HAD to make sure they were alright. He found no bodies inside the house, so he started sweeping the village. When he got to the center, he dropped to his knees. Aneira was there, and she was pinned to the ground by a sword.

"No. no no no no. NO!" he started screaming as he pounded the ground over and over.

"D-Dart?" he heard a soft voice ask. She was alive, but just barely. He crawled over to her.

"Right here, I'm right here." He said as he started crying.

She brought a hand up to his face slowly and wiped his tears, "Stop it. You're an adventurer, adventurers don't cry." she told him softly.

"Lies, those stories were all lies. I'm sorry." he said as he started crying harder.

"I know." she told him with a smile. "I always have."

Her voice was getting fainter, "No, please don't go, please. I love you." he couldn't help it, he was bawling now.

She smiled even more, "I know." she said. Then she went limp.

Dart buried the bodies, and went back to the house and grabbed Ichimonji, he hadn't even had a reason to use the sword until now.

"Regretfully, it seems you've had to go through what I had once." Ichimonji said to him.

"Quiet friend, at least for now. We've got a hell that needs some introducing." He said, a white aura coming over him. I would say something here, but really I'm too scared.

"Agreed." was his response, and then all was quiet. All, except for the wind, which carried a chill worse than it should be for that time of year...

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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:58 am

Dart stared at the flames consuming the village he had been a part of for so long. When the final building had turned to nothing but ash, he searched around. The bandits were good at what they did, there was hardly any trace they had been there, but they screwed up. Dart found a footprint about 50 yards away from the outskirts of the town.

"Fools. Today you die." He said as he started walking in the direction the footprint was pointing to.

"I suppose you'll want to kill them yourself?" Ichimonji asked.

"I said quiet friend. They will die by my hand, end of story." He answered. He was met with silence. He continued walking. Eventually, he found a crude fort made out of sharpened logs. And spears. With the armored heads of adventurers who tried to dispense their own justice on the brutes.

Dart called out to the fort, "I'VE COME FOR YOU, EVERY DROP OF BLOOD IN THAT FORT WILL BE SPILT TONIGHT!" he yelled as he knocked away the spears.

He heard an order, "Go kill the adventurer, the boss'd like another head." and guards were sent out. ten, twenty, Dart didn't care to count. They all met with death that night.

"I GIVE YOU ONE DAY TO PREPARE, THEN I COME IN!" Dart yelled to the fort as he sat down in the grass. A few hours passed, and more guards came. This group was bigger than before. Dart didn't even bother standing, instead he let himself get surrounded.

"Look at the fool, too scared to even stand up!" One man said.

"Heh, the last group must've just ditched out. Oh well, one more kill for us." another said.

Dart slowly stood up, and planted his sword in the ground. He stared one man in the eye, "You will die, and so will your squad." then he disappeared. The bandits werent even sure what happened.

"Search the area! I dont know how we lost him, but he can't be far!" ordered one bandit, the first one who spoke. He started to say more, but before the words could come out he was sliced in half. Then the next guy, and so on. The kills happened so fast, the breath was gone from the bandits before their bodies could hit the ground.

Dart yelled back at the fort, "18 HOURS LEFT, BE READY FOR ME!" and he sat back down, camping until daybreak

The next 18 hours went by peacefully, they stopped sending bandits out. Dart figured they probably wanted to keep all the men they could inside for when he came. Dart slowly walked up to the entrance to the fort, a huge wooden gate, and cut it down in one swing. Some men ran, others came to meet him in battle. Dart cut them down one by one, these men were scum with no skill. Hardly worth killing, hardly. When that area had been cleared he moved on into the buildings, went inside, and killed all who lived there. Man, woman, it didn't matter to him, they all died. Finally, he got to the main building.

"The leader must live here, but not for long." Dart said as started walking, by this time, it was night. He had the darkness on his side. He kicked down the big door, and killed the guards on the way to the bandits throne room. When he got there, he couldn't believe it.

"Been a while, Dart." Said Shiv, the man sitting calmly on the throne...

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Dart Ichimonji
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Dart Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Re: Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*   Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:53 am

"Shiv," Dart started, "Why are you here?"

Shiv let out a chuckle, Dart had never heard that laugh from him before. All that could be heard in it was brutality. "I'm the head of this bandit camp stupid, what else?" He said with another chuckle. "Nobody else knew your family was rich. Rich, and sick enough to kill with no resistance." He told him.

"Damn you!" Dart yelled, and in a flash he was gone. "My father?" Dart asked, still nowhere to be seen.

"My order." Shiv said, beginning to smile.

"My mother?"

"Come boy, also me." Shiv said as he started to lean back in his chair.

"That village, and the people?"

Shivs eyes seemed to light up, "That happened to be a coincedence, but also me." he answered. This man had been the source of the misfortunes in Dart's life. All of them. He had to die, that's all Dart knew, and all he cared about. Dart came down from the air, blade below him. Shiv had been completely unaware of where he was. Until now.

Shiv looked up at the last possible second, and caught Ichimonji between his fingers. He was grinning from ear to ear by now. "Boy, I know about this one." he said as he slammed the airborn Dart into the ground. "I also know, you, or him, won't kill me." He finished as a thin line of blood started flowing on his cheek. He didn't even see Dart move, but now his blade was at his face.

Dart said nothing. He merely looked up into Shivs eyes. That look gave Shiv chills down his spine. Dart was gone again, and a mind-numbing pain appeared in Shivs side. He had cut him again. "Damn you! Come out and fight!" He yelled as he got out his own weapons, two daggers, specks of dried blood on them.

Dart appeared in the center of the chamber, again, not saying a word. Shiv rushed at him with his own impressive speed. Right dagger, blocked. But Shiv still had the other. He brought it down on Darts ribs, but no connection. Somehow in the split second between the first and second strike Dart through his sword up and crouched on the ground. And his fist was coming even faster.

Shiv crashed through the ceiling of his home. "So," he began calmly, "this is the power of a chijitsuzai." He said to himself. "Impressive."

Shivs eyes had closed when he got hit, he now opened them. When he did, he saw Dart above him yet again, blade under his feet, yet again. This time he spoke : "NOW YOU BURN IN HELL!" he yelled with a warriors ferocity. It hit, the blade came out Shivs back. They crashed through the ceiling again, then the floor, it was over. Dart brought the blade up, still in Shivs body, it now cut him in half.

More bandit men came to see what was making all the commotion. Fools. Must not of heard me before Dart thought in his mind, though his body was not his. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

20 men came in, they were all placed on the wooden spears that made up the fort. His revenge being taken, he walked on against the wind...

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"Aneira, why do you stare at the moon so much?" Dart asked as he lay in the soft cool grass.

"Because silly, it want's to be appreciated." Said the girl standing next to him staring up at the night sky.

"What do you mean?" Dart asked in confusion.

"Well, think about it. The moon uses the light from the sun to shine on us all. It's always surrounded by the dark, it's like it wants to show people theres a light even in the darkest of times. She answered, it seemed like she thought about that a lot.

Dart just stared in amazement at her, so young, but sometimes he could swear she was smarter than she should be. And then she screamed. Louder, louder, and louder. So loud Dart's ears began to ring.

And then he woke up. "Damn dream again." he said as he started to rub his head. It had been two years since her death, and since he took his revenge, but still the memories plagued him. He stared outside, the sun was just beginning to come over the horizon.

"Her again?" he heard Ichimonji say in his mind.

"Naturally." he said out loud as he got out of the bed he had slept in that night, he couldn't remember whose house this was, but he was happy enough "borrowing" it for a while. He had started sleeping while clutching the sword a long time ago, so it could always talk to him should anything disturb him in the night. He crept silently out of the house and went to the tavern. He didn't much like getting drunk early, but the taven was a good place to hear rumors and occasionally some nice bounties. That, and since he didn't feel like travelling today he had nowhere to go. He ordered what he usually did at all places, pizza.

"Come with me, I'll show you how to make the bloody thing." he said after an hour of arguing with owner. It was simple enough, bread, tomatoes - grinded to a sauce, and cheese. Occasionally some meat too. But he didn't really care so much about the meat, it was like getting two bags of chips out of a vending machine.

