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 The Nation: The Story of Vae'njaece

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PostSubject: The Nation: The Story of Vae'njaece   Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:50 pm

The Beginning

Chapter 1

Left Alone

It could be described as reaching into one’s chest and ripping out their heart. The pain engulfed the children in a surge of grief and bewilderment. Spyte, the youngest of the three siblings, could not bear it. As they left, he tried to chase them, but Cayt’lynn, Spyte’s elder sister and twin of Vae’njaece, held him back. Her pain had quickly evolved into anger and it was an anger that would dwell in her mind until death. The three watched as their parents scurried off. Vae’njaece, at the early age of five, stood there without a tear shed. He knew this was meant to be, and so it was.
The children stood in their same spot for a long while until finally Cayt’lynn decided that she had had enough. Cayt’lynn picked Spyte up and together they walked in the direction their parents had just left.
“What do you suppose you’ll accomplish Cayt?” Vae’njaece asked calmly. Even in grieving, he knew the road was pointless.
“Are you going to just let them leave?” Cayt replied.
Vae’njaece sat there without answering. He knew his sister, and she was the kind to get upset over even the smallest matter. This was nowhere near a small matter. Eventually, Vae’njaece gave up.
“Cayt, it’s over. They’re gone. If we go and try to chase them now, we’ll never find them.”
“I don’t care if we never find them. I’m going after them. They left us Vae’n! Why are you acting as if this doesn’t mean anything to you?” Cayt’lynn spat this. She was approaching tears, and Spyte could sense this. Instinctively, Spyte reached out and wiped her tears away.
“You don’t think I’m mad or…or sad? I can’t think of anything worse than this. I act the way I do because I know it’s pointless to chase after what’s already gone. They’re gone and you have to face it Cayt.”
Cayt’lynn put Spyte back down, and slowly walked back over to Vae’njaece. Her tears were coming down in streams. Spyte was back at where Cayt’lynn sat him. His head was buried. Gradually, he peeked up.
“Vae’n? Where did mommy and daddy go?”
“They left us Spyte…” Cayt’lynn cut in before Vae’njaece could answer. “They’re not coming back. They’re gone.”
Spyte started crying. Vae’njaece picked him up and rocked him the way he knew his mom never did.
“Don’t cry, Spyte. It’s okay. You have us, and we are never going to leave you.” Vae’njaece took him back to their house. It was a rectangular building constructed out of anything they could find.
Their house was built in a land called Pellow Village. It was located in the void, a mysterious universe between worlds.
Vae’njaece laid Spyte down on his bed and reunited with Cayt’lynn.
“What do you suppose we do now? Stay here?” Cayt’lynn asked, her anger rising steadily.
“I don’t know.”
“Then tomorrow, we will set out in the direction our parents left. There is bound to be something there.”
“I don’t care what is in that direction, we are not following the path of our parents. They left us!” Vae’njaece said this calmly, but forcefully.
“I’m going no matter what you do. And I’m taking Spyte.”
Vae’njaece surrendered. Maybe they could find some food in that direction.
Cayt’lynn and Vae’njaece went into their house and went straight to bed. Spyte had been passed out from the minute he hit the bed and the twins followed suit. Tomorrow they would venture on and their lives would change, forever.

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Master of the Log

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PostSubject: Re: The Nation: The Story of Vae'njaece   Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:51 pm

