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We are the Dark Knights!

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 The Dark Knight Code

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Gavon Felarian
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PostSubject: The Dark Knight Code   Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:26 pm

I, as a Dark Knight, on my honor, on my pride, and in turn, on my life, shall follow and uphold every syllable of my words.
I shall hold honor above my life, pride above my life, and the lives of my comrades above my life.
I shall never speak the words of my superiors. Not to an enemy. Not to a friend. Not to my superiors.
I shall uphold the beliefs of the Knighthood.
I shall never surrender, not on my honor. I shall never retreat, not on my pride. I shall never back down from a fight, on my life.
I shall never look down upon those below me, just as I shall never look up to those above me.
I shall always speak the truth to my comrades, and to my superiors.
I shall never attack a defenseless man, woman, or child, even if they have harmed me.
I shall always respect, honor, and revere my elders and comrades.
I shall never renounce Darkness, Evil, or the misery and joy of the Dark Knights.
May every word that I have spoken be true, in all sincerity, without regret, and with high hopes that I shall be struck down if I have spoken lies.
On my honor, hail the Dark Knights!

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The Dark Knight Code
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