"Hey, wrong time, and dimension." Dart yelled.

What do you mean? I'm the narrator, I can compare it to however I want.

"Yeah well it just seems confusing, leaving the time like that."

It's also confusing if the character talks to the narrator, so stop complaining, or I'll say your precious pizza got burnt.

"Shutting up now."

Finally, Dart was able to sit down, and finish his meal. Which was cooked perfectly, not to mention the owner actually PAID him for teaching him a new food. Hmm....maybe I should introduce fried tortilla shells to the local restaurants.

"Psst, Hey." said a man in leather armor at the table next to Dart. Dart acted like he didn't hear anything, you can hardly ever trust a rogue these days. "I know who you are." Said the man. Dart slowly turned to face the man. He was smiling.

Over the years, Dart had built up a nice bounty himself, mostly for breaking and entering, some for thieving, and a couple for murder. To be fair, the world was better off without those people, one was a corrupt doctor who poisoned patients, and another was a greedy mayor who took the peoples money. Of course the people didn't know that, but he didn't much care to explain. Pretty sure that if he DID, he wouldnt be hunted down. Just saying.

"You heard me, I know who you are. And" he continued, "I think I can help you." he finished, still smiling.

Dart laughed, a chuckle at first, then it got bigger, until he was laughing like a maniac. "Help!" he laughed as he hit the table. "What makes you think I need it?" he asked in between breaths. Can somebody explain the joke to me? Please? I got distracted what's he laughing at?

The mans smile faded, clearly he didn't like being turned down. "Show some respect, I could probably kill you and claim that pretty little bounty." he told him, his voice like a low growl.

"Whatever, you're nothing more than a pathetic worm not even worth being crushed under my boots. And you bore me." Dart said as he looked away. Much to Darts expectations the man charged at him with a dagger. In one fluid motion Dart kicked the table up to hit him halfway, and then he put his sword through the man, and the table.

"Nicely done. We don't need any loose ends." Ichimonji told him. "Although, some would say you became rather cruel over time.

"There are none alive who would have known me before to say so, and I don't really care much if there were. I am what I am. The man was a cutthroat anyway." Dart replied. Well, so much for getting some rest, Dart thought as he walked out of the tavern.

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Tch, I hate guards sometimes. Dart thought to himself as he hid deeper in the bushes. It seemed even though HE knew what kind of man the guy in the tavern was, the law didn't. Yet. Dart practically went all over the town trying to find a hiding spot before he found a small thicket near the woods.

"I should really be discreet when I kill, shouldn't I?" He said in a whisper.

Ichimonji chuckled in his mind, "Yes, but I know you won't waste the time on it."

"How right you are my friend." Dart told his blade. Finally the guards gave up their search, and Dart started walking away from this rathole of a town towards the road. Wasn't that bad there really, got some sleep in a bed, and it kinda reminded me of...No, that place is gone. He thought.

"You're doing that so much its out of character." Ichimonji told him.

"Thinking, or remembering how things were?" Dart asked him.

"You remember the old days all the time. I know they haven't left your mind for a single moment, even if sometimes they're deeper in your brain than other things. They're there." was his answer.

Dart just sighed and shrugged, "Thinking it is." After two days of travel he ended up in a pretty good sized fortress. Knights were everywhere, and he even saw a dragon outside the main gate. "I'll have to get me one of them." He said as he walked past. A large armored man met him once he got through the gates.

"Welcome to Oaklore traveller!" Said the man with a smile. "I'm Rolith, captain of the pactogonal knights." he continued.

This guy seemed happy and pleasant to be around. To most that is, Dart was just annoyed. "Why is the captain playing doorman?" He asked.

Rolith just laughed, "I just enjoy seeing new people." he answered

Dart nodded, "Alright then, so what's going on in this place?" Dart had gotten bored with small towns and country roads, it was time for a little excitement.

Rolith thought for a while, "Well, we have a bunch of undead trying to assault the fort, got a sneevil problem going on, and I just cant get sir casm off that catapult." Rolith told him as he rubbed the back of his head in shame. Captain can't control his own men, Dart thought. Still, this seemed at least somewhat promising.

"Alright, where?" Dart asked with a smile. He just HAD to scope out the man Rolith was talking about.

"Actually, just look to your left." Rolith said smiling.

"Oh. Right." Dart said with a nod, how could he have missed it. "Shouldn't you be dealing with that then?

Rolith just smiled more, "I told you, I like seeing new people." he said as they started walking inside.

Dart waited for the man to turn away before rubbing his head. "He should've been doorman instead of captain." he whispered to himself.

Sir Casm, was, just like his name, very sarcastic. Dart instantly liked him. "Riiiiiigghhht, I'd rather be on ground instead of a catapult." When Dart asked him why he didn't get down.

Dart laughed, hard to argue with that logic. After all, who hasn't done stupid things for fun? "Fair enough, where's it aimed at anyway?" he asked the knight.

"Sir Jings chest of lost weapons, cuz he was just soooo important he had to leave his gear in a box surrounded by monsters. I could reeeaaallly use your help." The knight answered

"Alright, I'm coming anyway." Dart said as he jumped onto the catapult and immediately cut the rope." Dude, do you know what I would give to get thrown off a catapult...provided I survive of course.

"Greeeeeaaaat." Sir Casm yelled as they flew through the air. They landed in some ruins, at first Dart thought it was all clear. Then he turned around. Far too many storm elementals to be natural in this one spot he decided. He did most of the killing, Sir Casm just kept muttering something about how watching Dart kill things was so "cooooool". I like this Sir Casm, subtle, but gets his meaning across. Afterward they walked back, carrying a surging sword, staff, and dagger. Wait, sir jing, surging, by jove I've got it!

Once they got in town, Sir Casm climbed back up on the catapult, talking about how he did soooo much work he was tired. Dart just went to the tavern to get a bite to eat, you already know what he ordered. Pizza.

Dart finished his meal and left the tavern. When he got to his room for the night, he washed up. It had been so long since he actually got to clean himself outside of a stream. Relaxing, he thought. Until he looked in the mirror. His brown hair had turned white, and one of his green eyes where turning red.

"What happened to me!?"

he didn't expect it, but Ichimonji answered him. "Side effect of my powers. Don't worry about it."

Dart began to be annoyed, "And you didn't mention this WHY?"

"It's nothing to be worried about. I knew you wouldn't see it that way, so I hid it." was the reply in his head. Then it continued, "There are stages to it too, although you haven't noticed. First the hair turns blood-red, then gradually white, and finally your hair will turn pitch black, but only when using my full power. And the eyes, turn red, then yellow. Each stage signifies how much of my power you can use."

Dart rubbed his chin, "Interesting. So, I'm not where I should be yet." Dart lay down in the rented bed, thinking he'll have to change that soon. He also wondered whether Ichimonji was hiding something from him. And for the first time since he had been shown those memories, he began to doubt this spirit. And what it was.


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Morning came, and Dart left just as quick as he had arrived. He paid for the room with stolen money from the knights money safe. Either I'm good, or they didn't even think anyone would steal from them. He thought to himself, it had been too easy sneaking in and out. He walked without paying attention to where exactly he was going, like always. Eventually he found himself on a bridge, and some other knight was yelling something about a sea monster.

"Oh shut up." Dart yelled back, "I'll be fine if it even shows up." and if it didn't show up, then it wouldn't be as interesting. So it did. Right after he finished that sentence. Dart sighed, "I just had to say something, didn't I? Lesson one about bad guys, talk about them, they come." he said as he got his sword out.

The Serpents right head lunged at him first, Dart rolled to the side and dodged it easily enough. He almost didnt see the left head coming straight at him as he stood up. "Smarter and faster than I thought, distract me, then stirke me." Dart thought out loud as he managed to cartwheel onto it. Only one thing went through Darts mind as he ran up it's neck : Why don't I do more fun things like this?

The hydra was thrashing around trying to throw Dart off, but he would still just keep running around on its neck. "WOOOOO-HOO!" he yelled as he did a baseball slide to avoid another head, then grabbed onto it and brought himself onto that heads neck. Dart laughed as he saw the knight on the far side of the bridge staring in awe. "He'll probably tell people about this, but nobody would believe him." Dart said with a laugh.