Chapter 2

The Encounter

He was sulking in the shadows. His face was concealed by the hood on his tattered robe. As he sat in the darkness, three people walked by. The person in the middle looked about the youngest. His hair was sleek black and swept across to the right. His shirt and pants were visibly worn and about to the point of being destroyed. On his right, there stood a woman. She was visibly older, but not by much. She had a nasty look on her face. The man in the shadows could describe it as a death glare. To the left of the young boy was another boy. He appeared to be of the same age as the girl, but his stature was far superior. He stood up tall and had a confident presence. The shadowed man followed closely behind concealed by the various objects strewn on the path. As he followed them, he listened intently to their conversation.
“I told you we shouldn’t have taken up this path,” stated the boy located on the far right of the group. “We’ve been walking for about a week, and we haven’t found anything of use.”
“Oh, stop whining Vae’njaece,” the girl replied snootily. “I didn’t force you to join us. If you didn’t want to come, you shouldn’t have come!”
“Actually, Cayt’lynn, you did force me to come along. What would I do without Spyte and you? I can’t just stay by myself in our flimsy, makeshift house.” The boy named Vae’njaece seemed to stress everything he said, but he never raised his voice.
“Well, we’ll find something eventually. And if we don’t, then we’ll die trying!”
“No, you won’t.” The voice came from behind the three children. They turned around to see who had said the words. What they found surprised them.
A kid not much older than Vae’njaece stood before them. He wore a tattered robe, and his face was concealed by the hood. His posture was poor as he slouched horrendously.
“You will not need to starve to death, for I will kill you myself!” The person exclaimed.
“Well then, if we are going to die by your hand then we might as well know your name. Hi, I’m Vae’njaece and these are my siblings Cayt’lynn and Spyte.”
“I don’t care who you are. You have made the mistake of trespassing upon my area! You will pay for that.”
“I’m sorry if we had trespassed. We only meant to go in the direction our parents left. You see, we only meant to find somewhere to rest and a place to buy food.”
“Does it make a difference that you are here because your precious parents left? Of course not! You have trespassed and for that you will pay!” The kid readied himself for the strike.
Vae’njaece sat back awaiting the strike with a slight smirk. He knew this kid couldn’t take down all three of them, and it appeared that he had no fighting experience what-so-ever.
As the kid lunged, Vae’njaece whispered a word and the boy went right through him. Vae’njaece appeared behind the boy and easily restrained him.
“Let me go! You filthy trespassers! Let me go!” The kid screamed this.
“I will let you go on two conditions. One, you tell us your name. Two, you don’t try to kill us.” Vae’njaece said calmly.
“My name is Vaal. I promise not to leave. Now, let me go!”
“Fine.” Vae’njaece released the boy from his grasp. Immediately, the boy started running. Vae’njaece spoke the word again and appeared right in front of him.
“Have you learned nothing? I want you to lead us to the nearest market. We have wandered without food for a whole week and we could really use it.”
“I guess I have no choice.” Vaal replied sadly. “The market is in this direction.”
Vaal led the way reluctantly, but he still had a few tricks up his sleeve.
The children followed closely behind, unaware that they were about to fall victim of a new kind of danger.
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Master of the Log

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PostSubject: Re: The Nation: The Story of Vae'njaece   Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:52 pm

Chapter 3

Unfortunate Circumstances

A thousand years before Vaal and Vae’njaece had their first encounter, two beggars were busy with their work. They were employed by a mysterious necromancer who only required bodies in return for a fair amount of pay. Every day, the couple would head over to a cemetery and dig up a fair amount of bodies to be returned to the necromancer by nightfall.
On one dreadful day, the female beggar went into labor. Night was steadily approaching and their body count was hardly usual. The female beggar, experiencing mass amounts of pain, had barely dug up any, and the male, fretting for her, hadn’t done any better. The male beggar decided to stay with his wife throughout her labor. The process lasted throughout the whole night and when morning was approaching, the baby was still not born.
At daybreak, a hooded man emerged from the shadows and joined the beggar couple. Immediately, the male beggar stood up and told him of the previous night. He gave the hooded being the bodies and apologized for the scarce total.
The hooded man took the bodies away and left the way he came without a spoken word.
About an hour passed before the hooded man came back. The beggars were both surprised about seeing him, and asked why he had returned. He spoke not a single word.
Slowly, the couple started hearing voices. They started looking around, but no one besides them and the hooded man were there. As time grew on, the voices were getting louder. The female was the first to cry out. The voices had risen to a deafening roar. The couple could feel their bodies being torn apart from the inside. As they looked up toward the hooded man, their lives were slowly drained out of them.
The unborn child was summoned by the mysterious man and as the couple took their final breaths, he left with the boy.
As not fully human and not fully undead, the boy aged about a year in appearance every a hundred years. His face was covered in self-inflicted scars. He wore pitch black armor, scarred from years of use. His hair was the same color as his armor, and his eyes were multi-colored. One eye was blue while the other was brown.
After about seven hundred years of service, the boy decided that he was done serving the necromancer. He devised a plan for escape and using the skills the man had taught him, he vanished.
The boy left for a mysterious land between worlds and decided that when he was stronger, he would go back and rid the world of the necromancer.