This went on for 2 hours before the hydra became exhausted. It moved slower, and with less ferocity. "Alright, I guess I'm done." Dart said as he backflipped off onto the bridge and ran East, he figured he'd keep it alive, then he could come back and have as much fun as he wanted.

"I wish I had the chance to do that when I had a body." Ichimonji told him in his head.

Dart shrugged, "Next time I'll try and get angry, then you can get a chance." Dart arrived at yet another town soon after, at first he thought it said Falcon Beach, but at another look he noticed it was Falconreach. A girl in a hood bumped into him while he was looking at the sign, which he swore the words on the bottom kept changing.

Before she could get out of range, Dart grabbed her shoulder. "You're good, but I caught you." He told her.

"What do you mean?" She asked innocently with open palms.

"My gold, in your pocket there. I noticed you take it." Dart looked her directly into her eyes, and he knew she could see the intensity. She ran for it, straight into an alley. Dart chased, and laughed when he saw it was a dead end. He would have her. Then, she amazed even him. She ran UP the wall, grabbed the top, and flung herself over it.

Hah hah, another sucker. The girl thought as she pulled her hood down, she'd get to eat tonight. "3 course meals, soft beds, untorn clothes, I'm almost tempted to thank him." The girl, said out loud looking back at the wall while she ran.

"Then you're welcome." she heard a voice say. She turned in the direction she heard it, and there he was. Waiting for her, sword unsheated.

"No, how!?" she screamed, "I left you back there, I know I did!"

The man laughed, and simply told her "I have my ways. Now, who are you?" he asked her.

She could tell he had her, so she answered, "Straza."

The man in the red armor sheathed his sword, walked up to her, and shocked her completely. He shook her hand, "I'm Dart. I'm also hungry, so if you'll follow me I think you'll buy us dinner." He said as he started walking torwards the inn. "Don't run, just follow me. I don't kill for petty thievery, but I can easily shatter you entire world."

Straza, for some reason, believed this man could with every fiber of her being. Maybe it was all his scars, his unnatural hair, his one red eye, or his sword which gave her the urge to scream with rage when she saw it. Why did he spare me, and how did he move so fast, I know I saw him look dumb when he saw me go over the wall. She followed close behind him, and promised herself she would get answers about this strange man soon.

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"How did you get to me so fast?" Straza asked him again. She had been asking repeatedly over dinner. Apparently she didn't think she could ever be caught.

Dart just shrugged, "I put one foot in front of the other, you know, like how you learn to do when you want to walk." He told her with a smile. She glared at him, and he just shrugged again. He wasn't going to tell her the truth, but he didn't much care to come up with a story she'd believe. "So, now that my stomachs full, even though my pockets are empty, how did you run up the wall?" he asked her. Running on the hydra was one thing, cuz it created momentum, and Dart just had to use that to stay on, but the wall did nothing.

She snickered, "I put one foot in front of the other." She told him.

Dart chuckled, "Fair enough." He would've taken his money back, but it looked like she needed it more. Her clothes had holes in them, and the sleeves were ripped off. Her pants were black, though Dart was sure they hadn't started off like that. And he saw that look in her eyes when her food arrived.

She asked more questions, how did he get his scars, which he was honest about because battles are common. Why are his hair and eyes so strange, this one he clearly ignored. Then she just glared at him again for the hundredth time that night. Think I'm beginning to make her mad? He asked in his mind.

"Without a doubt." Ichimonji replied.

Well then, too bad for her. She seems decent enough, I can tell the only crime she's ever committed is theft. Can't really blame her either lookin at her.

"Agreed." Ichimonji told him.

Dart turned his attention to the two other customers, they were talking about something very in depth, and in the past that had started him off to some interesting times. One was a man, the other a woman. They looked too much alike to be lovers, so Dart figured they were related somehow.

"I'm telling you somethings going on in the mountains near popsprocket!" The man told the girl.

"And I'm telling you its just a fairy tell the gnomes spread to stop people from visiting them." The woman said as she rolled her eyes.

"Come on Bess, dark figures at night, guards going mad, bodies found shriveled up. I hear one soulweaver determined they were shriveled because they had no souls. How can you make that up?" The man asked. That was all Dart had to hear.

"Straza, it's been fun, I gotta go though. Later." Dart said as he got up.

"Wait, I'm coming with you. You still haven't told me anything, and I DO plan on getting answers." She told him.

Dart thought about it, she could get away easy enough if anything happened, but just in case, "Can you fight?" he asked her.

She smiled, "Give me a staff, and I'm a master."

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They arrived in the mountains near popsprocket the next morning, they would've made it sooner but Dart had to keep feeding Straza. Seemed her frail body had long ago began to turn on itself out of hunger, so she couldn't carry on as long he could. And it wasn't easy hunting in mountain areas, very few creatures lived there.

"Why were you in such a rush to come here anyway?" Straza asked him.

"Well, figured I'd get to see just how tall a gnome really is, never actually seen one up close. And I wondered if they were the size of a baby or bigger." Dart answered with a shrug as he kept walking on.

Straza sighed, "You really don't like to give answers do you?" she asked him.

"Well, in this case I'll make an exception. Nope." He told her with a smile. She made it easy for him to make up snappy comebacks. Dart thought she was about to say more, but if she did he didn't hear it. Just behind a berry bush he could make out the shape of a person. A dead body. Now things are getting interesting, probly shouldn't lead her down this way though. Dart gradually veered off the path as she kept talking, and like he hoped, she didn't even notice.

"...And can you imagine the trouble it was for me to come with you, you should be lucky I'm even interested enough to come..." She just kept going.

She must really get annoyed by me. Dart thought. And even still, not once did she look back. Not when he left the tavern full of bed and food. Not when they were attacked by a unicougar, forcing Dart to end it. Not even when the mountains got colder, and the air got thinner. She was determined, and nothing would get her to leave. I think I've got an ally, Dart thought.

They arrived at the northern Gate of the mountain village, and no sooner did Dart walk in than did he see an armored guard scream and clutch his head as he ran towards them. The man ran out the gate, and kept running. Even after he went off the cliffside.

Straza turned and looked at Dart, a look of worry in her eyes. "Is this why we're here?" she asked him.

Dart met her gaze with no hint of emotion, and nodded. "I'll find a safe place for you, but after that you cant stick by me until I've figured this out." he told her. She was going to argue, but then stopped herself.

"Fine." She sounded beaten.

So Dart got her a room at the inn, told her to board it up good in case a madman tried to attack her, and left. As he neared the southern side of town he noticed another dead body, and another, and another. The more south he got, the more they increased. Then he reached the graveyard. There were more dead bodies ON the ground, than under it. Dart knew this was the source of things, and he hid, until night began to fall.

As the moon began to rise, and the sun began to set, a Dark mist began to gather in the middle of the graves. And as the night deepened, so too did the darkness, until finally it took shape. And Dart was staring at a being of darkness, whose cloak seemed to shift and writhe as if it were real. Dart moved closer to get a better look, and snapped a twig. That was all it took for the creature to notice him.

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Dart kicked down the tavern door when he got back, and almost got beat by Straza until she realized it was him. And, that he had blood all over. There was also some sort of black ooze, almost like a liquified shadow.

"Oh my god, Dart..." she started.

Dart waved her off midsentence and weakly said, "head hurts....rest.." as he tried to make it to the bed. He collapsed in the middle of the room before he made it.

Straza set to cleaning some of his wounds while he was out, "Idiot. I wonder why I bother with you." she said as she rung out another cloth in a bucket and laid it on him.

She thought he was unconscious, so the answer surprised her, "Charming personality, and awesome bod. Thats all you stick around for." Dart said with a weak half smile.

"Shut up. I'm amazed you have the energy to talk. Then again, I get the feeling nothing would shut you up for good." She told him. He just laughed in reply and fell asleep.

For two days Dart had to stay in the little room in the tavern while Straza put up with his complaints and nursed him back to health little by little. He wasn't fully recovered by the second day, but good enough to walk around and spar a bit.

"Straza, grab your staff, we're going outside." He told her.

"What for?" she asked.

"Because I'm bored, I'm a fighter, you have a weapon, and I want to see how good you are. Simple enough." He told her as he went onto the street. "Please don't hold back."

"But you don't have a weapon." She told him.

Dart just shrugged, "Then I shouldn't be a problem."

Dart didn't expect Straza to go with it so easily, but she did. She tried to jab his head, one miss, two, three. Then she tried to bring the back end to his rib cage, he ducked and spun under it easily enough. He brushed her cheek with one finger to mock her, "Awww, look at the flower getting blown by the wind."

Sure enough, it made her mad. Good, 'bout time she got serious. Again she tried to jab his head, at least thats what he thought. She faked a jab then brought the back end in between his legs. Lucky for him he managed to catch it in between his knees at the last second. "You're determined to get as much joy out of this as you can, aren't you?" Dart said as he spun away with a backhand, just stopping inches from her face.

"DAMNIT!" She yelled, "You're injured, how are you doing this so easy?" She asked him.

Dart just shrugged and said, "You're not as good as you think you are. I'll train you sometime when I can." he said as he began to walk away. Then his head began to hurt, and he realized Straza must've thrown the staff at him with his back turned. "Leave it to a woman. Look away and they'll try to puncture your skull." He said as he went and got a handful of the mountain snow for his head. Surprise! Narrator makes a comeback. Yep, bet you all forgot about me. Well, here I am, this time with 20% more smart-aleck comments. Let the joy commense.

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As the creature heard the twig snap, it relaxed, realizing that the incoming soul was a strange soul, it felt ancient, as well as new.. The creature spat; the taste of sweat, anger, and pride was coming so strong from the intruder's mind that it had manifested slightly on his tongue. "Welcome, Dart," It began in a rather normal sounding voice with no accent as it plucked the name from his mind. "Have you come to fight with me?"

Dart slowly walked out of his hiding spot, sword in hand, "That depends," he started, "you do this?" he asked the creature.

"You already know." it told him as it turned its head. "I hope you know that she'll be next."

Dart froze, "How do you know about her?" he asked it intently.

"Same way I know that she tends to your wounds even still." it said with a mocking tone.

Dart rushed forward, "Enough!" he said as he stabbed its stomach. The creature howled in pain only for a moment, then stared into Darts eyes.

"You cannot kill me, I am shadow...and death." it said as it vanished. Dart could still hear its laughter in the air as the landscape changed. And Straza appeared before Dart. Her eyes cut out.

"Dart! Dart! I can't see, take me to the light, please!" She screamed in agony.

All that you love shall become shadow. All that you see shall become death.

It changed again, to the room where Straza was staying, and she was screaming.

She would have done anything for you, and now, she screams alone.

"NO!" Dart said as he pounded the door.

You let her die. You let me take her. But you're glad, are you not? You wished her pain. You wished her undone, unthreaded, unliving.

"Shut up! shut up! shut up!" Dart said as his aura exploded around him in a flash.

Dart woke up in a cold sweat, and immediately Straza woke up too.

"What, are you okay? Did your wounds open?" She asked quickly.

"No...I'm fine. Just remembered that I snore sometimes, didn't want to wake you so I woke up." he said lamely.

She looked at him, clearly not believing the story, but she took it anyway, "Whatever, I'm going back to bed." She said as she crawled into the bed on the opposite side of the room.

Dart stared at her as he remembered the last thing the creature said in the nightmare.

I am coming. For all those you wish to protect, all those you wish to control. I am coming.

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Dart woke straza up in a hurry. "Now! We have to move!" he was yelling. She yawned and slowly got out of the bed, much too slowly. "Come on! MOVE!" he said as he gathered his armor and his sword. Straza was about to ask what all the fuss was about when she heard two men from outside through the open window.

"He's in there men, surround the building. He'll pay for his crimes." she heard, and then the sound of men in armor scrambling all over the place. Dart heard it too.

"Damn." he said as he caught a glimpse outside. "Alright, when we leave you STAY behind me, got it?" he told Straza, without even waiting for an answer.

"What's going on!? What did you do!?" she asked him.

In an instant he turned on her, "Keep this in mind : I am not the good guy. And I've 'done' more than I have the breath for." He said as he turned back the other way. He then hoisted his sword onto his shoulder, counted to five, and kicked the door down. It fell onto two armored knights and knocked them out cold.

"These guys are from Oaklore, the pactogonal knights!" Straza told him.

Dart simply said, "I know." there was no emotion coming from him at all. He sounded like the coldest man Straza had ever met. And then he stabbed both of the men. And she realized that that's what he just may be.

After killing the two knights Dart bolted for the back door. If there was one thing he was sure of it was that in the back, there were less prying eyes, and in the back, he could kill. Dart opened the door like one normally would, and came face to face with another knight. "Quick, he's upstairs! He has a hostage too!" Dart told him, mocking fear in his voice. As the knight came inside and went around the corner Dart grabbed him from behind and smashed his helmet. And the head inside.

Straza only looked on in horror. How could this be the same goofy Dart she had known all this time? And which version of him was real? She couldn't know whether to trust Dart, or to be utterly terrified of him.

Dart went back outside, Straza close behind him. We may have traumatized her. he thought.

"It is possible. She may have never suspected what you were capable of until now." Ichimonji replied.

Sometimes I wonder if even I suspect what I can do, Dart thought to himself as another knight approached him sword at the ready. In a flash he struck, Dart merely leaned to the side to avoid the thrust and cut the mans hand off, then quickly moved to the lungs before he began to scream. They may even get out of this scot-free and enjoy some more ambrosial pizza. Sorry dude, not the case. Although I think I'LL go for that pizza.

Dart sheathed his sword and slowed his pace, appearing as just a normal traveling adventurer. It didn't work, as soon as he stepped onto the road he was surrounded.

"Born in Willowshire to wealthy parents, name Dart. That's all we know about you, you've been in hiding for so long. I'm ashamed you even managed to sneak into our base and escape without justice. But not today, you are wanted for 23 cases of random murder, two of them being your own parents. And also for the destruction of a whole village." Said the commander of the group. Dart didn't object.

Straza broke down. Dart couldn't have done this. Not the Dart she knew. The carefree, lazy, goofball Dart, no way. And yet, here were the pactogonal knights, and judging from their appearance, thought Dart quite a dangerous man. Killing his parents, destroying a village, killing 21 people. This was Dart. Not the good guy. I like how just now she's realizing this, when he told her he "doesn't kill for thievery" meaning he DOES kill for other things. Two and two together people, all I'm sayin'.

Dart began to laugh as if he had just been told a joke, "Commander, I suggest you leave. Now." he said as he stared the commander in the eye, a smile on his face.

The commander looked on unfazed, and the knights began to move in. "Take him." The commander said. And Dart exploded. Straza was knocked unconscious.

When she awoke, she found she was being held by Dart. And when she looked around, all she could see was burnt metal. And ash. The village had been wiped out entirely. Dart merely chuckled, "Guess this means I have more questions to dodge?" he asked her.

Straza felt both more at ease, because this was the Dart she was used to, and more horrified. He had just destroyed hundreds of people, and he could still smile and crack jokes. Who was he? Lady, he's your best nightmare...Best, not worse though, that's filled with Paladins.

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Dart carried Straza back down the mountain, if he put her down she would only stay slumped on her knees, a dead look in her eyes. When Dart spoke to her, he was met with silence. And when he tried to feed her, nothing changed. Finally, when nearing the outskirts of Falconreach, Dart got tired of it.

"Alright, this is getting ridiculous. I guess I'll explain some things." Dart told her as he put her down. She just nodded slowly, the only movement since he destroyed the village two days ago.

"I did not kill my parents, and I did not destroy a village....at least, no village other than that one. The day I took to wandering, is the day I discovered my home had been raided by bandits. Few months after that, I found myself in a small village. Nice, quiet place. People there were simple, you get the picture. I went out to chop some wood, came back and found the place on fire, my love was impaled to the ground with a sword." He explained. He had to look away as he said it, he wasn't going to cry, but there was a definite sadness in his eyes.