Vaal led the children toward a cave in the center of the village. The air was ominous and the sky; pitch black. The occasional lightning bolt struck the ground.
Spyte could sense something was horribly wrong. He wrenched his arm out of Cayt’s grasp and ran in the opposite direction. Cayt’lynn looked up at Vae’njaece.
“I’ve got Spyte. You go ahead and see where Vaal led us.” As she said this, she ran off toward Spyte.
Vae’njaece looked back at Vaal.
“Where did you bring us?” He asked with a slight tremble.
“This is the market, is it not? I brought you where you asked.” Vaal replied with a smirk. He knew he was leading Vae’njaece to sure doom.
“Lead the way, Vaal.” Vae’njaece spoke. He was certain that this place was not a market. He followed Vaal and walked cautiously into the depths of the cavern.
The cave’s inside was dark. It was dimly lit with an occasional torch. Vae’njaece felt as if shadows were creeping around him. His legs shook with every step he took and as he looked over at Vaal, he could see the same thing.
After about a hundred yards, a gate with solid metal bars blocked the way. Vaal grabbed a hold of a crank at the side of the cave and pulled. Immediately, the bridge rose into the ceiling as if the shadows of the night had consumed it.
Vae’njaece walked slowly past the gate. As he turned back toward the gate, he saw Vaal release the crank and the gate crash down. Vae’njaece was trapped in the room.
“What are you doing Vaal?” Vae’njaece shouted.
“You might want to be a little quieter. You might wake him up.” As Vaal said this, he disappeared into the blackness.
“Who are you talking about? Vaal? What did you do?”
Vae’njaece ran toward the gate. He tried with all of his might to pull it up. Even with all his strength, he couldn’t budge it. Vae’njaece thought maybe he could teleport to the other side. He whispered a word, but nothing happened. The gate had some sort of magical barrier on it.
As Vae’njaece sat down feeling defeated, he heard a whisper in the shadows. He looked back through the gate, but he knew it had come from inside the room.
“Hello? Is anyone in here?” Vae’njaece strained to see through the dark of the room. He could barely make out a pair of eyes coming from the other side of the room. One was brown and the other was blue.
“Hello? Is there someone else…here?” Vae’njaece got up and walked over to the side with the strange eyes. Before he reached them, he could barely make out what was being said.
“It’s not enough. He’s stronger. I’ll need more practice, but maybe I can get this to work. I need more practice…” The voice was saying.
Vae’njaece stood next to the mysterious figure. He could just make out a body. It was barely human. It was more undead than human, but it wasn’t fully undead either. The eyes were staring off into the distance as if they weren’t looking at this world.
Vae’njaece put his hand on the creature’s shoulder, but it wouldn’t move.
“Hello? I’m Vae’njaece. Who are you?”
“I need more practice. I can’t possibly defeat him. They must be avenged. I need more practice…”
“Um…is there anything I could do for you? You seem to need practice. I might be able to…help?” Vae’njaece said.
“Help? Practice. I need more practice. Help? Help.” It said.
Vae’njaece watched it not knowing what to do. As he turned to return to the gate, the creature rose up.
“Help! I need more practice. Help!” The creature was now off the ground. Its feet were about two feet from the ground and its arms outstretched.
The ground around Vae’njaece started to tremble and from the earth, skeletal creatures were emerging. In a matter of minutes, Vae’njaece was surrounded.

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PostSubject: Re: The Nation: The Story of Vae'njaece   Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:37 am

Chapter 4


Once Vaal hit sunlight, he was off. He ran as fast as he could, as far away from the cave as possible. His breathing was heavy and came in short bursts. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw two children walking in the direction of the cave. He pushed forward with all of his strength until he was at the point of collapsing in pain.
As he slowed down to catch his breath, a portal appeared. From within, Vaal could just make out the outlines of a city. He warily took a step toward it. It seemed to him that it was pretty safe.
As Vaal prepared to take the biggest risk of his life, two men stepped out of the portal. They wore torn clothing and had dirty hair and hands.
“Who might you be?” One of the men asked cautiously. He seemed surprised at what he was seeing.
“None of your business.” Vaal said. He pushed the man aside and entered through the portal. The men who had entered looked flustered.
“Rikr, go after the boy. Make sure he doesn’t cause any trouble over there.” The other man said. The man called Rikr went back through the portal and the other one stayed to investigate the new area.
Suddenly, the portal collapsed. The man who had stayed behind to investigate the new world was trapped and there was no way out.