Finally she spoke, faintly, "I'm sorry." she told him, turning her head away from him out of mercy.

"But I did kill the other 21 people....actually, there were much more than that. But the guards wouldn't be able to find those bodies. What I do, I do for a reason. Some people do not deserve to live, it's as simple as that." He finished. As he expected she didn't react much, but there was at least some life in her eyes.

"Now let's go." he said as he picked her back up and began walking.

They avoided going through Falconreach, the chance of guards being there was too high. So, they kept walking. On, and on, until the forest turned black. The grass was as dead as the trees, and the sky was a constant darkness. Doomwood. Now, Straza was able to walk on behind him, which was a smart place to be. It seemed nearly every 5 minutes they were ambushed. It was always either the undead, the lycans, or vampires. They fended them off for two days, but even Dart could not keep this up.

Dart barely dodged the lycans claws, and slashed its stomach. Then he collapsed on his knees. "Finally, some rest." he said in between breaths. It was short lived. Bloodwolves came out of the bushes now, an entire pack. I can't move. How long has it been since the last time we could stop? Dart thought. Well, judging by the trajectory of the moon...and the umm..moon, I'd say it's been a while.

Straza moved in front of him, staff at the ready. She brought it down on wolf's skull as it lunged, then swept another ones legs and slammed the staff down on its ribs. But she hadn't had rest either. A wolf pounced on her back, and started clawing and biting at her.

Dart thought it was over, for both of them, when suddenly a shining knight came out with a golden axe that seemed to shine.

"Only bloodwolves? I thought I sensed a werewolf here." the man said as began to take on the bloodwolf pack. When it was over he walked over to Straza and began healing her. As he did, he turned to Dart. "Can you walk friend?" he asked.

Dart nodded and slowly stood, "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks for saving her, I'm actually ashamed I couldn't do it myself. I've only been able to keep her safe for two days." Dart told the man.

"Two days!?" the man exclaimed, "You must be very skilled, people rarely survive even one day in this part of Doomwood." he told him as he continued healing Straza.

"Not surprised, there was hardly any time we werent fighting." Dart told him in reply.

"I don't doubt it friend. Listen, I don't normally do this to random people, but you seem very skilled. I'd like to ask you to join me and my cause." The man said as he finished healing Straza.

"Depends, who are you and what is the cause?" Dart asked as he picked Straza up on his back again and let her sleep.

The man smiled, "I am Artix Von Krieger, and I'd like you to become a paladin."

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Dart thought about the mans offer as he rested against a gravestone. Apparently the man, Artix, had a base in a graveyard with a giant skull door. A bloody paladin. Him? Somehow he didn't think he fit the image of a light wielding hero of the people. And it meant being nice. And reasonable. Who wants to bother with that? He just perfectly described why I hate Paladins.

"It would be a chance to learn some new skills." Ichimonji told him.

Dart sighed, "Magic and light skills. Neither of which appeal to me."

"Then look at it as a way to keep her safe." said the spirit.

Dart looked at Straza, sleeping on a small pallet next to him, who could probably easily best a normal man. But he didn't worry about a normal man. Ameril was his problem. Dart still remembered the creatures words in his dream "I am coming." and he believed them.

Dart let out another sigh, why did things have to be so annoying sometimes? "Fine, I'll train her, and see what I can learn". Dart said as he stood up and went to Artix. "Guess I'll do it. Get the fireworks, call the marchers, inform the town criers. I'll become a Paladin." Dart told him with a chuckle. Oh, Dart, we'll remember you well.

Artix shook his hand with a smile, "Great! Now to just take the test."

Dart stopped shaking hands, "What? What test?" he asked.

It was Artix's turn to chuckle, "You may be skilled, but nobody becomes a paladin unless they can pass the test." and then his face became grim, "Darkness grows only stronger Dart, I can feel it. To officially call yourself a Paladin, you must face the darkness head on, and you must conquer it. And this is no easy task." he said.

Dart rubbed his temples, "Damn right of passage. Fine." he told him.

"Count me in too!" they heard a voice say. They turned to look who spoke, and saw Straza limping towards them. "Don't leave me out of this, I want to get strong. And," she looked at Dart, "I still have questions for you. And by the Avatars I WILL have answers."

Artix nodded, "Good, help each other. I fear you may need it when the time comes for your test." And with that, Artix took off to find more undead.

Straza stared at Dart, "So," she started, "who were you talking to?"

Dart shrugged, "What do you mean? You just saw me speak to Artix." he told her.

"Not him. I mean who were you talking to before him. When you were sitting by that grave." she asked.

Darts eyes grew wide, she wasnt asleep then when he spoke to Ichimonji. "Oh crap." Hahaha, busted. And hell hath no fury like a womens scorn for secretive men. Trust me.

He was about to throw her a fake answer when suddenly Artix came crashing to the ground. Something threw him over the trees. "Dart, Straza, Run!" he said as he stood up and charged back into the trees.

Straza was about to go grab her staff but Dart stopped her, "Should we really save him? He's too much of a goody goody for me." he told her. He instantly got slapped.

"Filth! He saved our lives and you intend to let him die!?" She screamed over her shoulder as she began walking.

Dart caught her by her shoulder, but his demeanor was different. "Don't touch me again. Ever." he said as he took her staff out of his hands. She was about to slap him again for threatening her, but he easily swatted away her hand, and then broke her staff. Run chick, RUUUUNNNN!

"What the hell!?" She screamed at him.

Dart threw the pieces to the ground, "Wait here." he said as he began walking into the trees after Artix. If Dart was silent, he could hear the sounds of battle close by, so he followed it. And when he reached it, he saw Artix pinned to the ground. Under a giant dracolich's foot.

Dart unsheathed his sword, "Well how the hell did we miss this?" he said as he swiped a tree down.

"We didn't really look." Ichimonji told Dart as he threw the tree at the dragon.

Sure enough, the tree hit, and Dart had the beasts full attention. "Here lizard lizard lizard." Dart taunted as he began walking over to a beat up Artix.

"Dart, get out of here!" Artix told him as he helped him up. Dart punched him.

"Be quiet, and go back to camp. I'll be there in a bit." Dart said as he threw Artix through the trees in the direction of the camp. Just imagine, Artix flying through the air and crash landing. It's a happy thought.

The dracolich roared its fiercest roar, and Dart let out a battle cry to match it. Then, they charged.

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Dart blocked the dracolich's massive claw with the flat of his blade, getting pushed into the ground in the process, yet still he stood. With all his strength Dart threw the claw off and charged for its feet. He was stopped by a sickly green flame from the Dragons mouth knocking him back into a tree.

"You haven't fought anything as strong as this. Stay aware." Ichimonji told him.

Dart stood up and put out a miniature blaze on his armor, "Shut up." he said, and charged again.

Again, the dragon shot a bolt of fire, but this time Dart broke through it, sacrificing the damage to get close. As soon as he could see past the flames he was caught in the stomach by the dragons tail. The wind was knocked out of him, and had he been any weaker it may have broken him in two. Instead though, Dart held on the entire swing, and when it stopped he used all his strength and managed to rip the tail off. I think I could do that, I mean, its just bone right? No muscle or ligaments connecting it? Yeah, I could do that.

"Now you're mine!" Dart yelled as he charged in yet again. Then the weird thing happened.

The Dragons rib cage began to collapse in on itself, as did its skull and claws. The wing bones began to crumble to dust, and the leg bones realigned. Then, every bone began to collapse smaller, and smaller. Dart stopped his charge, "What the hell?" he said as he got his sword ready. Finally the bones were about the size of a man, and darkness began to fill in the gaps. The legs, arms, and skull vanished over a dark cloak. For some reason however, the darkness did not engulf the rib cage. Just picture a black body suit with bone where the rib cage and kneecap would be. Then you got it.

"What is this creature?" Dart heard Ichimonji say, it was the first time he showed surprise.

Then, it looked at Dart, and all that could be seen were two glowing green eyes, and horns beginning to rise. It let out a terrible screech, one that would give a child nightmares for life, and charged at Dart. Oh that scream. I may have nightmares for a while.

It moved faster than Dart expected, and he was caught with a powerful uppercut to his jaw. Then he felt a hand on his foot. "It's fast, not even three feet up yet and it already has a hold of my foot." Dart thought as he was slammed down into the ground.

"Stop playing games." Ichimonj told him.

"Shut up." Dart told him.

"LISTEN TO ME BOY!" Ichimonji yelled, and Dart immediately felt pain throughout his body. "This is serious, so stop screwing around and kill it." he said

Dart, between each breath, managed to say out loud, "Fine." and he became covered in a white aura. Dart turned to the beast, who seemed to be merely looking on in interest at the first prey it had ever seen in this form.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. I see you have no weapon, so, I'll put mine down." Dart told it as he tossed Ichimonji aside. The creature lunged, and Dart got it in its face with a right cross.

It managed to backflip in midair and land on its feet, ready for another assault on Dart. But something caught the side of its shoulder. "Sorry, but I don't think I can lose to you." Dart said as he grabbed the monsters wrist and broke its arm. Then ripped it off. It screamed in pain, so Dart shut it up by punching it. Through its mouth. And out the back of its skull.

Darts aura fell, and he fell to his knees. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and was about to turn and attack, thinking it to be another monster. He stopped inches from a surprised Artix's face. "Dart. I don't know what that creature was, but I felt the forces of Darkness get drawn torward it. Almost as if something was giving more and more power to it. I hadn't thought that enough power would completely change an undead. I'll inform the paladin order of this, it'll be added to our archives. All thanks to you Dart." Artix said as he watched the creatures body begin to dissolve into darkness.

"Wasn't so bad." Dart said with a smile as they made their way back to camp. "Better not have to take any more tests..." he mumbled to himself along the way.

Straza greeted them. With a hug strangely enough. "The trees....They were all torn down, I saw the whole fight. Dart, I'm sorry. I know now you were trying to protect me. Thanks." she said before she let go.

Dart just shrugged, "Get me a good pizza, and I'll begin your training tomorrow."

Straza seemed confused, "How am I going to do that? We don't have an oven or anything." she said.

Dart shrugged again and sat against a gravestone, "Good question. Get busy." he said with a smile.

Straza looked annoyed, "Right back to teasing me huh?" she asked.

Dart let out a small chuckle, "Did you expect any different?"

Straza smiled this time, "No way." This, this was the Dart she knew.

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Time passed, and Dart didn't end up having to take a paladin test after all. Artix gave a strong recommendation to the paladin order, and Dart was accepted immediately. Straza's test however, was coming up soon. Wait, how much time? Crap, the book doesn't say. Alright, we'll just say about two months. Sounds good right? Two months it is.

"Yes, I know. You told me fifteen times already. I get it, it's coming up soon." Dart said as Straza was nervously pacing back and forth, "You'll do fine." he said.

"Do you have any idea on what the test is?" she asked, again.

Dart shook his head slowly, "No, but it's in the bag. After all, from all the watching you do when I fight you probably picked up a few tricks." he joked.

"Not funny. I'm freaking out here. It's almost time!" she told him.

Dart sighed, "And so the cycle begins again." he said to himself. And it did. Finally Dart told her he heard a howl in the distance and had to check it out, which of course, was just an excuse to get some quiet. "Women, man they can talk." Dude, you have no idea.

In reality, Dart just went looking for a practice area. He still trained with a sword like he did before he found Ichimonji. Only now it was more intense, he practiced everything he knew. Dart put Ichimonji in the ground and went as fast as he could, punching every tree in a five yard radius. This was his speed training, and to the naked eye it would seem like pieces of every tree's bark all of a sudden came off. Then, he grabbed Ichimonji and charged through the small splinters of wood, cutting them before they hit the ground. This was his precision training, as well as a continuation of his speed training. Then, he picked out a small group of tree's and stood a short distance away. He swung his sword, and released his aura. Because of it's color, white, Artix thought Dart had a natural affinity of using the element of light. He was wrong, this was just his powers made visible. The tree's all fell when his aura made contact, he lengthened the distance every day. This was his aura training.

To finish off his training, Dart put his sword back in the ground, and punched every tree until it fell. This was his way of training both his strength, as well as his endurance for pain. If he had a coin for how often Straza asked him about a large splinter in his hand he'd be rich.

Dart picked up his sword, and Ichimonji spoke in his mind, "Impressive. You're getting better." it told him.

"Thank you, friend." he said as he began walking off. Dart never traveled straight to his destination, he'd been a wanderer for a few years now, and now it was just part of his nature. Today though, he saw something strange.

He heard the warriors before he saw them, "...It's a small task. Just a couple would be all we need." he heard a voice say, it was deep, and held a hint of arrogance.

Dart followed the voice, and easily found a group of four people. All of them wore armor of black and Gold. Another one spoke, "Yes, I already know that." said the man. Then the man uttered some strange words, and a few armored soldiers rose out of the ground.

Dart's eyes widened, he had heard about Necromancy, but never actually seen it. He interest was easily piqued. The reanimated soldiers flesh began decaying at an increasingly faster rate, and soon nothing was left but bone. Undead berserkers. Maybe being a paladin's not so bad. Certainly get to see some unusual stuff. He thought to himself as he moved closer to get a better look. He heard a loud snap, and wondered if it might have been the skeletons. Then he saw all the men look in his direction and yell. He realized he stepped on a stick, and it clearly snapped loud enough for them to hear it. He focused his attention back on the Knights, but all he saw were skulls covered in dark flames rocketing towards him. Countless, screaming, little bombs of darkness. Dart sighed, "Ah crap."

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Straza was still freaking out when Dart came back. She was going to talk to him, ask him for advice, but then she noticed his armor was dented. She knew by the look in his eyes that he wouldn't tell her about it if she asked, at least not everything. She decided to try anyway.

"What happened?" she asked.

He shrugged, "Would you believe me if I said a large tree branch fell on me?"

"No." she answered.

Dart chuckled, "And you'd be right." he told her.

She asked again, "So what happened?"

She got the vague answer she knew would come, "Battle." he said as he walked away. And that was that. Straza sighed again, it was always so hard getting information out of that guy. But, she had to focus on her upcoming test for now. Congratulations, you found out - wait for it - NOTHING!

Dart finally started training her, this would be her first lesson since all the time she had known him. She grabbed the spear she now used, Dart gave it to her, saying it was more practical than a staff. She thought they would be using the small dirt arena she used when she practiced, but Dart led her through the woods when she found him.

"This won't be the kind of training you've been getting, so keep this a secret." Dart said as he drew his sword and rested it on his shoulder.

She nodded, wondering what could be so different about the way Dart did things."And just why have we waited so long to start this?" She asked, "You told me you'd train me that night with the Kagekami." The Kagekami was the name the Paladin order gave to the creature Dart fought. As it was the very first sighting of one since the order began they let Dart name it, though Ichimonji was the one who came up with it.

He shrugged "Just didn't seem like the right time, you were always studying up or training with Artix." He said. He carried on, "Anyway, first, I think I should show you what I can do." he told her as he began to glow. She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, but he actually WAS glowing.

Dart merely laughed as the strange light began to fall, "It's an aura, it's my power made visible. Artix thinks it's light though, so don't tell him." he explained. Then he looked her in the eye and finished, "And in time, You'll be able to use it too."

That surprised her, could he really teach her how to do something like that? How long would it take? She only had a week before her Paladin test began, did they have enough time? She asked all these to Dart, but he only laughed.

"You'll have at least an idea about it by today." He told her. She thought he was exaggerating, but he wasn't, by the end of the day she could make out the faintest yellow aura coming out of her fingertips. Each day she learned something new about Aura's. How everyone had a different color to represent their own soul, and how they could be made stronger with enough practice. By the third day of her training she was able to make a small aura blast when she attacked.

The fifth day of training was when her training ended. She was furious. "Why is it over!? I was just getting good!" she screamed.

"Because I said so!" Dart yelled back.

"That's nowhere near a good reason!" she yelled, practically getting into his face now.

"It's good enough! You should thank me for even teaching you this much!" he said as he began to walk away.