Vae’njaece was surrounded. Skeletal beasts were in every direction and filling the room fast. With nowhere to run, Vae’njaece called upon all of his strength. As the skeletal beings reached Vae’njaece, he let out a ferocious surge of power. His hands turned blood red and the forms of a dagger.
Vae’njaece struck through the horde easily with the aid of his newfound Soul Claws. As the last beast fell to the ground as a pile of marrow, Vae’njaece shifted his focus. The creature of the cave was now back in its original position.
“Need more practice. He’s much stronger. Need more practice.” The creature said.
Vae’njaece went over to the creature. Immediately, it looked up at Vae’njaece. The clouds in its eyes had disappeared and it slowly stood up.
“My name is Luthian Black. Where am I?” It said.
“We are trapped in a cage inside of a cave. I don’t know how you wound up here, but I was tricked into coming here in the hopes that you would kill me, I suspect.” Vae’njaece replied. The self-proclaimed Luthian Black looked surprised at hearing this.
“I…I tried to kill you?”
“Wait…you don’t remember trying to kill me? It just happened, though.”
“I would never hurt anybody. I…” Luthian’s eyes started wandering.
“Vae’njaece?” A voice from behind the gate arose. It was Cayt’lynn. She had returned with Spyte.
“Cayt, I’m in here. Hurry, open the gate!” Vae’njaece shouted. Luthian was slowly reverting back. His muttering were growing louder and louder every moment.
Cayt’lynn and Spyte struggled to raise the gate. As it ascended, Luthian’s muttering turned into screaming. He slowly rose off the ground and skeletal creatures began to emerge.
“Cayt, hurry!” Vae’njaece screamed. Cayt’lynn and Spyte pushed while all of there might to raise the gate. As the creatures were about two feet away from Vae’njaece, the gate came open. Vae’njaece sprinted out and shut the gate quickly behind him.
The children ran away from the gate at blinding speed. The sounds of Luthian could be heard all the way to the end of the tunnel.

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PostSubject: Re: The Nation: The Story of Vae'njaece   Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:18 am

Chapter 5

One Year at a Time

Five years after the encounter with Luthian, the children had built a small house near the market. Every day, they would go down and listen to tales the travelers would bring back. Vae’njaece, now at the age of ten, would sometimes go out and bring back stories of his own. His favorite was of a teenager who, when approached, would ask a set of riddles. If answered incorrectly, the boy would turn away and the person who answered incorrectly would fall to the ground writhing in pain.
One day as the children went to the market, a giant crowd had emerged. In the center, a man with a crazed expression was shouting about finally getting his gate to work. Everyone was looking at him imagining what he could possibly have in store.
“Welcome, everyone. Today is the day I leave this world and return to my own!” The man said. He was dressed in tattered pants and his shirt was ripped on both sleeves. He looked about twenty-five years old, but was closer to eighteen. His hair was badly cut and greasy. It stood straight up and was covered in dirt and debris. His hands were badly burnt and bruised from overuse.
The man turned back to his machine and put on the final preparations. As he started up his machine, he laughed.
“I will finally go home.” He muttered. The man turned on his machine, but nothing happened. He looked around to see what was wrong, but couldn’t find anything. Some of the crowd started laughing and others left. The man collapsed to the ground in defeat.
As the crowd had completely left, the children walked up to the man.
“Hello. Is there anything we can do for you?” Vae’njaece said. The man looked up at them.
“If you could find a way to fix my machine, I would be extremely grateful.” He said. Spyte walked over to the machine and Vae’njaece continued to talk.
“What is this machine supposed to do?” He said. The man laughed as though it was an obvious question.
“This is supposed to take me home.” He replied.
“Why can’t you just walk home?” Cayt’lynn said. The man looked confused.
“I don’t live here. I live in another world known as Lore. I have been here for five years. My partner and I were supposed to build a gateway connecting the unknown to Lore. It worked at first and we got here, but some kid ran through our portal and then it disappeared.”
“Lore? I have never heard of such a place. Why don’t you just have your partner help you with your machine?” Vae’njaece asked. The man looked sad at the question.
“My partner went back through the gate when the boy ran through. The portal collapsed and I was trapped here. I would give anything to get back home.”
“I might be able to help you with that.” Spyte had said this. The man shot up at the sound of this.
“Really? Oh, that would be great! I’m Vash’nael by the way.” The man said.
“I’m Spyte. This is my brother Vae’njaece and my sister Cayt’lynn.”
Spyte showed Vash’nael the missing instrument of his portal and slowly his expression changed from excitement to sadness. The required piece could not be found in this land. It was a piece native to Lore, and there was no way to get there without opening the gate.
“I can’t believe it. All my years of searching for the right materials have all been in vain.” Vash’nael said solemnly.
“Don’t give up hope. Your partner could be on the other side building a gate to bring you back. Who was your partner anyway?” Vae’njaece asked.
“His named is Rikr Soggoth. We met in Popsprocket learning the ways of machinery. We came down to a place called Ravenloss and decided to build our gateway there. After a few years of tweaking, the portal finally worked.”
“Well, then maybe it just needs a few more years of tweaking. Don’t give up Vash’nael. I promise that you will be reunited with Rikr one day.” Spyte said.
In saying this, Spyte went back to his siblings and told them that he had a plan, but it required going through treacherous lands. Vae’njaece recognized the places. One was the location of the “riddler”. The teenager notorious for asking riddles in order to survive.
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PostSubject: Re: The Nation: The Story of Vae'njaece   

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The Nation: The Story of Vae'njaece
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