She knew he was right. He answered all her questions during training sessions with a straightforward answer, and he didn't even have to teach her all the stuff that he did. She was about to thank him, but he interrupted her.

"I was kidding. But training is over. You know the basics, it's up to you to improve now." and with that, he left.

Over the next few days she rarely saw Dart, he was always in his room. When she asked him about it his only response was that he was doing "Stuff." and he would walk away. Once she tried to sneak a peek at what he was doing, she only managed to hear whispers before the floor creaked and he caught her.

She also noticed Dart was getting paler with each day that went by, and the strange whiteness of his hair seemed to spread, eliminating the small hints of brown he used to have. She should have known then, but how could she have?


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Dart lay in the grass, staring up at the full moon like always. He was happy, as was Aneira, laying beside him singing a song. It was a sweet melody, full of sorrow, yet she sang it so beautifully even this sad song could brighten a mans day.

Dart looked over to her, "Where did you learn a song like that?" he asked her.

she stopped singing, "I don't know." she said, plain and simple.

Dart sat up, "And just how do you know a song nobody taught you?" he asked, a hint of a chuckle in his voice.

She shrugged, "I can't think of a way to really explain it....I guess I just get the feeling that days like this won't last as long as I want them to. It makes me sad, Dart." she said as she looked back at him.

Dart smiled, "Don't worry. I'll never leave this place, and I can't think of a reason why I'd even want to."

"But, what about your family?" she asked.

Darts smile faded, "I don't have one anymore, outside of yours." he told her.

She sat up and hugged him. "Sorry...I shouldn't have asked."

He let out a small chuckle, "It's okay. You didn't know."

She laid back in the grass, "What if...what if something happens to one of us?" she asked.

Dart laid back as well, "Nothing will, I'll protect you." he told her, and he meant it.



Dart sat up from his bed. Her again. Why was he always plagued with these dreams? Then, the sadness came, again. He had promised her safety, and yet he was unable to follow through on it. He was weak, no matter how much Ichimonji trained him. Was, but not anymore. Dart got out of his bed, and went outside.

"I'll never be that weak again. Noxus promised me." he said as he went down to the necropolis. He took care not to let Straza catch him in his room, practicing his new skills. When he found, and killed, those deathknights, A man in black robes came to him, offering to teach him the skills of the ones he had just slain. Noxus told him about the Necropolis, and the power you can gain from becoming a deathknight. Dart accepted.

Finally, the day of Strazas paladin test was here. This was it, all of her hard work and training would no doubt pay off. She would go to the arena, find a monster of darkness, slay it, and that was that. She walked with a smile that day, and why shouldn't she, this was her day.

She came to the Arena, and found Dart facing her. Sword drawn. "Dart? What are you doing?"

He laughed, "Come on knucklehead, I'm your test." he told her as he got into a battle stance.

Straza was confused, "But, I thought I had to fight an agent of darkness? Why am I fighting you?" she asked.

"Funny story, that-" Dart started to say, but was interrupted by Artix, who was in the stands above.

"Straza, I have bad news. Last night I saw Dart go into the Necropolis, and we both know that only students are allowed in. Dart's betrayed us." Artix said as he began to look down.

No, no way. Dart wouldn't do that, would he? Sure, he may be brutal, but she didn't think he was the kind of person to do that when she trusted him. "You lie!" she screamed at Artix.

Dart grabbed her shoulder, "No. It's true, Straza." he said to her, then he faced Artix, "But you, how cruel is it to have her kill her own friend?"

Artix got angry, "I know it's not easy for her, nor is it for me Dart! She was closer to you than anyone, and I thought we were friends. Imagine her pain right now, as we speak she can barely process what you've done to her. She deserves payback." He yelled down to Dart. He blinked though, and he was gone. He felt cold steel against his neck.

Dart laughed behind him, "Us? Friends? I only joined you so I could gain the power and knowledge of a paladin, to protect her no less. You were a tool." Dart said as he removed the blade and jumped back down to Straza. "Straza, I won't fight you, but if you come after me I'll do what I need to do. For now though, attack so you can pass your test."

She glared at Dart and raised her spear, "WITH PLEASURE, TRAITOR!" she screamed as she lunged at him. He turned to the side, barely avoiding it. She stuck the spear into the ground and used it to kick him. "I trusted you!" she screamed.

He took the kick, but didn't show any sign of pain. "I know." he said.

Straza screamed, and let out a flurry of attacks. A jab, to a jumping upper slash, turning mid air to chain to it kick. All were dodged. She was so mad. Mad, and hurt. She decided to try and go in for the kill. She flipped in the air, and brought her spear down as she landed. An explosion of yellow power erupted like a volcano where she struck the ground.

Dart nodded, "Good. My work's done." he said as took two steps back, raised his blade, then brought it back down. A multitude of whistling skulls came flying through the air.

Every skull caused a large explosion as it landed, nearly destroying the Arena. The area where Straza stood was the only place a skull didn't hit. She hated that. She needed no pity from a traitor, she didn't need anything...

Artix came up to her that night in her room, "I saw what you did, that was the strongest display of the mastery of light I've seen in a while. Only Dart was able to do better. You're a paladin." He told her as he began walking away.

"Perfect." she whispered. She would receive her armor tomorrow, and with it, the responsibily to slay evil. All she could think about was how evil Deathknights were, and she smiled.

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Dart was dashing through the trees, moving so fast that to him, they merely seemed like black blurs in his vision. Artix caught him, Straza was now his enemy, and on top of that Ameril was out there too somewhere. Dart stopped and looked back the way he came from, the Arena was out of sight.

"I sure know how to make an impression, eh?" he said to himself as he began walking at a normal pace. He was surprised that he hadn't had to fight any undead, vampires, or lycans, at least not yet. It was actually pretty peaceful for doomwood. It was an easy trip to safety, to the Necropolis. He knew it was probably the most obvious place he'd go, as did Artix no doubt. But at least it was sanctuary for the time being.

Dart entered the Necropolis, flashed his ID to the gatekeeper, and continued to his dorm. He almost made it without getting noticed. Almost.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the so called deathknight." Said a necromancer walking up to him. He'd had encounters with him before, but most of the time Dart didn't even act like he was there. Tonight though, he was tired of it.

"You don't even wear the Deathknight armor. Always it's that crappy red plate mail. You don't even deserve to be here." said the bully.

Dart walked closer to the man. Raised his pointer finger, and touched the mans forehead. "Burn." he said, and with that, the mans body became scorched in flames until only ashes remained.

Dart spit on the ashes, "I like this armor. And it's not crappy." he said as he went down the hall to his dorm. Surely Noxus would say something about this, but who cared? Dart was only using him as he used Artix.

"Ichimonji. What do you think about this....situation?" he asked his sword.

The spirits voice answered in his mind, "Power is power, how you gain it is no concern of mine."

Dart was surprised, "Really? I figured you'd find it immoral." he told the blade.

He heard laughter in his head, "Dart, I've obliterated entire armies. I'm past morals. You must do what you must to protect what you hold dear."

Dart nodded, and went to sleep. He'd leave in the morning, he was getting tired of this place. Seems all it was was either Light this, Good that, or the exact opposite. Couldn't anyone see he just did not care much?

Morning came, and Dart left. However as soon as he opened the door to outside, he realized he should've stayed in. An entire army of paladins awaited him outside. They filled the trees, the pathway, and the horizon. Clearly they figured Dart to be dangerous, and if they could conquer the Necropolis and him at the same time, all the better.

Dart whistled and looked around, "Is there even a private place to go to the bathroom with all of you flooding the forest?" he asked mockingly.

One idiotic paladin answered, "No, I been 'oldin it all night." one of his superiors quickly shut him up. Dart used the distraction to attack.

He lunged forward with a lateral cut, killing one paladin. He followed it through with a wide spinning cut, killing three more. One paladin charged at him, Dart flipped over him and cut him in the back mid air, and when he landed brought his blade down on yet another paladin. Six down, but that wasn't even a dent in their numbers. And now he was surrounded.

Suddenly, a man tore through the ranks, and stood at Darts back. Dart glimpsed back at the man, who nodded, Dart did the same, and the battle continued. Dart slashed the air and released his aura, killing five more paladins. The mystery man summoned black thorns out of the ground and entangled a large group, then engulfed them in a column of fire. The fight went on forever it seemed, but the paladins losing. Slowly but surely, their numbers thinned, until only a couple remained.

Dart rushed forward, infusing his blade with fire, and cut a man causing him to burn to ash like the Bully. Another paladin was coming at him, Dart stepped to the side, infused his foot with ice, and kicked the paladin in the head. It immediately froze, then shattered.

Dart jumped back, and found the mysterious man behind him, apparently he finished his group. The two looked at each other, jumped back, and clashed blades.

"Who are you?" Dart asked while they were in a deadlock. The man's skin was a pale green, with green eyes and black hair.

"I'm Gavon Felarian, and I'm not your enemy, Dart. At least, not at the moment." he answered calmly.

Dart released the pressure on his blade, "Fine, thanks for that back there, now how do you know me." he told him.

"I've been watching you. Not many people can destroy a paladin base. Let alone kill as much as you did. I'm starting a group, and I want you to join me." He told him.

"What kind of group?" Dart asked.

"A brotherhood, of evil and honor." Gavon answered.

Dart sighed, "Always, always 'evil this' or 'darkness that'."

Gavon grinned, "Amen to that. So you in?" he asked.

"Wow, I hasn't never seen a people so fierce as you's." A voice said. Somehow, someway, maybe by the will of the gods, the idiot paladin who answered Dart was still alive.

Dart moved forward to kill him, but Gavon stopped him. "Wait....wha-what WAS that? That. That was the worst grammar I've ever heard. Ever." Gavon said as he pulled a red dress.

"Do you always carry a dress around?" Dart asked.

Gavon looked at him out of the corner of his eye, "Don't judge me, Dart. Do not judge me." he said, extremely serious.

Dart laughed, "Wouldn't dream of it." he said as he pulled a tube of lipstick out of his pocket. Straza must've dropped it in his room or something. "By the way, count me in."

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Aneira was by Dart's bed, He still hadn't recovered. It was a pain, not being able to move, but at least she was good company. She was alway's so pretty too, especially when she wore the dress she was wearing today. It was white, with nothing special about it, but even still she looked amazing. She thought he was an adventurer, always asking for a story of his adventures, and he just didn't want to disappoint her. He made up stories as he went, she always liked them too. He was in the middle of one now.

"And then, The boveox charged!" Dart told her, using the voice only a storyteller uses.

"Eek! What'd you do!?" she asked him.

Dart shrugged, "There was only one thing to do ; I stepped in front of the child and caught the boveox by its horns."

"No way!" she exclaimed.

"Yes way! So then there we were, in a power struggle. I was getting pushed back though, little by little. So, I had take it down, and fast. I did the only thing I thought would work."

"What did you do?" she asked.

"I let go all of a sudden, and it stumbled. And then, I sat right by it. I was going to put it in a choke hold, but at the worst possible time -"

"What, what?"

"I farted." He told her. They both began to crack up laughing. "It ran away yelping, and never came back." he said between breaths. "And that is why you never eat wild berries." The rest of the day went on like that, both of them had so much fun. It was one of many.

Dart woke up at the camp he and Gavon had made. The fire was still going, they had to keep it strong to avoid any unwanted encounters in doomwood. Dart sighed and went walking in the woods. "Aneira....She always did look good in that dress." He said. "I couldn't save her, I couldn't keep my promise." He said as his hands began to ball into fists. He punched a tree and it fell over.

Never again, he swore. He'd never feel that again. Then, he froze in horror. Because up ahead, hanging on a branch, was a plain white dress. It was bloody, with a hole in the abdomen. It was the dress Aneira always wore, and the dress she died in. Dart fell to his knee's.

In a dark cave, two men were having a meeting. One, seemed to be made of shadows themselves, Ameril Mirinder. "You seem to enjoy messing with the boy." he said, without ever opening his mouth.

The other man laughed, "Of course I do! I want to make him feel pain that can surpass death itself." he said. "But you're not one to talk, with what you did to that Dracolich."

Ameril nodded, "That was merely a tessst. You just handle your business with him. Yes, and when he comes crawling, begging for death, I'll take his souls. BOTH of them. And you'll get your revenge too."

The man laughed again, and Shiv, sporting new demonic tatoos and glowing eyes, came out of the shadows. "Even Death can't keep him from me. Or should I say, us." as he lifted up his daggers. "Right, Pythius?"

And a voice as cold as a blizzard reverberated in his mind, "Right."

Dart knew something was wrong, just by the fact someone had placed the dress there. He went back to camp, packed all of stuff up and set out.

"Early riser I see." he heard a voice say. Gavon woke up.

Dart chuckled, "Guess I need to learn to sneak, eh?"

Gavon also chuckled, "Well, the fact that you're still wearing armor doesn't help. So, I take it you have business to attend to?" he asked.

"Pretty much. I'll still join your cause though, just not right now." he said as he began to walk away.

"Fine, but if you manage to find our hideout you owe me a good match." Gavon yelled back to him.

Dart waved in acknowledgement and kept walking. On and on he walked, but every now and then he would hear a laughter echo throughout the forest. A very familiar kind of laughter...

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So, now Dart was alone, and he had made yet another enemy out of the Paladin order. But he figured he'd deal with all that later and just keep walking. Once again he took to Wandering. There was something about just going wherever you wanted to at any given time. Ultimate freedom, he wondered how he even managed to stay in Doomwood as long as he did.

"Man, how did I stay in Doomwood for as long as I did?" He said. See, told you. So on he walked.

"Daaarrrttt." a voice said. "Daarrrttt."

Dart looked around, but didn't see anything. But he felt pain, massive pain. It felt like his skin was boiling off his bones. He screamed and suddenly his vision returned. He was on fire. He was burning along with the house Aneira and her family lived in.

"GGGAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" he screamed again. He reached for Ichimonji, but the sword was melting in his hands. He was going to die here, he knew it. Then suddenly, she was there. The flames seemed to twist around her body, but she was unscathed.

"Aneira, how?" he asked with a writhe of pain.

"Dart, why did you kill me?" she asked.

"What? No, no it wasn't -" he began. Suddenly the fire intensified.

"No!" she screamed at him. "YOU let them come into town. YOU weren't there to kill them off. You weren't there to protect me, Dart. You killed me."

Darts pain intensified, "No! I'm sorry, I tried...I'm sorry." he pleaded.

"Why did you break your promise Dart?" she asked, now her dress was beginning to catch flame.

"No!" he screamed.

"Why did you have to kill me?" she asked.

"No!" he repeated. His skin was boiling, he was dying.

"I was happy, Dart, why did you kill me!?"


Dart woke up in a cold sweat in his tavern bed. It was still night out, or very early in the morning, he couldnt tell. Where was he? What happened? Then he remembered. He left DoomWood a week ago, he was in Lymcrest where he bought a bed for the night. And that was a dream. A horrible, horrible dream. He lay back for a while, still trying to calm himself down.

"What was that?" he wondered. "That felt so...real." he said as he examined his arms. Not to mention no other dream he'd had was like that. Aneira never blamed him, even when he sometimes did.

He finally got tired of trying to go back to sleep, so he went down for some night air. He sat on a bench outside the tavern and inn he was staying at, he didn't think anybody would be up besides him, but he could hear two people talking in a hushed voice in the nearby alley.

"I'm telling you, that well is getting weirder and weirder." One man said.

"Relax, Vern, nothin's goin' on with the well." he heard another voice say.

"No, no no no. I'm telling you I saw it this time. A moving shadow rose out of it like it was a volcano, you have to believe me!" he heard Vern say.

That was all he needed to hear. There were two wells in town. One though, was in the center, and used too much to be the one they were talking about. So he went to the outskirts of town to the other well. Sure enough, as he got closer he felt something was...off, about it.

"I don't like this." Ichimonji said in his head.

"Me either, but hey, it's just the thing for a sleepless night, right?" he said as flung himself over, and jumped in.

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Dart Ichimonji : Shared Souls *undergoing editing*
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